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cord, as the place, and the Union Asl-Rev.John Woods,Primary; Rev. P. sociation to appoint the preacher, which Cook, Substitute. was adopted.

General Conference, Maine,-Rev. Voted to refer a communication I. Willey,Primary; Rev. J. R. French, from the Deerfield Association, on the Substitute. subject of slavery, to the Committee The Evangelical Consociation, R. I. to whom was referred the last year an - Rev. J. M. Putnam, Primary; Rev. overture from the Monadnock Associ. E. N. Hidden, Substitute. ation, and also a communication from The hour having arrived to hear adthe Free Will Baptist connection on dresses from agents of benevolent sothe subject of slavery; which Com-cieties, the Association gave way, and mittee was to report to this body this heard Rev, Mr. Bliss, in behalf of the year.

Tract cause ; Rev. Mr. Clark, in beRev. Jonathan Clement, from the half of American Board; Rev. Mr. Committee appointed for the purpose,

Miller, in behalf of the Peace Socieread a Pastoral letter to the churches, ty: Rev. E. Beecher, D. D. and Rev. which was accepted and recommitted L. Beecher, D. D. in behalf of Westto the same Committee for revision.

ern Institutions. (See Appendix.)

Gave place to the N. H. Branch of

the Education Society. Voted to adjourn to 8 o'clock to

After the exercises of this Society, morrow morning, to meet in Rev. Mr. Smith's meeting house. Prayer by voted to adjourn till a quarter before

the Association resumed business, and Rev. A. Burnham. Wednesday morning, Aug. 23.

one o'clock.

Met according to adjournmentMet according to adjournment. Prayer by Rev. J. R. French. Min- that was appointed last year to report

Heard the report of the Committee utes of yesterday's session were read. Rev. Messrs. A. Burgess and I. Wil- Association, and also one from the Free

on the overture from the Monadnock ley were appointed to prepare a pasto- Will Baptist connection ; both on the ral letter for next year.

subject of slavery, which report was Delegates to foreign bodies last year adopted, and it was made a report, which was accepted. Voted, That the report be communi.

The Committee appointed to modify cated to the General Assembly of the the exercises of the General Associa- Presbyterian Church, by our delegates tion made a report, which was accepted to that body at its next meeting. and adopted, which is as follows ; (See

Voted to give place to the New Appendix.)

Hampshire Branch of the American The following persons were appoint- Bible Society, and the N. H. Sabbath ed delegates to corresponding bodies School Union. for the next year, viz:

Rev. Mr. Bullard addressed the To the General Assembly of the meeting in behalf of the Union; afPresbyterian Church at Philadelphia, ter which, Mr. Spaulding made a few -Rev. George Punchard, Primary ; remarks in behalf of the Seamen's Rev. Charles Shedd, Substitute.

Friend Society. General Association of Connecticut, Association resumed business. The -Rev. N. Bouton, Primary; Rev. S. Committee to whom was committed Knight, Substitute.

the resolutions of the Deerfield AssoGeneral Convention, Vermont-Rev. ciation reported, that they should be Darwin Adams, Primary ; Rev. John unable to attend to the subject at the Thompson, Substitute.

present meeting of the body; whereGeneral Assočiation, Massachusetts,lupon after various remarks, it was poț,

ed, that the resolutions be laid upon for their hospitality and kindness, and the table.

to the choir of singers for their very Voted, That this body feels inter- acceptable services. ested in the circulation of the Con- The Committee on the state of religregational Journal, and having with gion within the bounds of this body, much satisfaction observed its increas- made a report which was accepted and ing usefulness, recommend, that ef- adopted. (See Appendix.) forts be made to sustain it, and enlarge Resolved, That it be recommended its circulation.

to the Pastors in connexion with this Voted, That no tax be assessed on Association, to make more constant the several district associations for the use of the Assembly's Catechism in next year.

the instruction of the young. Rev. Erdix Tenny was appointed Voted to accept the foregoing, as preacher at the communion season next the correct minutes of this meeting. year, and Rev. J. R. Young, Substi- After prayer by Rev. Mr. Clark,tute.

Voted, to adjourn sine die. Rev. A. Burnham was chosen Trea-l JOHN RICHARDS, Moderator. surer, and Rev. N. Bouton Auditor for 0.C. Whiton, Scribe. the next year.

W. Fifield, Assistant Scribe. Voted, That the Scribes together True copy of the original minutes. with Rev. A. Burnham, be a publish- Attesting committee. .

0. C. Whiton, Scribe. Voted, That Rev. Messrs. J. Curtis, 1. Knight and J. Richards, be a Com

Appendix. mittee to correspond with a Committee of the General Convention of Ver- STANDING RULES OF THE AS mont on the subject of church psalm

SOCIATION. ody and music.

