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No. 1. II. That this Ordinance shall be and continue in force from and Ord. No.7, after the proclamation of the same, for and during the term of five 1860. years, and from thence to the end of the then next Session of the

Legislative Council, and no longer.





No. 1.

No. 1.- ORDINANCE No. 13 of 1855. Ord. No. 13, 1855,

An Ordinance to provide for the Supervision and Regulation of the

Poor-house and Hospital at Grand Turk. (Passed 31st

Oct., 1855. Confirmed 20th March, 1856.) PREAMBLE.

HEREAS it is expedient that provision should be made for

the regulation of the Poor-house and Hospital establishment

of these islands; May it, &c., President and I. That the control and supervision of the poor of these islands Council to in receipt of relief from the colony shall be vested in a Board of appoint Com

Commissioners, to be appointed annually, and to consist of three missioners.

persons appointed by the President and Council, which Board shall have and are hereby invested with the power to frame> rules and regulations for the government of the said establishment, and from time to time to alter or amend the same; which rules and regulations, when submitted to and confirmed by the President in Council, shall be and become in full force and virtue, and be

published for the information and guidance of all concerned. Estimates to II. That once in every month the said commissioners shall lay be submitted before the President an estimate of the probable amount required monthly. for the support of the said Poor-house and Hospital for the

ensuing month. Who deemed III. That the members of the Legislative Council and the visitors.

Justices of the Peace shall be entitled to visit the said establishment at all times; and the clergy of the several denominations of Christians within these islands shall have power to perform Divine Service within the said establishment at convenient periods, as well as to impart religious instruction to any of the inmates thereof, and to bury the dead of their several followers dying within the

same. Destitute IV. That it shall be lawful for the Police Magistrate at the

request of the said commissioners to put out to service all children be apprenticed. left destitute, or whose parent or parents may be supported at the

public expense; or to apprentice under indenture any such children to any person or persons residing in the colony, and carrying on therein

any useful trade or calling, for such period of time as they may deem fit and proper, until the children so put out to service or apprenticed shall have attained, in the case of girls, eighteen years of age, and in that of boys, twenty-one years.

children may







No. 1.-ORDINANCE No. 4 of 1853.

No. 1.

Ord. No.4, An Ordinance to appoint an Inspector and Head Master over the

1853. Public School, also Masters and Teachers for the same, and for other purposes therein mentioned. (Passed 29th Oct., 1853.

Confirmed 6th April, 1854.) HEREAS it is necessary, in order to insure the proper and PREAMBLE.

efficient management of the public schools within these islands, that a Board of Education should be established, with

powers of inspection and control over the same; May it, &c.,

1. That it shall be lawful for the President or Officer administer- The President ing the Government of these islands to nominate and appoint not to appoint a less than six, and not more than eight persons, two being members Board of Eluof the Legislative Council, and four being the officiating Ministers of the Church of England at Grand Turk and Salt Cay, and the Ministers of the Methodist and Baptist denominations resident at Grand Turk, who shall, together with the Officer administering the Government as Chairman, constitute a Board of Education for the purpose of this Ordinance; and that four or more of the said Board, together with such Officer, shall be a quorum to transact business.

II. And be it further ordained, that the said board shall and When suid may meet (at any place named by the President) on the first Board to meet. Thursday in each calendar month, and further, as often during any and every month in the year as may be necessary for the despatch of business, due notice of every such last-mentioned meeting being previously given by the Secretary to each and every member of the Board.

III. That it shall be lawful for the said Board to make such Said Board to by-rules and regulations for the control and manag nent of all make By-rules schools under their jurisdiction as they may deem fit; and such for the manage

ment of Schools. by-rules and regulations, when approved of by the President, shall be held to be in full force, and shall be acted upon accordingly, and shall be held as binding upon all parties concerned as any clause of this Ordinance: Provided, however, that such by-rules and regulations shall not be repugnant to the provisions of this Ordinance, and may be amended, altered, or repealed as often as may be deemed fit and necessary by the said Board.

