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Ungrateful wretch, with mimick airs grown pert,
Fav'rite Lover's heart. 66

She dares to steal



Wretch that I was, how often have I swore, When WINNALL tally'd, I would punt no more? I know the Bite, yet to my Ruin run;

And fee the Folly, which I cannot shun.



How many Maids have SHARPER'S vows deceiv'd?


many curs'd the moment they believ'd? Yet his known falfhoods could noWarning prove: Ah! what is warning to a Maid in Love?


But of what marble must that breaft be form'd, To gaze on Baffet, and remain unwarm'd? 76 When Kings, Queens, Knaves, are fet in decent rank; Expos'd in glorious heaps the tempting Bank, Guineas, Half-Guineas, all the shining train; The Winner's pleasure, and the Lofer's pain: 80 In bright confufion open Rouleaus lye,

They strike the Soul, and glitter in the Eye.

Fir'd by the fight, all Reason I disdain;
My Paffions rife, and will not bear the rein.
Look upon Baffet, you who Reafon boaft; 85
And fee if Reason must not there be loft.


What more than marble must that heart compose,

Can hearken coldly to my SHARPER's Vows?
Then, when he trembles! when his Blushes rife!
When awful Love seems melting in his Eyes! 90
With eager
beats his Mechlin Cravat moves:
He Loves,-I whisper to myself, He Loves!
Such unfeign'd Paffion in his Looks appears,
I lose all Mem'ry of my former Fears;
My panting heart confeffes all his charms,
I yield at once, and fink into his arms:
Think of that moment, you who Prudence boast;
For fuch a moment, Prudence well were loft.



At the Groom-Porter's, batter'd Bullies play, Some DUKES at Mary-Bone bowl Time away. 100 But who the Bowl, or ratt'ling Dice compares To Baffet's heav'nly Joys, and pleasing Cares?


Soft SIMPLICETTA doats upon a Beau; PRUDINA likes a Man, and laughs at Show. Their feveral graces in my SHARPER meet; 105 Strong as the Footman, as the Mafter fweet.


Ceafe your contention, which has been too long; I grow impatient, and the Tea's too strong. Attend, and yield to what I now decide; The Equipage fhall grace SMILINDA's Side: 110 The Snuff-Box to CARDELIA I decree, Now leave complaining, and begin your Tea.

Verbatim from BOILEAU.

Un Jour dit un Auteur, etc.


NCE (fays an Author, where I need not fay) Two Trav❜lers found an Oyster in their way; Both fierce, both hungry; the dispute grew strong, While Scale in hand Dame Justice past along. Before her each with clamour pleads the Laws, Explain'd the matter, and would win the cause. Dame Juftice weighing long the doubtful Right, Takes, opens, swallows it, before their fight. The cause of ftrife remov'd fo rarely well, There take (fays Juftice) take ye each a Shell. We thrive at Westminster on Fools like 'Twas a fat Oyster-Live in peace-Adieu.


ANSWER to the following Question of Mrs. HowE.


Seen with Wit and Beauty seldom.
"Tis a fear that starts at shadows.
"Tis, (no, 'tisn't) like Mifs Meadows.
'Tis a Virgin hard of Feature,
Old, and void of all good-nature;
Lean and fretful; would feem wife;
Yet plays the fool before the dies.
'Tis an ugly envious Shrew,
That rails at dear Lepell and You.


'Tis a Beldam,

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