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The numerous inquiries that have been made, subsequent to my father's decease, for the first Edition of this Book, have induced me to offer a new and more copious edition of it to the Public. Several years having elapsed since the first pube Iscation of this work, and few of the original Copies now remaining, the expediency of print ing an entire new edition, in preference to a continuation of the old one, must appear obvious; as, by the former method, I am enabled not only to correct the general inaccuracies incidental to a work of this nature, and which the lapse of a few years unavoidably occasions, but also to avail myself of the suggestions of my friends, and make such additions or alterations in the plan as appear best calculated to increase its usefulness. How far I have succeeded in this endeavour, the public will be enabled to judge.

The most essential alterations are, the revision of the whole of the Shipping, and complete Indexes to the Ships' Names, Commanders, and Officers, with the addition of the Surgeons and Pursers, separately, and alphabetically arranged, by which means a ready. facility is afforded of finding the name, and also the ships to which they have belonged for the space of twenty years,

I have continued, the former edition, the Acts of Parliament relative to the taking up and tendering of ships for the Company's Service ; also the Prices of Accepted Tenders, since the new system of free and open competition, continued to the latest period, for the use of Manag... ing Owners. The Company's Regulations respecting Private Trade Indulgence, Qualifica: tions, &c. are inserted entire, without contractions; other regulations of inferior importance have been abridged, but in such a manner as to be perfectly intelligible, and not materially to increase the bulk of the book.

From the great length of time elapsed since Mr. Cartwright's work was published, few copies

being generally acknowledged of the greatest usefulness to commanders and others in the Company's service, the want of it is universally felt, from the numerous alterations occurring within these few years. I liave been requested to insert many extracts from the Company's instructions to commanders, which more particularly relate to their officers' information, requiring to be put in force and accomplished by them; in order that no one may err, as instances of deviations have occurred from the want of knowing those regulations. The commander will also have part of his circulating instructions in a small compass, especially those which require his attention while fitting out the ship. The extracts from the bye-laws, clauses of the charter-party, and acts of parliament, are considerably abbreviated; but those are only inserted which commanders and others ought always to have more immediately under their notice.

The above are the most prominent improvements made in the present volume, and that need a minute detail; others of a more general nature might be enumerated, which I pass over. An: elaborate preface is unnecessary to a work whose obvious tendency is usefulness,

There is one circumstance, however, to which I would ad-!**!? vert-it is the length of time this work has been in the press : most of my friends who have experienced disappointment in this respect, are aware of my numerous avocations, and I anticipate their candour will attribute this circumstance to its right cause, namely, a desire to spare neither time, pains, nor expence in rendering it worthy of their patronage.


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