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A. D. 57. pare our felves with that admire themselves, because isome that commend they consider No-body's Accom

themselves : but they plishments but their own.
measuring themselves
by themselves, and comparing themselves amongst themselves,
are not wise.
13. But we will not

13. Nor shall I infist upon the boast of things with Authority and large Extent of my out our measure, but Apoftolical Commission; all I say according to the mea- is, that I am commissioned to be fure of the rule which the Apostle of the Gentiles; and God hath distributed

according to it, have come grato us, a measure to reach even unto you. the several Countries, till I reach

dually preaching the Gospel to ed you at Corinth. 14. For we stretch

14. For it is not my Method to not our selves beyond

run abruptly from one Church to our measure, as though another, without finishing my we reached not unto Work in any, as your new Teachyou; for we are come as far as to 'you also ly in my Travels, and perfect their

ers do, but to take them gradualin preaching the gos. Conversion as I go along.

, pel of Chriit;

15. Not boasting of 15 & 16. And not like them, things without our to come into Churches that other measure, that is, of Men have planted, and then brag other mens labours; and boast upon other People's Labut having hope when

bours. I only hope, that as I your faith is increared, that we shall be


you at first, your Proenlarged by you ac gress in Christianity will be lo cording to our rule a- good as to enable me to keep my bundantly,

Course on beyond your Country, 16. To preach the and convert ftill more People to gospel in the regions the Gospel. beyond you, and not to boast in another mans line of things made ready to our hand,

17. But he that glo- 17. If your new Teachers thererieth, let him glory fore are for boasting, let them, if in the Lord,

they can, boast in a regular Performance of the Gospel Ministry, and in the Successes wherewith God has blefled them in Mens Conversion to the Christian Faith, 2

18For 18. For not he that 18. For it is not the vain Apcommendeth himself plauses that Men give themselves, is approved, but whom that signify any Thing ; 'tis God the Lord commendeth. alone that can duly recommend a Christian Apostle, by the Gifts of his Holy Spirit, and his Blessing upon the Work of their Ministry.

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To preserve the Corinthians in a good Opinion of himself,

and a just Sense of his Apoftolical Authority, against
the Suggestions of the false Teachers; the Apostle en-
larges upon one of their chief Insinuations, viz. That of
not taking Maintenance of their Church. Exposes their
Pride and Subtilty, particularly of the Judaizing Part
of them. Compares himself with, and justly prefers
himself to them, on all Accounts ; on his innumerable
Sufferings for Christ's Religion, his unwearied Labours
in the Church, his constant Cares and Fears for, and
his compassionate Tenderness to, all its Members.

Ould to God ! Would

1. I

Request therefore of your A. D. 57.

boasting Teachers, and of all bear with me a little that still adhere to them, in my in my folly; and in- Disparagement, to bear with what deed bear with me.

I am thus * forced to say in my own Commendation, and not interpret it as Vanity and Ambition.

2. For I am jealous 2. I do it purely from the pious over you with godly Care I have of your Welfare, jealousy: for I have that as I have made you a Chrisespoused you to one tian Church, the Spouse of Christ, husband, that I may I may keep you chaste and uncorpresent you as a chaste rupted in the Love of him, and virgin to Christ.

his true Religion. 3. But I fear, left by 3. For the busy and designing any means as the ser- Temper of those Men, makes me pent beguiled Eve dread you should be seduced from through



• Chap. 2.

A D. 57. through his subtilty, it, by the subtle Insinuations of

so your minds should the fame evil Spirit that drew
be corrupted from the our first Parents into Sin.
fimplicity that is in
4. For if he that

4. You that follow these new cometh, preacheth a Teachers, can bear their Boastings nother. Jesus whom patiently enough. And indeed, we have not preach- did they propose to you a greater ed, or if ye receive and better Saviour, or preach a another spirit, which

more holy and comfortable Doce ye have not received, or another gospel

, trine, or bestowed any larger Gifts which ye have not

of the Holy Spirit upon you, than accepted, ye might I have already done; you were in well bear with bim. the right in so doing, and in

esteeming them as greater and more excellent Apostles than I am.

5. For I suppose I 5. But this you cannot say ; was not a whit behind for I have spoken and done that the very chiefeft apof- which gives me equal Pretensions tles.


any other Apostle whatever. (See 1 Cor. xv. 8, 9.)

