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specify, as he shall think fit; and such receiver, or guardian, ter's office; and if upon the passing of such account, the or committee, shall thenceforth receive and enforce from the account produced before him shall vary in any particular, said tenants the abated rent only, until such certificate shall which the Master shall deem essential, from the copy so be varied or set aside, either by a further certificate of the lodged, the Master shall be at liberty, not only to disallow Master, or by an order of the court, upon the application of to the said guardian, receiver, or sequestrator, the costs of the committee or guardian ; but no tenant shall originate the summons which he shall have issued for the purpose of such inquiry otherwise than by so submitting his claim to passing the said account, but also to order that he shall pay such receiver, or guardian, or committee, or be allowed to to such parties as shall attend upon the said summons the interfere therein, further, or otherwise, than as the Master costs of their several attendances, and to order that he shall shall think proper.

at his own expense amend the account so lodged in the Mas. And it is further ordered, that said two last-mentioned ter's office, by making the same conformable to the copy 59 orders shall take effect from the date hereof.

laid before him ; or if necessary, file a new account, and EDWARD B. SUGDEN, C. issue a summons to pass the same for such day as the Mas.

F. BLACKBURNE, M. R. ter shall then appoint; and the Master shall, in every such Dated 3rd day of January, 1845.

case, upon passing the said account, be at liberty to make 1. That it shall not be necessary to enter an appearance such rule, in relation to the said receiver's poundage, and for a defendant in the books kept in the registrar's office of costs of accounting, as the justice of the case shall seem this Court, but the entry of such appearance in the books to him to require, without putting the estate to the expense kept in the office of the clerk of appearances and writs shall of a certificate to enlarge the time for accounting, in case be deemed sufficient for all purposes, and the clerk of appear the period limited by the 115th rule for passing his account ances and writs shall, from and after the day that these shall have expired before the time appointed by the Master orders are to come into operation, be at liberty to issue a for passing such new or amended account; and all such costs certificate of an appearance that has been or may be entered as the Master shall so award shall be recoverable in like mau. in his books, in the same manner as the registrars of the ner as ordered by the 133rd general rule, and every receiver Court have heretofore done ; and the fee of 28. 4d. now pay- and sequestrator shall, if required by the person or persons able to the registrar on such certificate shall from and after to whom the property belongs, subject to the charges for the said day be received by the clerk of appearances and writs, security of which the receiver or sequestrator was appointed, and paid by him weekly over to the registrars, who are to

or by his or their solicitor, furnish to him or them a copy account therefor in the same manner as for the other fees

of any account lodged by him in the Master's office, on being receivable in their office.

paid the usual scrivenery charges therefor. 2. It having been found impracticable to carry the whole

5. That the fees in the schedule hereunto annexed sball of the 190th general order into execution, the same shall be be established fees and emoluments to be allowed on taxa. considered from this date as rescinded, except so far as the tion to solicitors, and that the schedule of fees referred to same is herein repeated.

in the first general order, bearing date the 18th day of April, That the solicitor for the party, on the day he shall file an 1844, be and the same is hereby rescinded. original bill, or obtain the first order on a petition matter,

That the above general orders shall come into operation shall lodge a docket in the office of the clerk of the appear and have effect from and after the 11th day of January

, 1845, ances and writs, stating the title of such cause or matter, but the schedule of fees mentioned in the first general order and the clerk of appearances and writs shall, on the day of the 18th day of April, 1844, shall have full operation in all following that on which such docket shall be lodged in his matters up to that day inclusive. office, mark on such docket (and which shall afterwards be

EDWARD B. SUGDEN, C. transcribed into a book to be kept for that purpose) the name

F. BLACKBURNE, M. R. of the Master to whom such cause or matter is to stand re

And the foregoing orders, Nos, 2, 3, 4, and 5, to apply ferred, and to whom all references therein are to be directed, in like manner to Committees of Lunatics. and for that purpose he shall introduce the name of each

