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making extracts from wills in Doctors' Commons, kindly furnish me with genealogical extracts from the wills below mentioned, to enable me to unravel the tangled threads of the descent of the houses named in 2nd S. vi. 4G5; with the view of assisting in the compilation of my history of the houses, the pedigree of families, and biographical notes of individuals? I shall be happy to reimburse any expenditure involved in the search. And as this is a matter of private, and not public interest, and the information if inserted in "N. & Q." would only needlessly occupy valuable space, I append my address. WiUu

Wm. Hewett, cloth worker, obiit June 1599; buried at St Paul's.

John, obiit 1602.

Sallomon, or Solomon, obiit 1603.

Francis, obiit 1567.

J. F. N. H. Velindor House, Trcvine, Haverfordwest.

Curious Sign Manual (3rd S. v. 436.) —In reply to H. C. I may state that, as a Land Commissioner in Turkey, I have seen the thumb dipped in ink, and applied as a signature to u conveyance or land-receipt by low-class Mussulmans, and by the rayah Greek landowners. This is a usual way; but there are few Mussulmans without a signet, such as are sold cheap in the market ready made (Mahomed, Ahmed, Mustafa, &c.); and the Greeks very often sign with a cross. It is only of late that any rayah Greek can write his name in Greek.

Hide Clarke.

196 A, Piccadilly.

Burton Family (3rd S. v. 140.) — May I be allowed to thank Mr. Stkes for his information respecting the Burtons of Weston-under-Wood, which was particularly interesting to me, as it tended to confirm and throw light on some points in the genealogy which I was anxious to have cleared up. I should be glad to know whether any mention of the family occurs in the heraldic Visitations for Derbyshire. E. H. A.

Glass (3rd S. v. 400.)—The following extract is taken from Strype's edition of Stow's Survey of London, fol., 1720, p. 8 : —

"These Saxons were likewise (as the Britons were) ignorant of the Architecture or Building with Stone, until the year of Christ Hclxxx. For there it is affirmed that Benet, Abbot ofWirral, master to the Reverend Bede, first brought Masons and Workmen in Stone into this Island among the Saxons."

This appears to give the date wanted, but the original authority is not stated, A.d. 674 is the date usually given. W. P.

Lord Clonmell's "diary" (3rd S. v. 477.) — In answer to your correspondent Abhba, relative to Lord Clonmel's Diary, I beg to say that I have

seen at least four, if not five copies of such a publication. I believe that it never was regularly sold as a publication; but was printed by Lord Clonmel for distribution solely amongst his own private friends. As an Irish judge and politician, his Lordship occupied a foremost, if not a very distinguished place. He was not a man of genius, aud hardly of talent; but he acted in stormy and perilous times, and his antagonistic feeling to his great rival Lord Clare (the Irish Chancellor), induced him to put forth all his powers. From a perusal of his Diary, I should say that he was a selfish man, whose maxim was "Apres moi le deluge." He was a wine-bibber and a gourmand to an extravagant extent; and a great deal of his Diary is occupied with abuse of Lord Clare, and in praise or dispraise of the dinner he ate the day before.

Some years ago (1857), Sotheby sold three copies of this unique but not very respectable production. I believe that Cambridge possesses a copy, that the Duke of Devonshire possesses another, and that, more recently, the Dublin University Library (or Dublin Society, I know not which,) has purchased another—at the enormous price of 56*. Ephbaim W. M'minimie. Sadholt Cottage, Clondalkin. Erroneous Monumental Inscriptions In Bristol (3rd S. v. 289, 368.) — Mr. Pryce seems to doubt the identity of Col. John Porter, the eldest brother of the .Misses Porter, with the " unfortunate officer," J. B. Porter, whose death in Castle Rushen prison is mentioned in the volume of the Gentleman's Magazine to which I before referred. I was always under the impression that John Porter, originally an officer in the army, having afterwards gone out as a merchant to Antigua, there fell a victim to its dangerous climate. The Bristol inscription, however, asserts that he died in the Isle of Man, though, as I have shown by an extract from one of Miss Porter's letters, the date is given incorrectly. I cannot help coming to the conclusion, that the " merchant in the West Indies," having probably been unfortunate in business, must have returned home, and was the "J. B. Porter" noticed in Mr. Urban's pages. The second initial probably stood for Blenkinsop, which was his mother's maiden name. Dr. Porter of Bristol is described on his first wife's tombstone at Durham, as simply William Porter, M.D., though it appears he also had a second name, viz., Ogilvie. Both John and William were early in life withdrawn from their mother's charge, which may account for the younger portion of the family not being aware perhaps of the embarrassed state of John's affairs. In referring to his decease in the above named letter, Miss Porter goes on to say, "He was not brought up with us like Robert, nevertheless we loved him as a brother, and mourn him as such." Dunelmensis.

John Hali, B.D. (3"> S. v. 496.) — John Hall, B.A., was elected a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1658, commenced M.A. in due course, and proceeded B.D. 1666. On July 11, 1664, he was collated to the prebend of Isledon, in the church of St. Paul, as he was, Feb. 20, 1665-6, to the rectory of S. Christopher le Stocks, London. On Oct. 5, 1666, he was collated to the rectory of Finchley, Middlesex. On March 21, 1666-7, he exchanged the prebend of Isledon for that of Holywell, alias Finsbury. He was president of Sion College, 1694, and died towards the close of 1707. Watt thus describes his work: — " Jacob's Ladder, or a Book of Salvations (!), 8vo, London, 1676." Mr. Hall contributed to the rebuilding of St. Paul's, and was also, to a small extent, a benefactor to Sion College, but we do not find his Jacob's Ladder in Beading's Catalogue of the library of that institution.