6. But though I be 6. For if I be not, in outward rude in speech, yet Accomplishments, the most plaunot in knowledge; fible and fine Speaker, yet have but we have been I, by my Sincerity in Preaching, throughly made ma- and the Powers by which I have nifest among you in confirmed it, fufficiently convinall things.

ced you of my compleat Abilities in the Christian Religion.

7. Have I commit- 7. As to the Distaste they ted an offence in a would * seem to take at my workbasing my self that ing for my Livelihood among you, you might be exalted, and not infisting upon my Privibecause I have preach; lege of Maintenance froin your ed to you the gospel

Church ; of God freely?

* Ver. 7. See 1 Cor. ix.

Ibid. Would seem to take. For as angry as you are on one Side, 'E, inau Bevor, é oxardanianie dr. Yét bad I actually been maintained by you, you would more likely have taken it ill on the other side, says Oecumenius.

Church; I hope it was no Injury to teach you your A. D. 57. Christian Religion of Free-cost, and undergo the Labours of a Trade, to be the more capable of serving you.

8. I robbed other 8 & 9. On the contrary, it churches, taking was should rather seem a Mark of ges of them to do you Kindness, that I should receive service. 9. And when I was I was in Want, on Purpose to

Supplies of other Churches, when present with you, and

excuse wanted, I was charge

you absolutely from it. And able to no man: for I have good Reason why I fill that which was lack- keep my Resolution to do so. ing to me, the brethren which came from Macedonia supplied: and in all things have I kept my self from being burdensome unto you, and so will I keep my self.

10. As the truth of 10. Nay I protest by the very Christ is in me, no Truth of the Gospel, I will keep man shall stop me of it, and make it Matter of glorythis boa'king in the ing and valuing * myself for thus regions of Achaia.

preaching freely to the Churches of Achaia.

11. Wherefore ? be- II & 12. Not that I refufe cause I love you not? Maintenance from you out of any God knoweth.

Difgust or Dislike to your Church, 12. But what I do, Far otherwise, God knows. But that I will do, that I I do it chiefly to stop the Mouths may cut off occasion of your Judaizing Teachers, that from them which defire occasion,

that pretend (and indeed only prewherein they glory, tend t) to preach of Free-cost, and

+ they may be found e- to show them I can really do what

they make only a Pretence to. 13. For such are 13. Those Men, while they false' apostles, deceit derogate from my Apostleship, are ful workers, trans- evidently themselves designing and forming themselves false Apostles; having nothing but into


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ven as we.

Ver. 10. See 1 Cor. ix. from 15th to 19th Verse. + Ver. 12. Wherein they glory, but had no Reason to glory. For says Theodoret, Editev avlis adyo rounais orlas, acizce ö zencuali sokév85. The Apostle means, that they boasted of i?, bit privately got all the Money they could.

A. D. 57. into the apostles of the Outside and Appearance of Christ.

that facred Function. 14:

And no marvel; 14 & 15. And since the Devil, for Satan himself is their grand Master, is wont to transformed into an assume the Shape of an Angel of angel of light.

Light, when he intends the most 15. Therefore it is

dangerous Deceits; no Wonder no great thing if his

his Scholars should venture their ministers also be transformed as the mini- Errors and Delusions, under Cofters of righteousness; ver of the truly apoftolical and whose end shall be Gospel Ministry but they shall according to their one Day receive the due Recomworks.

pence of such Wickedness. 16. I say again, Let 16. While therefore such Hyno man think me a pocrites as these can have the fool; if otherwise, Face to magnify themselves, you yet as a fool receive must suffer me to speak more of me, that I may boast

my self as a true Apostle, than omy self a little

therwise I would do. 17. That which I 17. Indeed I have no positive speak, I speak it not Command from Christ to insist after the Lord, but as thus far upon my own Character; it were foolishly in I do it from prudential Considerathis confidence of tions of the just and necessary boasting

Occasion given for it; tho' some perhaps may call it Vanity and Oftentation. 17. Seeing that ma

18. And whereas your Juny glory after the flesh, daizing Teachers do so much exI will glory also. alt themselves upon the outward Privileges of their Birth, and Extraction from Abraham and the Patriarchs, and being Members of the antient Church of God by Circumcifion; I can set myself upon the Level with them in those Points too.

19. For ye suffer 19. And I hope those Profelytes fools gladly, seeing ye they have gained over to them, your selves are wise.

will pardon my Folly in so doing, fince, as wise as they are, they can bear a great deal more from those false and foolish Pretenders.

suffer 20. For 'tis plain they suffer a man bring you them to impose upon their Underinto


20. For


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