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contributing, in their Places and Stations, to the better 4. D. 62. Edification of the whole Church.

13 Till we all come 13. God so wisely providing, in the unity of the that each Member should by this faith, and of the know

means be trained up to perfect lege of the Son of Christianity ; and the whole beGod, unto a perfect

come a compleat Body under him man, unto the mea. fure of the stature of the common Head of all: the fulnefs of Christ : 14 That we hence

14. That, by arriving at this forth be no more chil. Perfection of Christian Faith and dren tossed to and fro, Knowledge, they may be above the and carried about with Influences and Stratagems of cunevery

wind of doctrine by the sleight of men, ning and deceitful Teachers; and and cunning crafti not, like Children, give Ear to every ness, whereby they lie plausible Doctrine that is proposed in wait to deceive : to them.

15 But speaking the 15 & 16. But that, as the Hu. truth in love, may mane Body is composed of different grow up into him in Joints and Members, all in their all things, which is several Functions, tending to nourish the head, even

Chrift: 16 From whom the

and keep up the whole Frame ; so whole body fitly join. by this Variety of Spiritual Gifts ed together, and com

and Offices in the Church, Christipacted by that which ans may grow up into one compleat every joint supplieth, Society under Christ their Head, according to the ef- unanimously agreeing in the fame fectual working in the Rule of Faith towards God, and measure of every part, conspiring in the same mutual Afmaketh increase of the fections to each other. body, unto the edifying of it self in love.

17 This I say there. 17. I must again particularly fore, and testify in warn you Gentile Christians, how the Lord, that ye much it concerns, and is expected henceforth walk not

from as other Gentiles walk

you, entirely to renounce all in the vanity of their the vile Practices and Idolatrous

Worship of the Heathen World, 18 Having the un 18. Who still remain in that perderstanding darkned, fect State of Ignorance and Irreligion being alienated from which you have solemnly forsaken, the



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4. D 62, the life of God, utterly estranged from that Vir

through the ignorance tuous Course of Life that alone can that is in them, be- render Men like to God, and hapcause of the blindness

py in his Service, of their heart :

19 Who being past 19. And, by impure and unrefeeling, have given formed Habits, are become so, inthemselves over unto sensible of all Goodness, as to comlasciviousness, to work

mit the worst Degrees of Uncleanall uncleanness with greediness.

ness, not only without all Regret and Reluctancy, but with the ut

most Eagerness and Delight. 20 But ye have not 20 & 21. Remember, that by so learned Chrift:

your * Conversion to the Christian 21 * If fo be that Religion, you are in quite another ye have heard him, State ; and obliged by the highest by him, as the truth Engagements to a direct contrary is in Jesus :

Course of Life. 22 That ye put


22, 23, 24. Namely, to forsake concerning the for all your old Heathenith Lusts, and mer conversation, the ignorant Practices; and to become which is

new, and reformed Men, by Obecorrupt according to dience to those holy and righteous the deceitful lusts : 23 And be renew

Laws, prescribed in the Gospel, that ed in the spirit of will raise you to the Imitation of

God, and render you his true and 24 And that ye put happy Children.

the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness, 25

Wherefore put 25. Beware then of those Vices ting away lying, speak you have been formerly most subevery man truth with ject to, and are most opposite to his neighbour : for we the Christian Spirit : For instance, are members one of

Detest that dangerous Sin of lying, another.

deceiving and over-reaching your Neighbours ; remembring, you are all now Members of the same Christian Body; so that to deceive another is to injure and abuse your selves.

26 & 27. Sup

old man,

your mind;


If so be ye have heard him you have heard him.

είγε αυτον ηκέσατε. Since

your wrath :

26 Be ye angry


26 & 27. Suppress all immode- A.D.62; sin not : let not the rate Anger and Resentment ; fuffer fun go down upon it not to ripen into Revenge, Re

proach, and Slander ; for then you 27 Neither give

are overcome by that wicked Adplace to the * devil.

versary the Devil, whose very Name fignifies a Railer and a Blasphemer. *

28 Let him that 28. Whoever has been accustomed stole, steal no more t: to Steal, before his Conversion, and but rather let him i

to esteem it but a small, or scarce bour, working with

any Sin t; must now abhor that his hands the thing Practice, and by a laborious Life in which is good, that he may have to give some honest Calling, must endeato him that needeth. vour not only to supply his own

Wants, but, if he can, to have something to spare for them that are in absolute Poverty.

