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1. D. 57. corruptible and immortal ones, before they can be

fit to be joined again to our glorified and happy Souls. 54. So when this

54. And thus by our Attaincorruptible shall have ment to this happy and immortal put on incorruption, State, will those prophetical Words and this mortal hall be fulfilled, in their most eminent tality, then thall be Acceptation, Death shall be fwaltality, then hall be lowed up of Life, and conquered saying that is written, for ever, (Ifai. xxv. 8.) Death is swallowed up in victory. 55. O death, where

55. Then may every good Chrifis thy fting ? O grave, tian sing his Triumph over Death where is thy victory? in the Language of another Prophet (Hof. xiii. 10.) O Death, where is thy Sting to hurt us! O Grave, where is thy Victory over us!

56. The fting of 56. Sin was the first and banedeath is fin ; and the ful Cause, and is the only Terror strength of sin is the of Death; and the Malignancy law.

of Sin is from this, that it is the Transgression of a just and righteous Law of God. 57. But thanks be

57. But, blessed be GOD! to God, which giveth our Christian Religion sets us eus the victory, thro' ternally free from them both. our Lord Jesus Christ.

58. Therefore, my 58. Wherefore, dear Brethren, beloved brethren, be be stedfast in this grand Article ; ye stedfast, unmovea strive to excel in your Faith in it; ble, always abound- and live so as to enjoy the Blesing in the work of the fings of it; remembring what a Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your glorious Recompence it will be labour is not in vain for all your Christian Labours in the Lord.

and Endeavours


Ver. 58. Always abounding excolling

Teemávols, always



Their last Enquiry about collecting Contributions for the

poor Christians of Judea. He gives Directions how to
do it. Promises again to come and see them. Recom-
mends Timothy to them. Repeats bis Exhortations to
Unity and Peaceableness. Recommends Stephanas,
Fortunatus, and Achaicus, to them. Concludes with

OW concern"N:

S to your last Enquiry a- A. D. 57. ing the collec

bout the Collection detion for the saints, as

fir’d of you for the poor ChristiI have given order to the churches of Ga- observe the same Method I pre

ans of Yudea, I would have you latia, even so do ye.

fcribed to the Galatian Churches,

viz. 2. Upon the first

2. That, every Sunday, each day of the week, let of you put what he can spare every one of you lay into a common * Stock, that so* Ongevby him in store, as God hath prospered

when I come I may find it all to-piśww. him, that there be no

gether. gatherings when I come.

3. And when I 3 & 4. And when I am with come, whomsoever you, I shall send such Persons you shall approve by with it as you shall recommend, your letters, them will and will write Letters by them to 1 send to bring your Jerusalem; and, if it be requiliberality unto Jerusa- fite, I will go with them myself, lem.

4. And if it be to make your Liberality the more meet that I go alco, acceptable. they shall go with me.

5. Now I will come 5. In the mean while, assure unto you, when I shall yourselves I shall certainly see pass through Mace. you, when I am arrived at Ma . donia ; (for I do pass cedonia, which Place I must take through Macedonia.)

in my Way.


6. And


A. D. 57.

6. And it may be 6. And it is very probable I that I will abide, yea, . may not only just call upon you, and winter with you, but stay out the Winter with that ye may bring me you, and accept of Provisions and on my journey, whi

Adistance from you for my furthersoever I go.

ther Travels. 7. For I will not

7 & 8. Intending you theresee you now by the fore a good long Visit, I would way, but I trust to not have you think me tedious, tarry ... while with if I stay here at Ephesus till Penyou, if the Lord per- tecoft, i. e. Whitsuntide.

8. But I will tarry at Ephesus until Pentecoft.

9. For a great door 9. For I find I am likely to and effectual is open- have a good large (and I hope a ed unto me, and there successful) Work * of preaching, are many adversaries.

and converting here, though my Adversaries (especially those of the Jewish Party) are very numerous.

10. Now if Timo 10. If Timothy comes to you theus come, see that before-hand, pray treat him rehe may be with you spectfully, and make him easy. without fear : for he Let him have no Disturbance worketh the work of

from your Factions, for he comes the Lord, as I also do.

upon the same Work, and with the same Authority with my self.