1. This General Association shall Resolved by this General Associa-meet on the fourth Tuesday of August tion, that as the Western Literary and annually; and be opened at 10 o'clock, Theological Seminaries are vital to the A. M. by a Concio ad Clerum by a best interests of our whole country, minister appointed by one of the Disand to the conversion of the world, trict Associations in rotation. they be commended to the prayers and

2. At the close of religious exercontributions of our churches. cises, the preacher shall take the chair,

Resolved, That this body approve and preside till a Moderator is chosen of the organization, which has been by ballot. formed to aid those Institutions, and 3. A scribe and assistant scribe that they will give their influence in its shall also be chosen by ballot. behalf.

4. The Association shall be comVoted to adjourn to tomorrow morn-posed of the Secretary, the Treasurer, ing at 8 o'clock then to meet in Rev. the Minister of the place of the meetMr. Richards' meeting house. Prayer ing, the Secretary of the N. H. Misby Rev. J. Woods.

sionary Society, ex-officio, and DeleThursday, Aug. 24. Met according gates from District Associations, acto adjournment. Prayer by Rev. Mr. cording to the following ratio of repFoster. After reading the minutes of resentation, viz. One from every Asyesterday's session,

sociation, two from every Association Voted, That the thanks of the Gen- of seven members, three from every eral Association, be presented to the Association of thirteen members, and good people of Nashua, through their four from every Association of twenty Pastors, Messrs. Richards and Smith, Imembers. No minister shall be count

and no preacher shall be eligible to brief, so that they can be given in orappointment as a delegate, who has dinary cases, on Tuesday afternoon. not received'ordination.

15. The District Associations shall 5. The Secretary shall receive the annually present the schedules of their certificates of the delegates, and re-churches, ministers settled and unsetport the names of those duly appoint-tled, the number of their churches, ed, before the choice of a moderator. &c. and the number of young men

6. The meeting shall be daily open- under twenty-five years of age, and the ed and closed with prayer.

number who are preparing for the min7. The Secretary shall previously stry in each church. prepare a docket of business, which 16. A condensed narrative of the may afterwards be enlarged by the state of religion in each Association committee of overtures, as occasion shall be prepared, and reported by a shall require.

committee. A committee of three shall be early 17. The schedules and narratives chosen by ballot, who shall nominate of religion shall be lodged with the delegates to Foreign Bodies, and all Secretary, to be kept on file. committees to whom business or sub- 18. The publishing committee shall jects shall be referred, for them to re- see that the minutes, as soon as printport thereon, and also be a committee ed, are sent to delegates to other bodof overtures. The acceptance of their ies, and a copy sent by mail in every nominations shall confirm them as ap-member of the District Associations. pointments.

19. This Association shall, as far 9. No motion shall be discussed un- as practicable, meet alternately in the less seconded. No member shall eastern and western sections of the speak more then twice to the same mo- State. tion, without liberty from the Associ- 20. These Rules shall be read at ation, nor shall the moderator, while the opening of every annual meetin the chair, speak to the merits of a ing. question. Any motion or resolution shall, at the request of the Moderator, MODIFICATION OF THE EXERor any two members, be reduced to

CISES. writing.

The Committee appointed last year 10. Seven members shall be a quo- to meet and modify the exercises of rum. No member shall retire without the General Association having attendleave of the moderator, or have leave ed to the duty assigned them, respectof absence without vote of the Asso- fully report: ciation.

In order that the General Associa11. It shall be the duty of the mod- tion may most effectually accomplish erator to prevent desultory remarks. the design of its original institution,

12. At the opening of the morning your committee recommend that more session, the minutes of the preceding time be appropriated to devotional exday shall be read; and the minutes ofercises than has been usual for several the last day at the close of the meet- years past. With a view to this, they ing

recommend that in addition to morn13. The appointment of delegates ing prayer-meetings, public religious to corresponding bodies shall be cer-services, under the direction of the tified by the printed minutes, or by a Pastor of the place, be held every evecertificate from the Secretary. ning during the session : that the nar-,

14. The narratives of the state of ratives on the state of religion be givreligion in our churches and corres- en in on Tuesday afternoon, accom

brief exhortations and prayers: That The Convention concurred with the Wednesday forenoon be occupied with Trustees in this proposal. hearing reports and addresses on lead- After the adjournment of the meeting benevolent objects, commencinging, the Committee met and appropriwith the N. H. Sunday School Union, ated, to which the first half hour may be To Mrs. Patty Walker, $20,00 devoted; next, the anniversary of the Mrs. B. Hall,

20,00 N. H. Branch Education Society, to Mrs. Nichols,

20,00 which one hour may be appropriated; Mrs. M. Pillsbury,

20,00 and then such other objects, as the Mrs. M. Dow,

20,00 Association shall direct and time will allow—and finally, that a sermon, ad- Amounting to

$100,00 apted to the occasion, and not to ex- Respectfully submitted, in behalf of ceed thirty minutes be preached be the Trustees, by fore the communion service on Thurs- A. BURNHAM, Secretary. day afternoon, by, some person who Pembroke, Aug. 14, 1843. shall be appointed, the year previous, by the General Association.