EDWARD B. SOgden, C. Master in rotation, in each cause and matter respectively

Dated 28th day of October, 1845. commencing with the senior Master : and it is further or 1. That the office of the Taxing Master of the Court of dered, that the clerk of appearances and writs shall at the Chancery shall, until further order, be held at No. 2, Capel. time of inserting the name of every such Master stamp the street, in the city of Dublin. said docket with the seal of his office, in order that the Master 2. That the office of the Taxing Master shall be open for to whom the cause or matter is referred may have evidence business upon all days of the year, except as hereinafter that his name has been properly inserted therein : and that mentioned, that is to say, Sundays, Christmas day, and so much of the 189th general order as requires the clerk of the three next after Christmas day, New Year's day, Good the appearances and writs to have the several books of notices Friday, and Easter Monday and Tuesday, and for such period in his office indexed shall also be rescinded, but the clerk of or periods during the long vacation as the Lord Chancellor, appearances and writs shall have such notices bound up in for the time being, shall from time to time appoint; and the one or more volumes, at the end of each term, according to hours of attendance therein shall be from half-past ten until the dates that such notices were respectively served. four o'clock each day during term and the sittings after term,

3. That no guardian, receiver, or sequestrator shall either or until five o'clock on any days which the Taxing Master himself, or by any bailiff or other person, receive, in such shall deem it expedient or necessary to extend the time; character, any sum of money whatever, either for rent or and from twelve until two o'clock each day the office is open otherwise, from any tenant or other person bound or legally during the long vacation, and from twelve until three o'clock authorized to pay the same, without giving to such person in all other vacations; but the closing of the office shall not a good and sufficient receipt or acknowledgment in writing preclude the Taxing Master from requiring the continued for the same; and if it shall at any time appear to the Mas- attendance of the clerks for such further time as he may ter before whom such guardian, receiver, or sequestrator deem necessary; and the Taxing Master shall be at liberty shall account, that any monies have been received by or for to grant such holyday or holy days during the long vacation or on account of such guardian, receiver, or sequestrator to the clerks as he shall deem right, having regard to the without any such receipt as aforesaid having been given for state of the business of the office; but in every case of his to the same, the Master shall, upon passing the account of doing he shall communicate to the Lord Chancellor, in writsuch guardian, receiver, or sequestrator, when or next after ing, the extent of the permission so given. such fact shall have come to his knowledge, disallow to such 3. That the Taxing Master shall perform all such duties person so accounting, all or such part of his poundage or as have heretofore been referred to, or performed by the costs of accounting, or both, as he shall deem right or Masters in Ordinary in relation to the taxation of costs, and proper,

shall in respect thereof have all such powers and authorities 4. That every guardian, receiver, and sequestrator shall, of every description as are now vested in the Masters in upon the passing of his account before the Master lay before ordinary; and shall direct and adopt all such proceedings as him an exact copy of the account lodged by him in the Mas- may now be directed and adopted by the Masters in Ordinary

on a reference for the taxation of costs, and taking an account in the same book, and signed by the Master in Ordinary, of what is due in respect of such costs, and such other ac or his clerk. counts connected therewith as may be directed by the Court, 10. That all orders that shall be made by the Taxing and shall administer such oaths, and take such affirmations Master shall be drawn up in a short form, and shall be signed and attestations of honour, as the said Masters in Ordinary by the Taxing Master, and entered by his clerk in a book have heretofore being in the habit of doing, on such refer to be called the “ Taxing Master's Order Book,” to be kept enees, or as may become necessary for the purpose of carry- exclusively for that purpose; and each order, before the ing said act, or these orders into execution.

same is issued, shall be marked by the Taxing Master's clerk 4. That all general orders of the Court, which relate to in this form, “ Entered A. B. ;” and each party shall be at the taxation of costs, or any proceedings before the Masters liberty to inspect, during office hours, the entry of all such in Ordinary in relation thereto, shall, so far as they may be orders without fee or charge. applicable, be appled to the taxation of costs, and all pro 11. That all orders of the Taxing Master requiring any ceedings before the Taxing Master in connexion therewith. person to do any act hereby ordered, shall state the time,

5. That the respective Masters in Ordinary shall, on or or the time after service of the order, within which such act before the first day of November Dext, cause all bills of costs is to be done ; and upon the copy of the order which shall be which have been or shall be lodged in their offices before the served upon the party required to obey the same, there shall said first day of November next, pursuant to the 160th gene- be endorsed a memorandum in the words, or to the effect of ral order of the Court, to be transferred to the office of the that directed by the 104th general order of the Court, with Taxing Master ; and that on and after that day, all bill of respect to all such orders issued by the Court. costs shall be lodged in the office of the Taxing Master, in 12. That an office copy of every decree or order, whereby the same manner and subject to the same regulations as are any costs are directed to be paid, shall be lodged in the office specified in the 160th and 161st general orders of the Court, of the Taxing Master before he shall proceed with the taxa. now in force in relation to bills of costs now directed to be tion of such costs; and the solicitor lodging such copy shall lodged in the office of the Masters in Ordinary.