IV. That the private secretary to the President, or clerk in The Private the office of the Officer administering the Government for the time Secretary to the

President to be being, shall be ex-officio honorary secretary and treasurer to the

ex-officio Secresaid Board.

tary to the Board. V. That it shall be lawful for the President, and he is hereby The President required to apply to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, as to apply for a often as may be required, for some fit and proper person to hold person to be the office of Inspector and Head Master of the public schools :

Inspector and

Head Master Provided always, that as such appointments of Head Masters for from the Instithe colonies for education purposes have sometimes disappointed tution of the the wishes of their employers when they have arrived and entered British and upon their employments, it shall be required that such Head Foreign School


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No. 1. Master shall be properly qualified in the organization and disciOrd. No. 4, pline of elementary schools upon the most approved plan of popular 1853. education; and that such Head Master shall produce testimonials

of religious character, and of a proper period of secular training at the Normal Training Institution of the British and Foreign School Society in London, as being a suitable and qualified person tho

roughly trained in the management and discipline of children. Duty of Head

VI. That it shall be the duty of the said Head Master to attend Master.

daily, whenever the scholars shall meet for tuition, one or more of the public schools at these islands, for the purpose of supervising the management of the same, or at other times of inspecting such schools in such manner as shall be required or approved of by the Board : Provided always, that it shall be lawful for the President, in the event of the death, resignation, or incapacity of such Inspector as aforesaid, to appoint, provisionally, some fit person to act as Inspector and Head Master of the public schools until the pleasure of the

Secretary of State for the Colonies shall have been made known. The President VII. That it shall be lawful for the President, and he is hereby to appoint required to appoint teachers and masters, properly trained by the Teachers,

said Head Master, to the schools hereafter to be established, and on the recommendation or with the consent of the Board, to dismiss

such persons when there shall be a necessity for so doing. and establish VIII. That it shall be lawful for the President or officer admiSchools where

nistering the Government for the time being to establish one or required.

more school or schools within the several districts of these islands where it may appear requisite to the said President or officer

administering the Government to establish such schools. What books IX. That the daily reading-lessons shall be taken from the may be used.

Holy Bible, and from such religious and secular works as the said
Board may direct, and that no catechism or sectarian work shall be

admitted or used in the aforesaid schools. Weekly contri- X. That the weekly contributions of the scholars admitted into butions. the aforesaid schools shall be compulsory, except in such cases as

may be specially recommended by the Inspector and sanctioned by the said Board, and that such contributions shall not at any time exceed the sum of sixpence per week for each and every child admitted as aforesaid, and when collected, shall form part of the funds at the disposition of the said Board, in such way and manner

as the said Board shall direct. Parents or XI. That the parents or guardians of such children as are Guardians

admitted into the said schools shall be, and they are hereby deliable for the

clared liable for the payment of such contributions due to the payment of contributions, Board on account of the admission of any child into any of the

said schools; and it shall be lawful for any one or more of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, and he and they are hereby required to aid and assist in the collection of such contributions, on proper accounts being rendered to him, or any one or more of them, in the same manner as is usual in the recovery of all sumns

under Five pounds within these islands. Grant of £450 XII. That a sum not exceeding Four hundred and fifty pounds, payable fiom

to be accounted for in the usual manner, shall be drawn annually the Public Treasury in

from the Public Treasury by warrants signed by the President, for aid of schools. the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Ordinance: Salary of Provided always, that the salary of the aforesaid Inspector and Inspector and Head Master shall not be less than one hundred and eighty Head Master,

pounds, and not more than Two hundred pounds per annum, to

No. 1. be disbursed and paid to him in the usual manner in equal monthly Ord. No. 4, payments.

1853. XIII. That nothing in this Ordinance contained shall be con

Board of strued to authorize the Board of Education, established by virtue

Education not of this Ordinance, to interfere with any schools which are not sup- to interfere ported by the public funds of these islands. with Schools not supported from Public Funds.