TREASURER'S REPORT. In behalf of the Committee, General Association in account with N. BOUTON.

A. Burnham, Treasurer.
Aug. 1843.

DR. To cash paid Rev. Mr. Barstow,
For postage,

$1,10 Am't bro't over, . $70,42 REPORT ON THE WIDOW'S To printer's bill,40,00 Expend. deducted 41,10 FUND.

$41,10 In Treasury, $29,32 The Trustees of the Widow's Char. itable Fund, report to the General As-CR. Received from sociation of New Hampshire, That they Caledonia Association $2,00 held their annual meeting, at the house Belknap

3,00 of their President in Concord, June 7,


2,50 1843, and elected,


3,00 Rev. N. Bouton, President ; Rev. Harmony

0,00 A. Burnham, Secretary; Hon. F. N. Hopkinton

7,50 Fisk, Treasurer ; Rev. Messrs. Bou


5,00 ton and Noyes, Auditors.


1,50 Messrs. Bouton, Burnham and Fisk,


8,50 Prudential Committee.


0,00 Then proceeded to elect two Trus- Piscataqua

7,00 tees instead of Samuel Fletcher, Esq.


4,00 who had removed out of the State;


5,00 and Rev. E. Hill, and elected Hon. Samuel Morrill and Dea. Abner B. Receipts

$49,00 Kelley.

Balance last year,

$21,42 The Trustees took under consideration the expediency of altering the


$60,42 Constitution, and voted to propose to

I hereby certify, that I have examthe Pastoral Convention, and to the ined the foregoing account of the TreaGeneral Association, that whereas the surer of the N. H. General Association, Constitution now requires all the of- and find it correctly cast, and well ficers to be chosen by ballot, it be so vouched. far altered, that the Trustees may

N. BOUTON, Auditor. choose the Prudential Committee and Concord, Aug. 9, 1843.

PASTORAL ADDRESS OF THE own hand, which they went forth in

GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF the morning to scatter, and withheld NEW HAMPSHIRE, TO THE not the hand in the evening, leaving CHURCHES OF THEIR CON- that should prosper, or whether they

it with his Providence whether this or NECTION

both should be alike good. Dear BRETHREN,—The existing

All the works of men are imperfect, trials of the Church of Christ, make and no doubt, under the hands of secthe duty now assigned us, of vast so- ular men, always liable to intrude into lemnity and importance. We propose the ministry, such a state of harmony to address you on one of the more was attended with unhappy consequenprominent of these trials, leaving it forces; but in the hands of the devout other pens, and other occasions, to and faithful, it was under God, the infurnish the admonitions and counsels strumentality to which we owe the that may be called for by your vary- stable christian spirit, and noted moral ing circumstances.

worth, so long cherished by the sons of The instability of the pastoral re- the Pilgrims. How is it now? Very lation, the evils attending it, a glance different surely, and we fear the change at their causes, and some attempts to is not for the better. Preachers have suggest a remedy, is the subject of come to know what sort of preaching this address. The fact of this insta- the public ear demands ; and this bility is so notorious, that we shall knowledge of the demand affects their spend no time in asserting or proving preparation for the pulpit. A few it, but pass immediately to a brief con- popular topics are selected, and fitted sideration of its evils.

up in style and manner suited to the One evil which the churches must taste of the hearers; and these are desuffer from the frequent changes of its livered with a view to instant effect. ministers, is found in the character of Even the few subjects which are so inministerial services necessarily result-troduced, are not thoroughly considering from such mutability. Time was, ed, but handled in such a rapid and ecwhen ministers settled with the rea- lective way as may gratify, rather than sonable expectation of remaining for improve minds that are but slightly acyears, probably for life, in the place quainted with them. Other doctrines of their settlement. They laid their equally necessary to a full knowledge plans accordingly. They labored not of the way of salvation are wholly o so much for immediate results, as for mitted, or glanced at in a tone that those more distant and abiding. They amounts to a caricature. It it occur aimed at laying deep and broad the to the preacher that such a presentafoundations of the church's prosperity. tion of the sacred oracles must fail to They adopted a system for bringing produce the best final results, his scruthe great doctrines of revelation, in ples are met with the stubborn fact, harmonious light, before the eyes of that by no other method will the greattheir people. The almost endless va- est number be called out to hear the riety of subjects contained in the Bi-word; and that if the constant repeble,and which the Holy Ghost inspiredtition of the same things must soon for wise purposes, was embraced in fail to excite the same audience, it their ideas of a minister's work. The matters not, for under any circumstanseed they sowed was not that which ces the changeable times will not alis calculated to spring up in a night, low the expectation of long continuand whose products are doomed to an ence in one place. The motives which equally rapid decay; it was the seed would lead to the proper conduct of of sacred truth, obtained from God's the sacred ministry, are thus greatly

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