be answerable that it is a correct copy and also every appli6. That all bills of costs which, by any decree or order, cation for the taxation of costs, pursuant to the 165th genehave been referred for taxation to any Masters in Ordinary, ral order, and the undertaking therein mentioned, shall be who shall not have certified the costs due thereon before the lodged in his office. first day of November next, are hereby transferred to the

EDWARD B. SUGDEN, C. Taxing Master, and that if any bills of costs have been pro

F. BLACKBURNE, M. R. ceeded with before the said first day of November, the Tax. ing Master shall be at liberty to adopt the whole, or such part

Dated 13th March, 1846. as he shall think fit, of the proceedings which have taken Session of Parliament held in the 8th & 9th years of the

Whereas by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the place before the transfer thereof to him. 7. That in cases where the accounts of any trustee, execu: and amend an act passed in the third and fourth year of the

reign of Her present Majesty, intituled “ An act to alter tor, administrator, consignee, or committee, shall consist in part of any bills of costs, and in cases of any proceedings reign of Her present Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled

“ An act to enable the owners of settled estates to defray under any general order, whereby the Master in Ordinary is at liberty to award and tax the costs of any proceedings it was amongst other things enacted, that, for simplifying

the expenses of draining the same by way of mortgage,' before him, the Master in Ordinary, to whom it may be the proceedings under the said act, and rendering the same referred to take such account, or before whom any such proceedings may take place, shall be at liberty to request the inexpensive, it should be lawful for the Lord High ChancelTaxing Master to tax and settle such bills of costs; and the lor, with the assistance of the Master of the Rolls, from

time to time to make such orders and provision as he might Taxing Master, on receiving such request, shall proceed to tax such bills, and shall have the same powers as if the same the court, and

of the proceedings before the Master or other

think proper for the facilitating the mode of application to had been referred to him by the Court, and shall certify the wise: and whereas the right honorable Sir Edward Burtenamount due thereon to the Master in Ordinary at whose shaw Sugden, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, has with request the same were taxed. 8. That if upon the taxation of any bill of costs it shall Smith, Master of the Rolls, and for the purpose in the said

the assistance of the right honorable Thomas Berry Cusack appear to the Taxing Master, that for the purpose of duly act mentioned, thought proper to make the following orders taxing the same, it is necessary to inspect any books, papers, and provisions. Now, therefore, it is ordered by the Lord or proceedings relating to the cause or matter which shall be in the office of any Master in Ordinary, the Taxing Mas- High Chancellor, with the assistance of the Master of the ter shall be at liberty to request the Master in Ordinary the said act, and all proceedings to be had thereunder, shall

Rolls, that all applications made to this court pursuant to having any such book, paper, or proceedings in his office, be made and conducted in the manner directed by the seveto cause the same to be transmitted to the office of the Tax. ral orders and provisions hereiu-after set forth; viz.. ing Master, and also to request any Master in Ordinary to certify any proceedings in his office which may be comprised I. Any person entitled to land within the meaning of the in a bill of costs under taxation; and in that case the Mas.

said act, may present to the Lord Chancellor a peti. ter in Ordinary, when and so soon and at and for such times

tion in the form herein-after set forth, with such varias the due transaction of the business in his own office will

ations as the nature and circumstances of the case may permit, shall direct such books, papers, and documents to

require. be transmitted to the office of the Taxing Master, for his

(Form of petition.) In the matter of and use during the taxation, and shall certify the proceedings in the matter of the act (8 & 9 Viet. c. 56), &c. which have taken place in his office, according to the request

To the right honorable the Lord Chancellor. of the Taxing Master, and after the costs, in respect of

The humble petition of A. B. which such request of the Taxing Master was made, shall

Shweth-That the lands herein-after mentioned, viz. have been certified, the Taxing Master shall cause the same

