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That night we went to Levden, where we ran some retired persons.

Theace, next day, to the Hagu, mert * had a lizzie meeting. O the let and prick i 240 place! Thou cameft into my mind as I walked in the Itreets, and I laid ia mrielf, "W2!!! de baia chaven < the better part.' O be faithful, and the Lord wilt give thee an eternal recompence!

Thence we came to Rotterdam, where the Lord hath given us several heavenly opportunities in privace and publick.

We are now come to the Briel, and wait our pac sage. The Lord Jesus be with you that ttay, and with us that go, that in him we may live and abide for ever.

Salute me to my French friend; bid her be conftant. I wish thy servants felicity; but tbine as miag OWA. . God Almighty overshadow thee, hide the un' der his pavilion, be thy shield, rock, and fanctuary for eyer, Farewel, farewel,

Thy friend, and the Lord's servang

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W. P.

Briel, • 8th month,


Next morning the packet-boat arrived, and about cen we went on board, having first caken our folemn leave of those friends that accompanied us thither.

We immediately set sail, with a great number of passengers: but, by reason of contrary and tempeltuous weather, we arrived not at Harwich till "che third day about the 7th hour. Whence, next morn, ing,' I writ this following salutation and account tor the friends of Holland and Germany, co return with the boat.

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A let

A letter from Harwich, to friends in Holland and

Germany, containing the passages from Holland to

Let this be sent to the friends in High and Low.


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My soul magnifieth the Lord, and my spirit re

joiceth in God my Saviour, who hath rebuked the winds and the seas, and made us to drink of his salvation upon the great deeps ! yea, we could not but praise him in the tempeft, for all things are full of his majesty. Blessed is the eye that seeth, and the heart that dependeth upon him at all times. There is not another God; he is the Lord alone that the holy ancients trusted in, and were not confounded. What shall my soul render unto the Lord? We are full of his mercy, he hath made us witnesses of his care. We can say, in righteousness, they are blessed whose God is the Lord, and that serve all the day long no other master than our God.

Friends, this is an endeared falutation to you all in High and Low-Dutch-Land, in the deep and fresh sense of the Lord's preserving power. Othat you may abide in that sense of him which he hath begotten in you, and in the reverent knowledge of him, according to the manifestation which you have received of him, in the light of his dear Son: that you may be faithful, and fervent for the Lord; that his glorious life and power may break through you; and these lands, long, dry, and barren as the wilderness, may spring and blossom as the rose. For what have we to do here, but to exalt him, that hath visited and loved us; yea, faved us in great measure ? Ah, he is worthy! my spirit reverenceth him, my heart and soul do bów before him: eternal blessings dwell for ever with him.

Dear friends, my love floweth to you as a fountain. God, even my God, and your God, hath made you


dear to me, yea, dearer than all natural kindred. You are Aesh of Aesh indeed. Nor sea, nor land, nor time, nor place, can ever separate our joy, divide our communion, or wipe out the remembrance that I have of you. Yea, the living remembrance that my God often giveth me of you, in the life of his Son, abideth ; which breaketh my heart to pieces: and i can say, I left much of my heart behind me; and the Lord only could have outwardly separated me so foon from you. O this love! that is stronger than death, more excellent than the love of women; for it endureth for ever : this privilege have all the saints. Jesus, the light of the world, that saveth from the world, be with


Amen. We got well last night about seven to Harwich, being three days and two nights at lea: most part of the time was a great storm of wind, and rain, and hail : the weather was against us, and the vefsel so leaky, that two pumps went night and day, or we had pe. rished. It is believed that they pumped twice more water out than the vessel could contain; but our peace was as a river, and our joy full. The seas had like to have washed some of the seamen over-board, but the great God preserved all well. Frights were among the people, and despondencies in fome, but the Lord wrought deliverance for all: we were mightily thronged, which made it the more troublesome.

But it is observable, that though the Lord so wonderfully delivered us, yet some vain people foon forgot it, and returned quickly to their wanton talk and conversation, not abiding in the sense of that hand which had delivered them: nor can any do it, as they should, but those that are turned to his appearance in their hearts, who know him to be a God nigh at hand;" which, O! may it be your experience and portion for ever!

And the Lord be with you, and refresh and sustain you; and in all your temptations never leave you, nor forsake you ; that conquerors you may be, and, in


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the end of days and time, stand in your lot among the {pirits of the just made perfect. Amen, Amen.

Yours in that which is eternal,

W. P.

Harwich, 24th of the 8th

month, 1677.

Here I left dear G. Fox, and Gertruyd Diricks and her children, that came over with us, to follow me in a coach; but I, having a desire to be that days at Colchester meeting, went early away on hors-back, G. K. accompanying me. We got to the meeting, and were well refreshed in friends.

That evening we had a mighty meeting at J. Furley's house, where we lay; many being there of the town, that would not come to a publick meeting. And indeed the Lord's divine power and presence were in the assembly.

Next day. we had a great meeting at a marriage, where we had good service for the Lord. That afternoon about four, we took horse for London, G. F. &c. through miscarriage of a letter about the coach, not being come to Colchester. That night we lay at I. Raven's, eight miles on our way. There we met Giles Barnardiston, and William Bennet; with whom, and some other friends thereabout, we were comforted in the life and power of the Lord.

The day following" we took our journey for London: we came there in good time that evening, where I found all things relating to friends in a good condition: blessed be the name of the Lord. I stayed about a week in town, both to visit friends at meetings, and to be serviceable to the more general affairs of truth; where a second letter from the princess Elizabeth came to hand.

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Hertford, the 29th of Octoběr, 1677. Dear friend,

OUR tender care of my eternal well-being doth of your counsel to follow as much as lies in me; but God's grace must be aslistant; as you say yourself, • He accepts nothing that does not come from him: If I had made me bare of all worldly goods, and left undone what he requires most, I mean, to do all in and by his Son, I shall be in no better condition than at this present. Let me feel him first governing in my heart, then do what he requires of me: but I am not able to teach others, being not “ taught of God .“ myself.” Remember my love to G. F. B. F. G. K. and dear Gertruyd. If you write no worse than your postscript, I can make a shift to read it. Do not think I go from what I spoke to you the last evening; I only stay to do it in a way that is answerable before God and man. I can say no more now, but recommend to your prayers,

Your true friend,

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I almost forgot to tell you, that my sister writes

me word, The had been glad you had taken your journey by Ofenburg return, to Amsterdam: there is also a droffard of Limburgh near this place (to whom I gave an Exemplar of R. B.'s Apology) very desirous to speak with some of the friends.

The fifth day of the next week* I went to Worminghurst, my house in Sussex, where I found my dear wife, child, and family all well : blessed be the name of

1. 9, 5.

Vol. III,



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