11. Let no man II. Let none of your new

therefore despise him: Teachers despise him for his + ti Tim

but conduct him forth Youth; but be you all ready to iv. 12. in peace, that he may fupply him with Necessaries for



* Ver. 9. Ouça avéwyt, rý árlexérjeroi tonai, A Door opened, and many Adversaries.

He seems plainly to allude to the Ofia Circi Maximi ; from whencs the Race Horses and Chariots were wont to be started. And this is very much countenanced by the Phrase d'exérrevor, those Adversaries answering to the Antagonists in the Races, against whom the Apostle was to run, as it were, and strive to out-do.

This is not taken Notice of by Faber or Dr. Hammond, but is handsomely explain'd by Jacobus Lydius, in his Agonistica Sacre, Cap. 30.

come unto me: for I his Return back to me; for I, A. D. 57. look for him with the and all my

* Company, shalí brethren.

earnestly expect him, and those that are to come with him hither.

12. As touching our 12. We would fain have had
brother Apollos, I Brother Apollos come with this
greatly desired him to Letter to you, but he excused
come unto you with himself at this Juncture, and pro-
the brethren : but his mises to see you at a more proper
will was not at all to

come at this time;
but he will come when he shall have convenient time.
13. Watch ye, ftand
13. And now to conclude

fast in the faith, quit Advices to you:


upon your you like mer, be Guard against all the designing strong.

Heads of your Factions ; stand firm to the Doctrines at first deliver'd to you, and behave yourselves with manly Courage and Resolution.

14. Let all your 14. Let all your Behaviour things be done with both in your publick Assemblies, charity.

and in private Conversation, be
with a constant Eye to the Good of your Brethren,
and the Church's Peace.

15. I beseech you, 15. I desire you to pay a par-
brethren, (ye know ticular + Regard to Stephanas and
the house of Stepha- his family. They were (you
nas, that it is the first know) the first Converts I made
fruits of Achaia, and in Greece, and have ever fince
that they have addi&- been industrious in instructing !
ed themselves to the
ministry of the saints and managing your Church, and

in supporting and maintaining its

16. Where

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Ver. 11. 'ExNixoual dulde peldi ofis adepär, or, I and
ibe Breihren expe&t bim. So in Ver. 12.

+ Ver. 15. "Odals, Ye know, or rather know, i, e. refpeét
the House of Stepbanas.
1 Chap. i. 15

'Eus daroviar nos dios, To the Ministry of tbe Saints.
I Thould chuse to interpret this of Teaching and Governing,
Father than in any other Sense of Ministring, because the fol-


A. D. 57

16. That ye submit 16. Wherefore hearken to, and your selves unto such, be guided by them; and instead and to every one that of new Teachers, let them, and all helpeth with us and

my Fellow-Preachers, be your laboureth.

Christian-Leaders. 17. I am glad of the

17 & 18. I am very glad you coming of Stephanas, sent him, and Fortunatus, and Aand Fortunatus, and chaicus, with your Letter of EnAchaicus: for that which was lacking on

quiries to me; for they have given

me a much fuller Account of the your part, they have

State and Disposition of your fupplied.

18. For they have Church, than I should otherwise refreshed my spirit have had; and prevented a great and yours: therefore many Jealousies and Suspicions acknowledge ye them between you and me, to the Sathat are such. tisfaction of us both : Respect and

value such Men therefore as give so favourable a Character of

you. 19. The churches

19. The Churches of the of Asia salute you. Lejér Asia salute you; so does AAquila and Priscilla quila, his Wife, and Christian falute you much in Family, with all good Christian the Lord, with the

church that is in their

20. All the brethren 20. All the Christians here sagreet you. Greet ye lute you. Salute each other, for one another with an

my Sake, with the Kiss of Love holy kiss.

in your Afsemblies. 21. The falutation 21. I here salute


with my of me Paul with mine own Hand-writing *.

22. Whoever

own hand.

lowing Words seem plainly to favour it, Verse 16. But indeed draxovic Tois dyiois, is properly supplying the Saints by Way of Charity, as Drexovia töv cigiwy, is doing it by Way of Teaching. However I thought it not inconvenient to express both Senses.

* Ver. 21. With my own Hand The reft of the Epistle being written by his Amanuenfis. See Rom. xvi. 26. 2 Tk/ iii. 17.

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