[&c. &c. &c.] are now vested in your petitioner as books, papers, and documents, which have been transmitted

tenant for life (or otherwise in some other character to his office, to be returned to the office of the Master in

described in the act], and that your petitioner claims Ordinary by whom they were transmitted.

to be entitled to make permanent improvements in the 9. That when any paper or document shall be transmitted

said lands, by such means as are in the said act menfrom the office of a Master in Ordinary to the office of the

tioned, and to cause the expense of making the same to Taxing Master, the Taxing Master, or his clerk, shall sign be made a charge on the inheritance of the said lands a receipt therefor in the book of the Master in Ordinary ;

under the provisions of the said act. and that when any such paper or document shall be returned That the said lands are in the actual occupation of.C. D. from the office of the Taxing Master to the office of the

who hath consented in writing to this application. Master in Ordinary, an entry of such return shall be made

Your petitioner therefore prays, that your petitioner may

be at liberty to make permanent improvements in the

said lands, by the means in the said act mentioned, or same, and his proceeding thereon, in his report; but some of such means, and to cause the expense of mak such note and directions are not to be treated as regu. ing such improvements to be made a charge on the in. lar reports or orders of the court requiring to be filed heritance of the said lands under the provisions of the or otherwise. said act, or that your Lordship will make such other VI. Any person interested in the land is, without its being order in the premises as to your Lordship shall seem necessary for him to take any objection or give any meet.

previous notice, within fourteen days after the filing And your petitioner, &c. (Signed) A.B. of the report, to be at liberty to petition the Lord I hereby consent to this petition.

Chancellor that such report may be reviewed: if such (Signed) C. D., occxyg tenant of the lands sought petition shall be presented, the Judge by whom the to be improved,

reference was made is to take the same into his con. II. The Lord Chancellor, or Master of the Rolls, by whom

sideration : and, if he shall so think fit, he may dispose such petition may be heard, may, upon consideration

thereof, either by dismissing the same, or by referring of such petition, and without any attendance of coun the matter back to the Master with or without special sel, solicitor, or petitioner thereon, if he shall so think directions : he may also direct any person interested fit, make an order on such petition to the effect fol

to attend, and may, if he shall think it necessary, but lowing, or to such other like effect, with such varia

not otherwise, direct the same to be argued by counsel tions as the nature and circumstances of case may VII. That the petition to confirm a report may be in the

in open court or otherwise. require. (Form of Order.)—Date

form herein-after set forth, with such variations as the

In the matter of, &c. and in the matter of the act (8 & 9 Vict. c. 56,) &c.

nature and circumstances of the case may require. Upon consideration, &c., of the petition, &c., it is ordered (Form of Petition).- In the matter of, &c. and in

that it be referred to the Master in rotation to enquire the matter of the act (8 & 9 Vict. c. 56), &c. and state to the court whether the petitioner is entitled

To the right honorable the Lord Chancellor. in possession to the lands in the petition mentioned, or

The humble petition of &c. any, and which of them, within the meaning of the said

Sheweth-That in pursuance of an order made in this act of parliament, and whether the said lands are in matter, bearing date the day of

Mr. the actual nccupation of C. D. in the said petition

the Master to whom the said matter was referred, has named; and if so, under what title, and whether the

made his report bearing date, the

day of said C. D. bas consented in writing to the said petition

and for the reasons therein stated has [here state the and to the improvements proposed to be made under

Master's finding.] the provisions of the said act And if the Master shall That the said report has been filed in the Report office of find that the petitioner is so entitled, and that the said this court, and that no special application has been C. D. is in such occupation, and has so consented, let

made to review the same. the Master further enquire and state to the court suc

Your petitioner, therefore, humbly prays your Lordship, cintly, what, if any, other persons or person are or is

that the said report may be confirmed absolutely, and entitled to, or interested in, the said lands, or any of

that your petitioner may be authorized to make such them, in remainder or reversion; and the petitioner is

permanent improvements as are certified in the said reto be at liberty to lay before the Master proposals for

port, under the provisions of the said act. making permanent improvements in the said lands, by VIII. The order confirming the report may be in the form any such means as are in the said act mentioned, and

following, with such, if any variations, as the nature to set forth in such proposals the nature and extent of and circunstances of the case may require. such improvements, and the estimated expense thereof, and the estimated value of the permanent improves and in the matter of the act (8 & 9 Vict. c. 56), &c.