C. H. & Thompson Cooper.


Raise's Marriage Portion Op £100 (3rd S. v. 475.)—This account reminds me of a similar portion which is given by the Quarterly Meeting of the Society of Friends in the south of Ireland, to young women, members of the Society, who have lived for three years either as family servants, or assistants in business to members of the Society, on their marriage with members of said Society. The portion given is also 100Z. L. J. F.

Richard Bentlby, D.D. (3rd S. v. 509.)—Your correspondent, who is struck by the little pains ordinary readers take to verify their statements, will not, we hope, be offended at our pointing out that Richard Bentley the critic never was librarian of Trinity College, Cambridge. He was master of that distinguished society for above forty years. Although for a long period Archdeacon of Ely, he was never Dean of Ely.

C. H. & Thompson Cooper.


Inscription At Porchester (3,d S. v. 479.) — The lines copied from a monument in this church are taken from Dr. Young's Night Thoughts, Night v. line 600. Zeta.

[merged small][graphic][merged small]

is scarcely of less importance for the light it throws upon the characters of many remarkable men. Future biographers of Sir Robert Naunton—Sir Robert Heath—of the facetious Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, Sir Thomas Richardson—Sir Edward Coke (whose squabble with his second wife Lady Hatton, and his alleged breach of faith with her, as here detailed, are painful to contemplate)—Selden and Attorney-General Nov—will find in the Calendar references to papers which will be of the greatest service to them. While those who are investigating our social progress, will find abundant amusement ami instruction among the various records now really first made available by this useful guide. Like all the preceding Calendars, for which we have been indebted to Mr. Bruce, the present is set off by a pleasant, instructive, and well-written Preface; and completed by a full and accurate Index.

The Plays of William Shakemeare. Carefully edited by Thomas Keightley. Vols. I. and 11. (Bell & Daldy.)

We have here the first two volumes of a Pocket Shakspeare (to be completed in six), which will be welcome to all who love to make a volume of the poet's works their companion in a quiet country stroll, or when taking their ease at their inn. Beautifully printed by Whittingham, this compact yet handsome edition puts forth the additional temptation of being edited by a gentleman who lias made our older poets the study of many years. Mr. Kcightley's text may not perhaps command universal acceptance, but it will be recognised by all as that of an accomplished scholar.



Particular* of Price, Sec, of the following Book to be amt direct to the gentleman by whom it if required, whose name and address ace siren for that purpose: — llOAaa's Ancient Wills. Vol. II., or Parti IV. and V.

Wanted by Jfr. Wm. Cunningtvn, Hilworth, Devizes.

flotirrtf to CorrcsfponttrHtS.

James II. At FnvsaroAjf—Thanks to the courtesy of Sir Xortcm Knatchbull, We shall next week lay before Our Header* another eontecMporary notice of this event, in an extract from the MS. inedited Diary of Sir John Knatchbull, the then Baronet: and the same Number, the Jtrvt cf a new volume, among other papers of interest, «iti contain

Dr. Johnson, by Mr. Markland.

Extract* From Earlt Mss.concxrkixo Angling,ty Sir Ileur\

Tin Rpthtxn Fahilt.

William Gdhnall.

CoRNlin Proverbs.

An Ancmtor or Count Hi Mohtalemdext.

The Lianino Towia or Pisa.

Thi HlOH Commis.ion CoDRT, jr.

Tm Index to the Volame now completed wilt be issued on Satur<lay, July ]6l/i, and copies of the complete volume wiU be ready on Mam~ day loth.

R. C. L. The clock-dial over thelcading articles of The Times point* to the hour of publication.

Q. Q. Alnager or Aulnager. a public sworn officer of the Kino's. whose duty was to examine into the Assize, of Cloths, and to collect the aulnage duty granted to the King on all cloths sold. The name is derived from the trench aulne, an ell.

• •• Cases for binding the volumes o/HN.* Q." nay be Asa* of the Publisher, and of all Booksellers and A ewsmen.

A Reading Case for holding the wecxly No*, of "N. k Q." ii now ready, and maybe had of all Bookseller* and Ncwimcn. price Is. est.; or, free by poet, direct from the pubLUhcr, for 15. So*.

"notes And Queries" is published at noon on Friday, and is also issued in Montrlt Parts. The Subscription for Stamped Copras for Six Months forwarded ilirert from the Publisher {including the Hal/* yearly Index) is lis. id., which may be paid by l'ost Office Order, payable at the Strand Po*t Office, in favour of William Q. Seri. SS, Wellixoton Street, Strand, W.C., to whom all Communications Fosa The Editor should be addressed.

"Notes « Queries" if registered for transmission abroad.



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Provrrds And Phrase*, Quotations, Shaksprriana, Ano Songs And Ballads.]

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Ballads. See Songs.
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minster, 62
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Earth a living creature, 286
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