29 Let no corrupt 29. Avoid all manner of scurcommunication pro. rilous and filthy Conversation ; and ceed out of your let your Words and Discourses in is good to the use of Company be always such, as may edifying; that it may Innocence and Decency, but, as far

not only be heard by any Body with minifter grace unto the hearers.

as you can, with Profit and Ad

vantage too; by promoting those Virtues that will procure Favour and Acceptance from God.

30 And grieve not 30. In fine, Do and say nothing the holy spirit of God, that may be inconsistent with those whereby you are seal- blessed Endowments of the Holy ed



* ArcBora, Devil. Ver.

27. Neither give Place to the Devil, or to the Railer and Slanderer : And the Sense may be, Give no Occasion to Slanderers to reproach your holy Religion ; Erasmus and the French Protestant Translation render it. See 1 Tim. iii. 6, 7. give Place, Tomor, Opportunity, or Advantage.

† As in several Nations it was accounted ; and rather coun. tenanced than discourag'd, by fome Grecian Commonwealths ; particularly in that of the Lacedemonians, where Plutarch says, it was enacted or agreed, [νενομισο] κλέπτων τες ελέυθερες παίδας και, si tos devaite. That the free-born Youths might steal whatever they could. But of this let the Reader fee Dr. Clark's Evidences of Natural and Revealed Religion, p. 58, 59.

A.D. 62. led unto the day of Spirit that are conferred on you, redemption.

or may deprive you of his Sacred Influences ; which are the Pledges of your prefent Pardon, and the Earnest of your eternal Happiness. 31 Let all bitter:

31. And as he is the Spirit of nels, and wrath, and Peace and Love, fo let no Diffeanger, and clamour, rences in your Religious Sentiments and evil-speaking, be and Opinions, suffer you to launch put away from you, out into any Expressions of Bitterwith all malice.

ness, Rage, and clamorous Reproacheś, nor to harbour any Purposes of Malice and Revenge.

32 And be ye kind 32. But treat one another, even one to another, ten- those that injure you, with Tender hearted, forgiving derness, Pity and Forgiveness ; reone another, even as membring how much a greater Debt God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

of Guilt and Sin God has forgiven us all, for the sake of Christ Jesus.

CH A P. V.


The first and second Verses conclude the Exhortation to Love

and Unanimity in the End of the foregoing Chapter. Then he repeats his Caution against their former Heathenish Vices, particularly such as accompanied their Idolatrous Worship. Descends to the Relative Duties, wherein the Jewish Christians, by former Prejudices, were too apt to be deficient. See the Preface to this Epistle, $ 4.

INCE therefore you are all, followers of God

both Jewish and Gentile Conas dear children ;

verts, become the Children and Church of God, imitate Him as your true Father and most perfect Example.

Bye therefore 1.



2 And walk in love, 2. And as the Death and Sacri- A. D. 62.

Christ also hathfice of Christ for our Sins was the loved us, and hath highest Instance of divine Love and given himfelf for us. Mercy to us all, and an Act most an offering and a facrifice to God for a

pleasing and acceptable to God ; let sweet smelling favour. it be the chief Care of all Parties

among you to resemble this great Pattern of Love, by Charity and Unity with each other,

3 But fornication, 3. I must again especially warn and all uncleanness, you Gentile Chriftians from all those or coveteousness, let it extravagant and lustful Passions, and not be once named

unclean Practices, that were so comamongit you, as bemon and fashionable in


Heathen cometh saints :

State ; and are still the Attendants of Idolatrous Rites and Worship. Let none of them be fo much as named or heard of among Christian Professors. 4

Neither filthiness, 4. And be as careful to avoid all nor ,

foolish talking, that fcurrilous, lewd and light way nor jeiting,

* which

of talking, that is the usual * Inare not convenient :

centive to such unclean Actions, but rather giving of Break it entirely off by accustomthanks.

ing your Mouths to continual Expressions of Praise and Thanksgiving to God.

5 For this you know, 5. For you cannot but know, by that no whoremonger, the natural Design of the Christian nor unclean person, Religion, that no Person addicted to nor covetous

man f, such impure Affections and Practices who is an idolater,

as I are indulged in Idolatrous and hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Superstitious Worship, can ever be a Christ, and of God. true Member of the Church of Christ 6 Let here, or inherit his Kingdom hereafter.

6 & 7. Let

* Which are not convenient te kesh á výXOVT A, That are most disagreeable. See Rom. i. 28. where rà un xa9yxorta, ought so to be translated.

I Or Covetous Man, who is an Idolater, ý nisovéxins ós ésan dwonetpns, i.e. One that may be called an Idolater for making his Lufts and Pleasures his God. Or else a Man of such inordinate Desires, as an Idolata is and must be. The former is indeed good Sense; but the latter is plainly moft agreeable to the Apostle's Design.

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