(Form of order).—Date In the matter of ments proposed to be made ; and such proposals are

Whereas did on the day of

prefer his to be sufficient without any charge or state of facts :

petition to the right honorable the Lord Chancellor, and the Master is to enquire and state whether such

thereby setting forth, and praying, that he might be at proposed improvements are permanent improvement

liberty to make permanent improvements in the lands within the meaning of the said act; and if so, what

therein mentioned, under the provisions of the said will be the expense of making the same, and what will

act; and thereupon his Lordship, on consideration of be the value of such permanent improvements? and

the matter of the said petition, did, by his order, dated whether it will be beneficial to all persons interested

the day of refer it to the Master to make in the said lands, that such permanent improvements

the inquiries therein mentioned; and, in pursuance of should be made under the provisions of the said act ?

the said order, the said Master has made his report, III. The Master to whom the said reference may be made

dated the day of is to require proof of the deed, will, or other instrument

, (the particulars not to

be stated,] and the said report was duly filed in the under which the petitioner claims to be entitled to the

Report office, on the

day of

and no appliland, but he is not otherwise to require proof of the

cation has been made that the same may not be contitle to the land, nor is any charge to be allowed for

firmed, and that the said A. B. doth now by his peti. searching the registries. iv. The Master, if he shall think it necessary for the due

tion pray that the same may be confirmed, and that he

may be at liberty to make such permanent improve. prosecution of reference, but not otherwise, may direct

ments as are specified in the said report, under the the petitioner to serve any other person interested in the land, with notice of the proceedings; and such

provisions of the said act: his Lordship, on considera.

tion of the matter of the said petition, and the said person, so served, may afterwards attend such proceed

Master's report, doth hereby order that the said reings as a party thereto, as long as the Master shall

port be contirmed, and that the said petitioner he at deem his presence necessary; but if such person being

liberty to make such permanent improvements in so served, shall decline or neglect to attend pursuant to

the said lapds as are in the said report mentioned, unsuch notice, the Master may proceed in his absence, and he is to state the same in his report? any person ix. The Master by whom the said report was made mat,

der the provisions of the said act. so attending will have to bear his own costs. V. The Master is, during the reference, to be at liberty to

upon production to him of the order confirming the

same and giving leave to make the improvements, deapply by note, in writing, to the judge by whom the order was made, for any special directions, or for leave

liver to the party who has obtained such order a cer

tificate to the effect and in the form herein-after stated, to state any special circumstances, touching the mat.

with such variations as the nature and circumstances ters referred to him ; and, if he shall receive any such

of each case may requires special directions, or such leave, he is to state the

(Form of Certificate.)--Date In the matter of

party, and do also state, the tender and rejection of any and in the matter of the act (8 & 9 Vict. c. 56,) &c.

evidence, which they may rule to be inadmissible. Whereas [Recite, Ist, the Order of reference, shortly ;

MAZIERE BRADY, C. 2d, the Report, with its date, but without any parti

T. B. C. Smith, M. R. culars ;

Dated 5th April, 1847. 3d, the Order "confirming the Report, and authorizing 1. On reading the 168th general order of the 27th March,

the improvements to be made," with its date, and 1843, and on reading also a certificate from William Henn,

generally in the terms within inverted commas.] Esq., and Edward Litton, Esq., two of the Masters of this Now, therefore, I the said Master, in pursuance of the said court, dated 27th January, 1847, in the following words :

• Master Litton and Master Henn, certify to the Lord act, do hereby certify that any person advancing money

* Chancellor, that their mode of acting on the 168th rule of for making the said permament improvements specified 27th March, 1843, was to note in their books the attendin my said report, will, upon its being made to appear

ance of counsel, and their disapprobation when they conto me that such money, to the amount specified in my sidered the attendance of counsel unnecessary, but when said report, has been fully expended in making the said they approved of such attendance they made no entry improvements, or in paying the expense of obtaining whatever ; while on the other hand, Master Goold genethe authority of this court, become and be entitled 'rally marked his approbation when he thought the attendunder the said act to a charge on the land for the re- ance of counsel necessary, and made no entry when he payment of the money advanced, with interest; but considered his attendance unnecessary; and Master Townsuch charge is to be subject to the terms and condi

'send uniformly adopted a course similar to that of Master tions provided by the said act, and before the same can

• Goold. All the Masters would suggest that the existing become effective, the amount of money expended as rule should be modified, by authorizing to endorse upon the aforesaid is to be stated by me by way of endorsement

original summons the attendance of counsel when they on this certificate.

