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then thou mayest have rest. When stàin from drink, because they have a man entertaineth his sin, he is a weak brain ; and sometimes by like a man that is sick on the sea, shame, and sometimes by the rehe runneth from this place to that straining power of God; but it is place to seek rest, but all in vain, easy

for Satan to enter in again because he hath the sickness within when he hath but such bars to hold himself. God is called by the him out; but where there is a Hebrews SPACE, because he con- total sanctification, he cannot enter taineth all things, and is contained in again there. Now when we call of none; every thing is kept in its it a total sanctification, it is meant own place; God is the place for total in parts, but not in dethe soul to rest in. The philoso- grees; that is, there is no faculty phers say, Goodness cannot con- in the soul, but there is grace in it sist without the integrity of all the as well as there is sin, and there. parts, but evil is defect of any of fore Satan cannot enter there again. them ; that a man be in good Unto my house from whence I health, it is necessary that every came out. No place can content humour keep its just temper and

him so well as his former habitaproportion; but to make a man tion, wherein he hath dwelt a long sick, it is enough that one humour time; and he glorieth more to reonly be distempered. The rest of possess himself in his former habithe soul is God, who is all good. tations, than to purchase new ness, but any grief will disquiet places. When Satan was disposthe soul. The soul is a disturbed sessed out of the people of the Jews thing, therefore we must admire his in the wilderness, by the doctrine power who can settle it ; when of miracles which Moses wrought, Christ calmed the wind and the he sought to be re-possessed again. sea, they said, Who is he that First, by idolatry ; secondly, by both sea and winds obey ? so we whoredom with the daughters of may say, when God calmeth the

Moab, and by rebellion. So when soul, and putteth it to its rést, he was dispossessed out of the Who is this that the unsettled soul Christian churches in the east, doth obey ? Satan being so far from first he sought to be repossessed God, who is the place of rest, he again by schisms and heresies, but cannot find rest.

especially by Arianism; then he Then he saith, I will return to fully repossessed himself again by my house from whence I came out. Mahomet. If thou be free from How can Satan return to that Satan's possession, look not back place from whence he hath been again as Lot's wife did. Satan is cast out? Satan is cast out two like a raven ; when he is driven ways, either partially or totally. from a dead carcass, he feeth but Partially he is cast out by illumi. a little from it. and is ready to nation, totally by sanctification. return to it again. When a man This partial casting out of Satan cometh out of a bath, the physiis wrought sundry ways. First, cians prescribe to him then, that by civil education, as Nero was he look well to himself, for he is very meek the first five years of ready to catch cold, because his his reign, because he was brought pores are open; so when Satan is up under Seneca, a good master; cast out, a man hath need then to so Julian, as long as he was a be very vigilant, that Satan surreader in the church, Satan was prise him not again. For if after cast out of him partially; and they have escaped the pollutions of sometimes by the constitution of the world, through the knowledge the body, as some abstain from of our Lord and Saviour Jesus some sins, because of the constitu- Christ, they are again entangled tion of their bodies; as they ab- therein and overcome, the latter



end is worse with them than the truth. Secondly, his last end is beginning. 2 Peter ü. 2.

worse in respect of himself, because And when he is come, he findeth he is dyed over again with sin; it empty, swept, and garnished. those sins in the Scripture are This house was swept and hung, called scarlet sins. Scarlet is but it was not well-furnished word in the original signifying within. Observe that God never twice dyed. So men, when they cometh to the soul with a priva- fall back, they are dyed anew tion, but as he taketh away sin, so again, and as a relapse in diseases he putteth in grace. Pull up the is dangerous, so is the falling into thorns, and then sow the wheat. Jer. sin anew again. So it is worse in iv. 3. Cease to do evil, and then respect of himself, because after learn to do well. Isa, i. 16, 17. that a man is illuminated, he is The Lord liked not this privative more ready to become profane, if divinity. Curse ye, Meroz, because he be not sanctified. Take water they came not to the help of the and heat it, and set it in the air, it Lord. Judges v. 23. So when will freeze sooner than cold water. I was a hungered, ye gave me So if a man be illuminated, and no meat. Matt. xxv. 42. Many have some taste of sanctification, men content themselves with this, and then fall back again, he is in they will do their enemy

a worse case than he was before. harm, they will have no meddling Thirdly, he is worse in respect with him, but this is the sweeping of Satan, for when Satan catches of the house only; they will not him again, he maketh bim twice come to the positive part, I will do more the child of hell. A jailor bim good, and therefore Satan may hath a prisoner fettered by the have entrance again.

