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of War for the government of the native officers and soldiers in Her Majesty's Indian Army), or under Act 1 of 1863 (to amend Act XXIX of 1861), or with the provisions of any statute for puuishing mutiny and desertion of officers and soldiers in the service of Her Majesty, and the cantonment ma

gistrate shall exercise nojurisdictionin respect of such offences. Proviso.

Provided that, when a cantonment magistrate or other officer not being the commanding officer shall have been vested by the Government with power within the limits of any military cantonment to dispose of cases under any rule or regulation made under Section 17, it shall not be competent to the commanding officer to exercise the powers described in Article 87 of the said Act XXIX of 1861 in respect of any case arising under such rule or regulation, when such rules and regulations have been, passed for such cantonment under Section 17, and penalties shall have been laid down for their infringement. The said rules and regulations shall be held to be the rules and regulations mentioned in the said Article 84 of the said Act XXIX of 1861, and so much of the said article as declares the penalties which may be inflicted for breach of cantonment regulations shall coase, from that time,

to have any effect in such cantonment. Acts done by canton. XXXVIII. All acts done previously to the passing of

ment magistrates

and others before this Act by cantonment joiift magistrates, assistant cantor: passing of this Act ment joint magistrates, or judges of courts of small causes legalized.

appointed under the provisions of the Madras Act IV of 1865, or by persons acting under their authority or otherwise in any military cantonment, in pursuance of an order of Government, or which shall have been or shall be ratified by the executive government, are hereby confirmed and made valid ; and all such officers and persons as aforesaid are hereby indemnified and discharged frora liability in respect of

such acts. What authority to ex.

XXXIX. If a court of small causes shall be established ercise powers of under Section 7 in any military cantonment in the territories spect of sma!l cause not subject to the general regulations, the Governor in Counin a non-regulation oil shall declare what authority shall exercise the powers place or places out vested in the high court by the provisions of the said Act of British India.

XI of 1865.

courts established

XL. This Act shall come into operation only in such mili- Commencement and

scope of Act. tary cantonments, and from such dates as the Governor in Council shall declare by notification in the Fort Saint George and District Gazettes.

XLI. From the date. at which this Act shall have come Repeal of the Act and into operation in any military cantonment, and within the regulation named

in the schedule. limits of such cantonment, the regulation and the Act named in the Schedule shall cease to have effect to the extent therein stated, except so far as they repeal the whole or any part of any other regulation, and except as to any act or offence which shall have been done or committed, or as to any fine or penalty which shall have been incurred, or as to any proceedings which shall have eommenced before this Act shall have been in force.


Number and date of Act

or Regulation.


Extent of repeal.


Regulation VII. of 1832... A Regulation for rescinding The whole Regula

Regulation VI.. of 1821, tion.
and Regulation IV. of
1827, and in lieu thereof
enacting Rules for the
better order and discipline
of military bazaars, the
more effective adminis-
tration of Justice, and of
the Police at the Stations
where such bazaars
established, and at cor-
tain other Military Sta-
tions, and in Military
Forces in the field; the
extension of the powers of
Courts-Martial; and the
more effectual prevention
of undue use of Spirituous
and Fermented Liquors
and Intoxicating Drugs
by the European Troops

under this Presidency.
Act XVIII. of 1853 ...... An Act for regulating the The whole Act so

sale of Spirituous Liquors, far as it relates
&c., in Cantonments. to the Madras •


A. D. 1866. ACT II..

thinks proper.

An Act for the prevention of the spread of Disease among
Cattle in the Madras Presidency.

Passed on the 17th April 1866,

WHEREAS it is expedient to take measures to prevent the spreading of contagious or infectious diseases among animals in the Presidenoy of Madras, and, with that object, to prescribe by law in what way animals so infected shall be dealt

with; it is hereby enacted as follows :Act to be extended I. This Act shall be put in force in such districts, or

to such places, and during such periods part of districts, and during such periods of time, as the of time as the Go Governor in Council may, from time to time, direct by vernor in Council

notification in the Fort Saint George Gazette. Interpretation. II. The following words and expressions in this Act shall

have the meaning hereby assigned to them, unless there be something in the subject or context repugnant to such

construction :Magistrate,

The word “ magistrate” shall include all persons exer

cising all or any of the powers of a magistrate. Number,

Words importing the singular number shall include the plural number, and words importing the plural number shall include the singular number.