*considered such attendance necessary, and that the attenX. The endorsement required by the act to be made by the dance of counsel should be disallowed on taxation in all

Master on the said certificate, may be to the effect and cases in which no entry of approbation appears.' in the form herein-after set forth, with such variations

It is this day ordered, by the right hon. Maziere Brady, as the nature and circumstances of each case may re. Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, by and with the advice quire.

and assistance of the right hon. Thomas Berry Cusack (Form of Endorsement.)—Whereas it has been alleged Smith, Master of the Rolls, that on the taxation of costs, no before me that the sum of £ being the whole

sum whatever shall be allowed by the taxing Master, for (or part) of the sum of £

mentioned in my re

the attendance of counsel before any of the Masters in or. port recited in the within certificate, has been expended dinary of the court, on references under any decree or orin making such improvements and paying such ex

der unless the Master in ordinary shall endorse upon the penses as are therein mentioned; I have, pursuant to original summons on which counsel shall attend, or upon the liberty given to me by the said act, enquired what the copy thereof served upon the party for whom counexpenses have been incurred in and about the applica- sel shall attend, his approbation of such attendance of coun. tion to the court, and making the necessary surveys, sel, and unless the said original summons or copy, with valuations, and estimates, and also what sums of money Master. And it is further ordered, that if the Master in

the said endorsement thereon is produced to the taxing have been actually expended in such improvements; arid evidences as to such expense hath been laid before ordinary shall approve of the attendance of counsel, the me, and I have duly considered the same, and I do endorsement of such approbation shall be made by the said hereby state and certify that it hath been made to ap: in no case, shall the Master permit more than one counsel

Master, at the time such attendance shall take place. And pear to me that the sum of £ hath been fully expended in manner aforesaid in such expenses as

to attend for the same party. And it is further ordered, aforesaid, and the sum of £ for improvements

that in the taxation of all costs, incurred prior to the date by drainage, warping, irrigation, or embankment, and of this order, no sum whatever shall be allowed by the taxe the sum of £ for improvements by the erection ing Master for the attendance of counsel before any of the of buildings : and I do hereby further certify that the present Masters in ordinary of the court, on such references said several sums amount in the whole to sum of £

as aforesaid, unless a certificate shall be produced to the and that the same was (or were] advanced on, &c. [or taxing Master signed by such Master in ordinary, stating at such several times and in the several sums herein. his approval of the attendance of counsel on the days and after set forth; viz. gc.) and that such several sums

times for which such attendance shall be charged in the bill are to be repaid, with interest after the rate of

of costs. And no sum shall be allowed Ly the taxing Mas. per centum per annum, by such equal annual instal. ter for the attendance of counsel before the late Master ments as herein-after mentioned, viz. &c. &c. [This is Goold, or Master Townsend. on such reference as aforesaid, to be varied according to the mode of expenditure and unless a copy of an entry in the books of the said Master the provisions of the 9th section of the act.

Goold and Master Townsend, respectively, shall be produced EDWARD B. SUGDEN, C.

to the taxing Master, as required by the 168th general orT. B. C. Smith, M. R.

der of the court.

2. And it is further ordered, that the following order be N.B.-Section 14 of the act points out the nature of the substituted for the 146th general order of the 27th March,

evidence to be received by the Master ; section 5 re- 1843. That a receiver, sequestrator, or guardian, upon quires the report to be filed in the Report Office, and production of a certificate of his recognizance being enrolled gives power to apply to review a report within fourteen shall be at liberty to enter the general order, that the tendays; and section 6 gives liberty to the Master to in- ants do pay their rents and arrears of rent to him, and shall quire into the expenditure, and to indorse upon the cer- cause the same to be printed and served upon the immediate tificate the amount thereof; and section 7 requires tenants of the person over whose estates or property he such certificate to be filed in the Report Office, anıl a has been appointed, or at their residences; and every reduplicate thereof to be provided as evidence of title. ceiver, sequestrator, or guardian shall be at liberty whenDated 27th January, 1847. after the same shall have become due, in case the same is

ever rent shall be in arrear for the space of five months It is this day ordered, by the right hon, the Lord Chan. reserved by half-yearly payments, or for the space of two cellor of Ireland, by and with the advice and assistance of months, after the same shall have become due, in case it is the right hon. the Master of the Rolls, that the Masters in reserved by quarterly payments, or so soon as it shall become ordinary of this court, do annex to their reports, to be due in case such rent is payable weekly, (or at any other hereafter made under decrees and orders of this court, a time after any half-yearly or quarterly rent shall become schedule of the evidence read before them on behalf of any due, if the Master shall deem it expedient to allow him to

is. 4d.