hands, neck, and feet; the prisoner Then goeth he, and taketh seven beggeth of him, that he would other spirits with him more wicked release him; he releaseth him all than himself. As among the good to the foot; he slippeth his foot angels, some are Powers, some Do- out of the fetters, and escapeth: minions, and some Thrones; so it if the jailor catch him again, he seemeth that amongst the wicked layeth a double weight upon him, angels, there are some more wicked

and fettereth him twice as sure as than others. Many even do mis- he was before ; so when a sinner take Satan and his angels; they seemeth to escape from Satan, think that some of them are spirits being enlightened, and in some which do no barm, but they are shew sanctified, if he fall back all sworn enemies to man's salva- again, he bringeth seven worse tion. .... What can we look for, spirits with him. then, of those infernal spirits of The application of the parable destruction ?

is, Even so shall it be also unto And the last end of that man this wicked generation. Asif Christ is worse than the first. His last should say, when I came amongst end is worse than the beginning, in you, ye were in darkness, but by my three respects : first, in respect of ministry ye have been illuminated, God; secondly, in respect of him- but maliciously now ye impugn self: thirdly, in respect of Satan. this truth, and ye are possessed

First, in respect of God, who with seven worse spirits than before ; justly punisheth him this wise, by therefore your end must be worse giving him up unto a reprobate than your beginning. sense, because he loved not the


SIR,- About

six months ago, Oh, my dear sir, permit me to reit pleased God to

remove my

mind you that there is a day fast dear wife by death. In subse- approaching when you must find quently looking over some of her time to die. The sudden and painpapers,

I found the copy of a ful removal of your dear wife, letter she sent to

one of


whose memory I shall ever cherish parishioners, when I was the cu- with the most affectionate regard, rate of a small country parish. I had hoped would have made a The person to whom it was writ- durable impression on your mind ; ten died some years since; he was but, alas! your resolutions were a farmer, and his conduct gave me made in your own strength, and considerable uneasiness. His be- therefore did not stand against the haviour was always outwardly temptations of the world,

the flesh, respectful; but he was obviously

and the devil. The object of my opposed to the truths of the gos- writing now is to beg of you no pel.

Seeing that all my efforts longer to trifle with God, your were unavailing, my dear wife soul, and eternity. Think, I beaddressed a letter to him, and seech you, that it is not man you (for good reasons which she after- offend against, when you break the wards gave) without first men. Sabbath, but God. He has said tioning her intention to me. It in the fourth commandment, “ Rehas occurred to me that other member that thou keep holy the clergymen may be similarly cir- Sabbath day," &c. Now this comcumstanced with some of their mand is binding upon every human parishioners, and that the publica- creature under heaven, especially tion of the letter may be of use. upon masters and heads of families. If you think so, perhaps you will It is true your children attend the let a copy of the letter, which I house of God; but what does your send you herewith, appear in your example teach them? And is it next number.

not natural to suppose that the I am, dear Sir,

conversation they hear

on their Your's very truly, return home is calculated to choke J. G. N. the seed of the gospel sown in their

hearts ? Let me intreat you to January 14, 1828. look back to the time when you MY DEAR SIR,-You will no attended your church regularly doubt be surprised to receive a twice a day, and when you would letter from me ; but your

best in- listen with some degree of attenterests have long been a subject of tion to the sweet voice of religion, deep concern to my mind, and I and let conscience speak, were not have resolved again and again to those your happiest days? Yes, endeavour once more to rouse you I know they were. to a sense of your awful condition

Her ways are ways before God. Perhaps you may of pleasantness, and all her paths think that this is strong language ; are peace.” God has mercifully but what can I suppose the state spared you another year; but, do of that man to be, who Sabbath not presume on this ; before the after Sabbath allows himself to year closes, you may be numbered neglect the house of God, and who, with the dead. If this should be I fear, not only omits religious the case, where must your soul be, duties; but employs his time in if you die without an interest in prosecuting his worldly affairs. - Christ? There are but two classes

The scrip

ture says,

of persons in the world, the righ- does more than precept. Rememteous and the wicked; and but ber the dying intreaties of your two places after death to which beloved wife, Forget not the adthey must go,-heaven and hell. monitions you have received both To which of these are you hasten- publicly and privately from your ing? Oh! that God may be minister. Suffer not your Bible to pleased, in his infinite mercy, to be longer dusty in your house. Do give you space for repentance ! not continue to absent yourself Oh that you may with the Philip- from the house of God; but ear. pian jailor cry out, “ What must nestly pray to him to enable you I do to be saved ?” The invita- to strive against every sin, and may tions of the gospel are as free as he give you that repentance for the air we breathe. " Come unto sin which needeth not to be reme all ye,” &c.