Words importing the masculine gender shall include the

feminine. Animal,

The word "animal" shall mean any camel, buffalo, horse, pony, ass, bull, bullock, cow, heifer, calf, sheep, lamb, goat,

kid, or swine. Where hospital III. Whenever this Act shall have been applied, as

pounds shall be established.

above provided, to any district, or part of a district, hospital pounds shall be established in such places as the magistrate of the district shall determine, and keepers shall be appointed to such pounds by the said magistrate. The village or villages by which every hospital pound is to be used, shall be determined and notified by the magistrate.


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IV. Whenever, in any district, or part of a district to Owner or person in which this Act has been extended as above provided, any

charge of cattle to

give notice whon animal is attacked by any contagious or infectious disease,

they are attacked

by any contagious it shall be the duty of the owner, or of the person in charge disease, thereof, to give immediate notice to the keeper of the hospital pound provided for the village or township in which the animal may, at the time, be. V. On receiving notice as aforesaid, the keeper of the Pound keeper to exas

mine animal. hospital pound shall, as soon as possible, examine the animal, and shall decide whether it is necessary to place it in the hospital pound for treatment. VI. If the keeper of the hospital pound shall be of opinion To direct removal to

hospital pound, if that the animal has any contagious or infectious disease,

necessary. he shall thereupon require the owner, of the animal, or the person in chargo thereof, to place it in the hospital pound, and, if necessary, shall require the owner, or the person in charge, to take such measures as he may direct, for disinfecting the shed or other place in which the said animal may have been kept. VII. Every keeper of a hospital ,pound, or person there- Inspection of places

in which any avito authorized by the magistrate of the district, shall have

mal, suspected to power, within the range for which he is appointed, to be labouring under

any contagious or enter upon and inspect any, premises or place in which infectious disease, any animal or animals, which he suspects to be laboring under

may be found. any contagious or infectious disease, may be found, and to examine and inspect, whenever or wherever he may deem it necessary, any animal or animals which he suspects to be laboring under such disease, and to require the removal of such animal or animals to the hospital pound for the range. VIII. Every keeper of a hospital pound; or person thereto Cleansing of promison

wbich authorized by the magistrate of the district, shall have pow

animal, laboring er, within his range, to cause to be cleansed and disinfected,

under any contagi

or infectious in any manner which he may think proper, any premises in

disease, has been

or may be. which any animal laboring under any contagious or infectious disease, has been or may be, and to cause to be disinfected, and, if necessary, destrcyed, any fodder, manure, or refuse matter which he may deem likely to propagate the said disease.





Expenses for food and IX. From the time when any animal affected as aforesaid

treatment to be borne by cattle is taken charge of by the keeper of the hospital pound, all pouod fund, unless expenses incurred on account of feeding and medical treatowner supplies fod. der and medicines. ment for the said animal shall be borne by the cattle pound

fund established under Act III of 1857, unless the owner, or person in charge thereof, desires to supply the food and medicines himself; provided always that such food and medicines shall be such as the keeper of the hospital pound may

approve or direct. Animals destroyed X. The keeper of the hospital pound, or other person to be buried, and thereto authorized by the magistrate of the district, shall be

compensation claimable by owner. empowered to destroy any animal either before or after it has

been impounded as aforesaid, whenever it shall appear to him to be necessary to prevent the spread of contagion or infection. When any animal shall have been so destroyed, or shall die whilst in charge of the keeper of the hospital pound, it shals be the duty of the said keeper to have the carcass of the said animal buried at least six feet below the surface of the ground, and any cost incurred in so doing shall be met from the cattle pound fund. No compensation shall be claimable in respect of any loss incwted by reason of any act authorized

by this section. Fees to be charged, XI, Should an animal impounded as aforesaid recover from

and animal to be sold to pay expen- the disease under which it may bave been laboring, the ses if not paid.

owner or person who was in charge thereof shall pay to the keeper of the hospital pound, to be placed to the credit of the cattle pound fund, the actual cost of the feeding and treatment of such animal. Should be fail to pay the expenses aforesaid, then the said animal shall be sold by auction, and the sum realized by its sale, after deducting the amount of the expenses, shall be paid over to the owner, or the person who was in charge : provided always that in such cases as the owner or peson who was in charge may elect to supply food and medicine, he shall not be required to pay any charge

whatever, Prohibition against XII. No person having in his possession, or under his removal, without license,' from one oustody, any animal which has been in the same shed or stable, place to another of

or in the same herd or flock, or ia contact with any animal any animal which had been in the labouring under any contagious or infectious disease, shall re

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