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ever shall be, world semper, & in fæcula without end. Amen. fæculorum. Amen.

P. I will go to the S. Introibo ad alaltar of God.

tare Dei. R. To God, who Resp. Ad Deum, rejoiceth my youth. qui lætificat juventu

tem meam. P. Our help is in S. Adjutorium nothe name of our Lord. ftrum in nomine Do

mini. R. Who made hea- Refp. Qui fecit coeven and earth.

lum & terram. Then the Priest, bowing down, says the Confiteor.

P. I confess to Al- S. Confiteor Deo mighty God, &c. omnipotenti, &c.

Ř. Almighty God Resp. Misereatur tui be merciful to thee, omnipotens Deus, & and forgiving thee thy dimiffis peccatis tuis, fins, bring thee to ever- perducat te ad vitam Jasting life.

æternam. P. Amen.

S. Amen. R. I confess to al- Refp.Confiteor Deo mighty God, to the omnipotenti , beatæ blessed Virgin Mary, to Mariæ femper Virgini, the blessed Michael the beato Michaeli ArchArch-angel, to the angelo, beato Joanni blessed John Baptist, to Baptista, sanctis Athe holy Apostles Peter poftolis Petro & Paulo, and Paul, to all the omnibus Sanctis,& tibi Saints, and to you,Fa- Pater, quia peccavi nither, that I have fin- mis cogitatione, verbo ned exceedingly, in & opere; mea culpa,

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mea culpa, mea maxi- thought, word and ma culpa. Ideo precor deed; thro' my fault,

; beatam Mariam sem- thro' my fault, thro' per Virginem, beatum my most grievous fault. Michaelum Arch-an- Therefore I beleech gelum, beatum Joan. the blessed Virgin Manem Baptiftam, fanctos ry, the blessed Michael Apostolos Petrum & the Arch-angel, the Paulum, omnes Sanc- blessed John Baptist, tos, & te Pater, orare the holy Apostles Pepro me ad Dominum ter & Paul, and all the Deum noftrum. Saints and you,Father,

to pray to our Lord

God for me. S. Mifereatur veftri P. Almighty God omnipotens Deus, & be merciful to you,and dimiffis peccatis veftris, forgiving you your

, perducat vos ad vitam fins, bring you to life æternam.

everlasting. Refp. Amen.

R. Amen. S. Indulgentiam,ab- P. The almighty & folutionem, & remiffi-' most merciful Lord onem peccatorum no- grant us pardon, abstrorum, tribuat nobis folution and remiffion omnipotens et miseri- of our sins. cors Dominus. Refp. Amen.

R. Amen. S. Deus, tu conver- P. O God, if thou sus vivificabis nos.

vouchsafe to turn towards us, thou wilt

give us life. Resp. Et plebs tua R. And thy people lætabitur in te. will rejoice in thee.

P. Shew

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my Prayer.

with you.

P. Let us pray

P. Shew unto us,

S. Oftende nobis, O Lord, thy mercy.

Domine, mifericordi

am tuam. R. And give us thy Refp. Et salutare tusalvation.

am da nobis. P. O Lord, hear S. Domine, exaudi

orationem meam. R. And let my cry

Refp. Et clamor mecome unto thee. us ad te veniat. P. Our Lord be S. Dominus vobis.

cum. R. And with thy Refp. Et cum spirifpirit.

tu tuo.

S. Oremus.
The Priest, going to the Altar, says :
Take away from us

Aufer à nobis, quæour iniquities, we be- sumus, Domine, inifeech thee, O Lord ; quitates noftras ; ut ad that we may be wor- Sancta Sanctoruni puthy to enter with pure ris mereamur mentibus minds into the Holy of introire, per Chriftum

thro' Christ Dominum noftrum. our Lord, Amen.

When the Priest is come up to the Altar, bowing

down, he says:
We beseech thee, O Oramus te, Domine,
Lord, by the merits per merita Sanctorum
of thy Saints, whofe tuorum, quorum reli-
relick's are here, and quiæ hic funt, & om-
of all the Saints, that nium Sanctorum, ut


Holies ;




indulgere digneris om- thou vouchsafe to for-
nia peccata mea.
A. give me all



Here at solemn Masses the Priest incenfeth the Altar.
After this the Priest goes to the book, and reads

two or three verses of the Scripture, calld the
Introit; which are different every day. At

the Introit you may say the following prayer : GRant, Lord, we may be truly prepar’d for

the offering this great Sacrifice to thee this day; and because our fins alone can render us displeasing to thee, therefore we call aloud to thee for mercy. Then he goes to the middle of the Altar, and says : S. Kyrie eleyson.

P. Lord have mercy R. Kyrie eleyson.

R. Lord have mercy S. Kyrie eleyson.

P. Lord have mercy R. Christe eleyson.

R. Christhave mer

cy on us, S. Christe eleyson.

P. Christ have mer

cy on us. R. Christe eleyfon.

R. Christ have mer.

cy on us. S. Kyrie eleyson.

P. Lord have mer

cy on us. R. Kyrie eleyson.

R. Lord have mer

cy on us. S. Kyrie eleyson.

P. Lord have mercy on us.


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on us.

on us.

on us.

Next follows Gloria in excelsis, which is omitted

in the Maffes for the Dead; as also, in the Time of Lent, Advent, &c. unless the Mass be of

a Saint.

Glorybe to God on Gloria in excelsis high, and peace

Deo, &in terra pax on earth to men of hominibus bonz vogood-will. We praise luntatis. Laudamus te. thee, we bless thee, we Benedicimus te. Adoadore thee, we glorify ramus te. Glorificamus thee, we göre thanks te. Gratias agimus tibi, to thee for thy great propter magnam gloglory, O Lord God, riam tuam, Domine heavenly King, God Deus Rex cælestis, the Father Almighty. Deus Pater omnipoO Lord Jesus Christ, tens. Domine FiliUnithe only begotten Son. genite Jesu Christe, O Lord God, lamb Domine Deus, agnus of God, Son of the Dei, Filius Patris, qui Father, who takest tollis peccata mundi, away the sins of the miserere nobis: qui tolworld, have mercy on

lis peccata mundi, furus. Thou who takeft cipe deprecationem away the sins of the nostram : Qui sedes ad world, receive our dextram Patris, mifeprayer. Thou who rere nobis, quoniam tu fittest at the right- folis fanctus, Tu solus hand of the Father, Dominus. Tu folus alhave mercy on us. For tisfimus, Jesu Christe, thou only art holy, cum fancto Spiritu, in thou only art our Lord, gloria Dei Patris. Athou only art most men,



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