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And shews from whence the fprings of love,

In endless currents flow.
2 Christ, whom the boundless hear'n adores,

Whom angels long to see ;
Quitted with joy those blissful fiores,

Ambassador to me!
3 To me, a worm, a sinful clod,

A rebel and forlorn ;
A foe, a traitor to my God,

And of a traitor born.
4 To me, who never fought his grace,

Who mock'd his facred word;
Who never knew, or lov'd his face,

And all his will abhor'd.
s Yet this redeeming angel came,

So vile a worm to bless ;
He took, with gladness, all my blame,

And gave his righteousness.
60! that my fanguid heart might glow,

With ardor all divine ;
And for more love than Seraphs know,
Like burning Seraphs shine.


LORY to God who reigns above,
Ye faints and angels, if ye can,
Declare the love of God to man.
0! what can more his love commend !
His dear, his only Son to send !

, love;

That mán, condemn'd to die, might live,

And God be glorious to forgive. 3 Mefliah's come-with joy behold

The days, by prophets long foretold :
Judah, thy royal sceptre's broke,

And time fill proves what Jacob fpoke. 4 Daniel, thy weeks are all expir'd,

The time prophetic feals requir'd ;
Cut off for fins, but not his own,

Thy prince Melliah did atone.
Ś Thy famous temple, Solomon

Is by the latter far outthone :
It wanted not thy glitt'ring store,

Meffiah's presence grac'd it more. 6 We see the prophecies full'a

In Jesus, that most wond'rous child:
His birth, his life, his death combine

his character divine,

Mighty God.

AIL, mighty, true and living God,

Ancient of everlasting days;
Saviour of man, who shed it thy blood,

01 teach us, worthily to praise.
Ź Cloth'd with falvation, clad in zeal ;

Arm'd with the vengeance of a God ;
That power which long had bruis'd the beela

Beneath thy pierced feet was trod :
3 Spoil'd of his goods, the goods he held.

In chains of darkness, guile and fraud

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The nature which by him rebell?d,

Now forms thy great, thy just reward. 4

Who shall hold back the Saviour's prey
Or keep the captives of his blood ?
Not earth, nor hell. More Itrong than they,
Chrift conquers, as the mighty God.

The only perfect.
I COULD I of all perfeaion boalt

As pure as that which Adam loft,
I'd facrifice it to thy blood,

My Chrift, my all, my only good. 2 Were I as Abram (trong in faith,

And boldly stedfast unto death å
I'd bid my faithfulness adieu,

And Jesus only faithful view.
3 If I more meek than Moses were;

Quite free from anger, strife, or fear;
Yet this I gladly would despise,

And Jesus' meekness only prize. 4

Was I as Job submidlive still,
Patient, relign'd in ev'ry ill ;
Yet all should fade before his cross,

Compar'd with him, it is but dross. 5 If I was wise as Solomon,

Like him with zeal and ardor shone ;
Like him I'd vain and foolish fee

My wisdom, zeal, yea all, but thee, 6 Had I an angel's purity,

this I would deny i

Yea even

Nor good confefs in name, or thing,
But Christ my Lord, my life, my King.

Prince of Peace. i JESUS, thou Prince, thon King of peace,

And king of glory too ;
O be thy blessed name ador'd,

By Gentile and by Jew.
2 For Ifr'el's tribes; for us, O Lord,

Eternal peace is made,
Our pardon's feal'd; 'tis feal'd with blood,

The blood of Christ, our head :
3 Nor ours alone; the head of many
Of ev'ry man art thou:
For ey’ry mar., 'twas thine to die : -
The world to thee fall bow.


Prophet, Prieji and King.
WE E bless the Prophet of the Lord,

Who comes with truth and grace ;
Jesus, thy spirit and thy word,

Shall lead us in thy ways.
2 We rev'rence our high priest above,

Who offer'd up his blood' ;
And lives to carry on his love,

By pleading with our God.
3 We honor our exalted King ;

How fweet are his commands !
He guards our fouls from hell and ling
By his almighty hands.

1. M.

4 Horanna to his glorious name,

Who faves by diff'rent ways:
His mercy lays a fou'reign claim,
To our immortal praise.
HYMN LII. [Ripron's coil.)

Rain of Heaveu.
· AS ,

Jesus shall shed his bleffings down, Crown'd with whose life infofing drops,

Earth shall renew her blissful crops, & Lands that beneath a burning sky,

Have long been desolate and dry,
Th’ effusions of his love fhall share,

And sudden greens and her bage wear, 3 The dews and rains, in all their store,

Drenching the pastures o'er and o'er,
Are not so copious as that grace,

Which fanctifies and saves our race. 4 As in soft filence vernal show'rs

Descend, and cheer the fainting dow'rs,
So in the secrecy of love,

Falls the sweet infl'ence from above, 5 That bear'nly infl'ence let me find,

In holy silence of the mind;
While ev'ry grace maintains its bloom,

Diffusing wide its rich perfume,
6 Nor let thefe blefings be confin'd

To me, but pour'd on all mankind,
Till earth's wild waffes in verdure rife,
And a young Eden bless our eyes.


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