“ Him that pented of. If you knew the effort cometh,” &c. Nothing but a it is to me to write at this time, it strong desire for the salvation of would fully convince you that it is your precious soul could have in- only your good I seek. Having duced me thus to address you. lost the sight of one eye,

I My dear husband knows nothing scarcely see to finish this letter. of my writing; but his prayers To God I commend this feeble constantly ascend to the throne of attempt. May he fasten home God for your salvation. Consider some truth upon your heart, and how painful it must be to your give you to see that those are your minister to see your seat empty

best friends who seek the salvaevery Sabbath day, and to know tion of your soul. This is the that you despise both him and his prayer of one who longs now to blessed Master. Consider also see you holy, that you may be that your conduct is very injurious eternally happy. to the parish at large. Example Believe me, my dear sir,

your sincere friend.




• O beware, I will not say of " ensue” it; if it seems to flee forming, but of countenancing, or from you, pursue it nevertheless. abetting any parties in a Christian " Be not overcome of evil, but Society! Never encourage, much overcome evil with good.” Happy less cause, either by word or ac- is he that attains the character of tion, any division therein. In the a peacemaker in the Church of nature of things there must be God. Why should not you labour divisions among you ; but keep after this ? Be not content, not to thyself pure.“ Leave off contention stir up strife ; but do all that in before it be meddled with,” shun you lies, to prevent or quench the the very beginning of strife. Med- very first spark of it. " Indeed it dle not with them that are given is far easier to prevent the flame to dispute, with them that love from breaking out, than to quench contention. I never knew that it afterwards. However be not remark to fail · He that loves to afraid to attempt even this : the dispute does not love God.' Follow God of peace is on your side. He peace with all men, without which

will give you acceptable words, you cannot effectually follow holi- and will send them to the hearts of ness. Not only seek peace but the hearers,'





Prot. We have now arrived at the Prot. Softly, my good friend, consideration of that grand corrup- do not let us anticipate the argution of the Romish Church which ment, or imagine that we can disclosed and completed her career of pose of a question in half a senapostacy, which gave the last tence, which has occupied the and finishing stroke to the work of minds of some of our greatest the. Satan ; and which constituted the ologians for their whole lives. Let chief ground of contest throughout us begin the subject with method all the struggles of the Church's and order ; and these will be best regeneration. The simple rite of consulted if I read to you the the Lord's Supper, the canon and authoritative statements of the order of which is comprehended, opposing churches, on both sides in Scripture, in three or four verses

of the question. in each Gospel, and as many in In the first place, hear the one of St. Paul's Epistles, is to solemu decree or

canon of the be considered on the one hand; Council of Trent, on this subject. and on the other, that immense “ If any shall deny, that in the

of ceremonial, and that sacrament of the most holy Euchaalleged awful; import and value, rist, there is contained, truly, which is assigned in the Romish really, and substantially, the body Church, to what is termed “ the and blood, together with the soul sacrifice of the mass.”

and body of our Lord Jesus Inq. But as this seems rather a Christ, and so whole Christ; but large subject, in what way or shall say that he is only in it in order do you propose to conduct sign, or figure, or power--let him the enquiry?

be ACCURSED. Prot. I think that the natural “ If any shall say, that in the order will be this :-first, to deal holy sacrament of the Eucharist with the main question of tran- there remains the substance of substantiation, or the alleged bread and wine, together with the change in the sacramental ele- body and blood of our Lord Jesus ments; and then to pass on to the Christ; and shall deny that wonremaining question, the sacrificial derful and remarkable conversion nature of the rite, and its alleged of the whole substance of the bread worth and power.

into the body, and of the whole subRom. Agreed; and if your mode stance of the wine into the blood, of dealing with the first of these while only the appearance of bread questions be but simple, candid, and wine remain ; which converand clear, we shall not be long sion the Catholic Church most aptly detained upon that branch of the styles Transubstantiation ; let hiin enquiry. It is only necessary for BE ACCURSED.” any one to take the plain text of Such is the doctrine of the either of the Evangelists, and if church of Rome on this subject. he does but address himself to the Now hear the decision of the investigation with a humble and church of England :submissive mind, he cannot be " Transubstantiation (or the long at a loss as to a doctrine so change of the substance of the bread clearly and so positively stated. and wine) in the supper of the NOVEMBER, 1838.

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