do so,) to proceed by distress, for recovery of such rent, LEGAL AND HISTORICAL DEBATING SOCIETY. without any rule or order for that purpose; such remedy to be deemed the proper one in the first instance; but when Society have been ADIOURNED (for the Christmas Recess) to FRIDAY

The Members are requested to take notice, that the Meetings of the the receiver, sequestrator, or guardian shall find the remedy the låth day of JANUARY, 1819. by distress insufficient, or inapplicable, he may lay the spe

SUBJECT FOR DEBATE. cial facts before the Master, and if the Master shall deem precedency of a Creditor's suit, instituted after the passing of 3 & 4 W. iv.

* Can a Judgment Creditor, proving under a decree, avail himself of the it expedient to proceed by notice to quit, or by civil bill C 27, to save his demand from the operation of that statute pa ejectment, process, or by ejectmemt for non-payment of Barristers, Law Students, and Graduates of the Universities of Dublin, rent, or by action at law, or by civil bill, the Master shall Oxford, and Cambridge, are eligible for admission.

Members who have changed their residences, or who have friends to make an order or a report thereon as he shall see fit, and propose, are requested to communicate with the Secretary. thereupon the receiver, sequestrator, or guardian shall be

JOHN NORWOOD, Esq. 11, Nelson Street at liberty to proceed as the Master shall direct. And in

WINTER BOOTS AND SHOES. every case in which the Master shall be of opinion that the receiver, sequestrator, or guardian shall proceed by attach

SMYTH, 37, MARY STREET. ment and not by distress for payment of any rent, the Mas SMYTH has now on hands a large stock of the very ter being first satistied that such rent is in arrear, and that

LADIE'S, GENTLEMEN'S, AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND the general order to pay such rent to the receiver, seques

SHOES, trator, or guardian, has been duly served upon the tenant which will be found cheaper than those of any other House in the city

. against whom the attachment is sought, or that such tenant

LADIE'S DEPARTMENT. is either lessee or assignee of a lease under the court, or

SMYTH begs to inform those Ladies who wish to encourage

NATIVE MANUFACTURE, has himself paid, or is the assignee of one who has paid that he has been for some time past making up a Stock of Winter Bosta rent to the receiver for the holding in question, and that and Shoes in Dublin, and that he has determined to Sell them at the the rent although demanded by the receiver, sequestrator,

SMALLEST REMUNERATIVE PROFIT, or guardian, or by his agent duly authorized, has not been in order the more rcadily to carry out his views of assisting the Operative, paid, shall be at liberty to give a certificate that an attach

Black Cloth Boots at

58. 6d. a pair, House Shoes at

Is. 8d, ment shall issue for non-payment of such rent, stating to

Clogs at what period such rent is calculated, and the amount of the

Children's Boots and shoes in great variety. rent claimed to be due, and thereupon the Registrar shall


SMYTH holds out the greatest possible advantage to Gentlemen who issue an order that the tenant shall pay to such receiver, pay Cash, as he is doing an immense trade for Ready Money only ; setur. sequestrator, or guardian, the rent mentioned in such certi- ing to his Customers, at all times, Boots and Shoes of the first character at ficate to be due, the amount whereof shall be stated in such

VERY MODERATE PRICES: order, together with the sum of two pounds ten shillings which will be found of Superior Manufacture, and at Prices which ne

as well as having the opportunity of selecting from a very large Stock, for the cost of such certificate, order, and of the service of house can compete with.