XIV. That it shall be lawful for the President, and he is hereby Whenever a required to nominate as a member of the Board of Education any minister of the

Church of recognized minister of the Church of Scotland, so soon as such a

Scotland shall minister shall be appointed to officiate at any of the islands within

be appointed at the Presidency; and for which purpose it shall be required of the these Islands, to President to keep one seat vacant in aforesaid Board until a be a Member of minister of the Church of Scotland can be nominated a member of the Board. the said Board as herein provided.

XV. That in the event of the death or absence of one or more The death members of the Board, or in the event of any member or members or absence of

Members of refusing to act, or voluntarily absenting himself or themselves

the Board of from several successive meetings of the said Board, it shall be in

Education of the power of the President for the time being to nominate and provided for. appoint one or more laymen to act in the stead of any such member or members as aforesaid : Provided always, that such nomination shall only be valid and in full force (and no longer) until the provisions contained in the first and fourteenth clauses of this Ordinance can be complied with by the re-appointment of such a member or members of the Legislative Council, or of such minister or ministers as may be required to constitute the Board as provided for in the aforesaid clauses.

XVI. That it shall be lawful for the President to draw by warrant, Passage allowin the usual manner, from the Public Treasury of these islands, ance for Ina sum not exceeding Seventy pounds, to be remitted to England Head Master in such a manner as shall be decided upon by the Secretary of provided for. State, to be paid to the said Master as a passage allowance from England to these islands : Provided always, that should the aforesaid Head Master resign or be dismissed for misconduct before three years after the date of his arrival at these islands, it shall be required of the said Head Master to refund and pay into the Public Treasury the whole or a portion of the said allowance, as shall be decided upon by the President in Council; and that to provide more effectually for the observance of this proviso, it shall be required of the said Master, before he leaves England, to enter into a good and sufficient bond, to be renewed on arrival at these islands, that he shall refund in the manner and for the reasons aforesaid, the whole or a portion of his passage allowance as shall be required of the said Head Master by the President in Council.

XVII. That the Members of Council and Justices of the Peace Members of for these islands shall have authority to visit, at any time, all Council and schools established under this Ordinance. Justices of the Peace to be visitors of Schools.

XIX. That nothing herein contained shall be of any force When the or effect until Her Majesty shall have assented hereto, or the operation of

this Ordinance sanction of the Governor-General of Jamaica to the immediate

to take effect. operation of the same shall have been obtained, nor until such assent or sanction as aforesaid shall have been signified by Proclamation, nor until a day to be in such Proclamation fixed for the commencement thereof.





No.1. Act 10 Vic.

c. 6.


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No. 1.–10 Vic. ch. 6. An Act for the Establishment and Regu

lation of a Public Market at Grand Cay, Turks Islands.

(26th Feb., 1817.) THEREAS a

Grand Cay, Turks Islands, and it is expedient that certain provision should be made by law, in aid of and for the proper regulation of such Market; May it therefore please your Majesty that it may be enacted, and be it enacted by His Excellency George Benvenuto Mathew, Esquire, Governor and Commanderin-chief in and over the Bahama Islands, the Legislative Council and Assembly of the said Islands, and it is hereby enacted and ordained by the authority of the same; That when and so soon as a fit and proper market has been erected at Grand Cay, Turks Islands, aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Crown Commissioner to grant a certificate thereof under his hand and seal, and to cause such certificate to be recorded in the office of the Deputy Secretary at Grand Cay aforesaid ; and from and immediately after such certificate shall be so granted and recorded, the said market shall be deemed and held to be established, and the said market shall from thenceforth be the only market within Grand Cay aforesaid for selling and exposing for sale butchers' meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit; and if any person shall, after such market is established as aforesaid, sell or offer for sale any butchers' meat, fish, vegetables, or fruit, within Grand Cay, aforesaid, in any place other than such market, every such person shall, on being convicted thereof, forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding Ten shillings, and not less than One shilling.

II. And be it enacted, That the said market shall be under the superintendence and control of the Crown Commissioner for the time being, at the said Turks Islands, who is hereby authorized and empowered, from time to time, to make rules and regulations for the government of the said market, and to fix and establish rates of stallage, wharfage, and slaughterage.

Mode of establishment of Market.


Market to be under control of the Governor.

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