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Taxation Acts, and Ordinances relating to, 479.
Tenant, Theft of chattels by, w punishable, 222.
Theft from dwelling-house, be, or boat, 217.
of Record, 217.

of chattels by tenant, 222.

by clerk or servant, 223.
by false pretences, 225.

Third party, representation of credit of, does not
constitute contract to be sible, 83.
Resistance to officers by, 254.
Threatening letters, or accusations to extort money,
how punishable, 214, 216, 232.
Timber, unlawful cutting of, Act respecting, 341.
Vessel laden with, must report cargo, 341.
Town lots, prices of, 395.

Trade, laws regulating, 448.

Treason, what statutes in force, in the colony, 196.
Right of challenge of jurors, limited in cases
of, 241.

Petit, deemed murder only, 197.
Treating, penalties on candidates, at elections, 43.
Trespass and Trover actions for, not exceeding £5,
may be tried in Petty Debt Court, 190.
Trial, postponement of in Civil suit, must not ex-
ceed one term, 102.

Trust, breach of, by agent, how punished, 223.
Turtling, or turtle-killing, illicit, how punished,



Underwriters, destruction of ship with intent to de-
fraud, penalty for, 207.

Unlawful cutting of timber (See TIMBER).


Vaccination, Ordinance for promoting and register-
ing, 557-560.

Vagrancy, Act for suppressing, 277-284.
Vendue Tax, 480, 481.

Verbal representation of third party's credit does
not constitute contract to be responsible, 83.
Veto on all laws and enactments vested in Governor
of Jamaica, 13.

Volunteer Rifle Corps (See also MILITIA), 377-

Voters, white, qualification of, 8, 53.

Coloured, qualification of, 53.

Registry of, regulations respecting, 52-56.


Walls and fences must be kept in repair by free-
holder, 416.

Penalty for refusal to repair, 417.
Warrants, search, may be issued by judge, 108.
Way, right of, after what period indefeasible, 578.
Weights and measures, Ordinances respecting, 443,


Wharfage and storage, Ordinances respecting rates
of, 444.

Wife, real estate vested in, how aliened, 401.
Wills, Acts regulating registry of, 69-79, 590-

Certain exceptions, 73.

Probate of, to be registered, 404.

in United States, 402.

Wine and Spirits, enactment regulating importation
and retail of, 344-361.

Witness, declaration may be substituted for oath
in cases of Quakers and Moravians, 565.
if interested in suit, evidence admissible un-
der proviso, 89.

if plaintiff or defendant in other suits, evi-
dence to be indorsed on record, 89.
may be party to suit, 118.

not incapacitated to give evidence by crime or
interest, 94, 118.

not compelled to criminate themselves, 119.
Commission may issue to examine, when
abroad, 92, 102.

may be compelled to attend by Order of
Court, 93.

Deposition of, not to be read unless unable
to attend, 93.

Costs of, shall be costs in cause, 93.

allowance of, for specific cases, 103.
Penalty for disobeying summons by Justice
of Peace, 319.

Wrecked property, duty on, 493.

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may be issued concurrent, i. e., within
and without jurisdiction, 124.

Writ of Summons, inadvertent mistake in, may be
amended without costs, 124.

appearance to, may be entered any
time before Judgment, 126.
of Execution in force for one year, 121.
must, if necessary, be renewed before
expiry, 121.
Ejectment, 164.


Irregularity may be amended on pay- Yacht Squadron, Royal, privileges of, 485.
ment of costs, 124.

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