Wellington Boots at

148. a pair. the same, within ten days after personal service of such or

French der, or shew cause within the same period why an attach



Shoes, Laced Fronts,

6s. 6a. Bluchers,

5s ment should not issue against him for non-payment of said

BOYS BOOTS AND SHOES rent. And in case the same shall not be paid, or good

Please observe SMYTH, 37, MARY STREET. cause shewn within said period, the clerk of the appearances and writs shall, on being satisfied by affidavit that H. MORRISON, HAT MANUFACTURER, such order was duly served, without any further rule or order, issue an attachment against such tenant for non-pay- INVITES the attention of Gentlemen to his largesteek of

17. WESTMORELAND-STREET, ment of said sums. MazieRE BRADY, C.

French Hats. He would particularly recommend for Winter wear his

FRENCH VELVET HAT at 12s 6d., T. B. C. Smith, M. R. which for Gentleinanly appearance and durability cannot be surpassed by (To be continued.)

any other house in the City.

Best Velvet Hat made 18s.
Lincoln and Bennet's London Hats.

Hunting Caps, Livery Hats, &c. MOSLEY'S GALVANIC PENS, which will Pens, in all their varieties. They have also always on hand a large Stock to all anxious for dry and warm feet. All the objections to and preju, MADDEN AND HARE, have just received a supply of the above GUTTA PERCHA, from its perfectly Waterproof quali. of Mosley's Genuine GOLD PÉNS, which they sell as low as any other house.

dices against Gutta Percha, having arisen from clumsy workınanship, I MADDEN AND HARE,

undertake to have the Soles put on, that they shall adhere firmly

pletely worn through. STATIONERS TO THE UNIVERSITY,


L'ROWSERS.-The numerous testimonials received by CIRCULATING LIBRARY.

JAMES O'DRISCOLL in approval of the elegance, ease, and peculiar

style of his Trowsers, and likewise the very flattering patronage bestowed H & R. MORROWS' CIRCULATING LIBRARY, on him by the higher classes of society, induces him to apprise his patrots, 18, NASSAU STREET,

and those gentlemen who have not hitherto honored him with their orders, (ADJOINING MORRRISSON'S HOTEL,)

that he has secured the services of a few of the most experienced Parisian Where every New Work

of merit daily issuing
from the press may be had workmen for the winter

season. J. O'D's practical knowledge as a Trox. at a moderate subscription by the SET, NIGHT, or WEEK. Single Sub- sers Cutter having been fully tested in the first houses of the British me. scription 38. 6d. a Month: 8s fid. a Quarter ; 123. fd. the Half Year, or One tropolis, he is therefore fully qualified to produce an article in this depart. Guinea the year for which

the very newest works may be had. Family ment of Tailoring, that cannot be excelled in London or Paris. and Country Subscription Two, Three, and Four Guineas the Year.

JAMES O'DRISCOLL, Professed Trowsers Maker, Full particulars, post free, on application.


All communications for the IRISH JURIST are to be left, addresked for the approaching Festivities.

to the Editor, with the Pablisher, E., J. MILLIKEN, 15, COLLEGE OBERTS' Celebrated British Fermented WINES are columns of the paper cannot be occupied with answers to Anonymous

Correspondents will please give the Name and Address

, as the Ꭱ°

now so well known and highly estimated for their superior richness Communications -nor will the Editor be accountable for the return of of flavour, and perfect representation of Foreign Wines of the same names, Manuscripts, &c. although at not one third the price, as to require no comment. The pre. sent stock in his Agent's hands consists of

Orders for the IRISH JURIST left with E. J, MILLIKEV, 15, COL. Sparkling Champagne

Vin Bordeaux

LEGE GREEN, or by letter (post-paid), will ensure its punctual delivery Moselle Mosseux


in Dublin, or its being forwarded to the Country, by Post, on the day of Champagne Ginger


Robertin Crement

Sparkling Mead

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION--(payable in advance):
Sparkling Orange
Yearly, 30s. Half-yearly, 178

Quarterly, 9s.
Moselle Hock

Sweet and Dry Raisin
Ginger, &c. &c.

Printed by THOMAS ISAAC WHITE, at his Printing Office, No. 5,
The latter so low as 168, per dozen, bottles included.

FLEET.STREET, in the Parish of St. Andrew, and published at Price Lists may be had of his Agent,


MILLIKEN, residing at the same place, all being in the County of the R. S. STUBBS, 3, DAME STREET,

City of Dublin. Saturday, December 23, 1848.

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