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add a word to what my friend, Governor Fairchild, has so well spoken in regard to our locality. When the telegraph announced last year, that the next reunion of the Society of the Ariny of the Tennessee was to take place in our city, we were greatly rejoiced. With each day since we have been joyful in anticipation of the great event. Our people hailed your coming with exceeding joy. [Applause.] And your conduct since your arrival has been such as to fulfill, in the highest degree, our most joyful anticipations. If the conduct of our people has been such as to give our distinguished visitors reasonable satisfaction during their sojourn with us, it will be to us a joy forever.

Music:—“Star Quickstep.

In each case these responses received as particular attention as could be desired, frequently eliciting hearty applause. As General Slack stated the programme had been completed, all seemed to regret it. Time had sped rapidly, and it was now nearly two o'clock. On a motion being presented, General Slack announced the banquet as adjourned; and while the band played “ Auld Lang Syne” the dispersion of those present transpired as usual, singing the chorus.




Armstrong, W. F., Captain, Hillsborough, Ill.
Allen, Jr. David, Captain, St. Louis, Mo.
Andre, M., Captain, St. Louis, Mo.
Abbott, George, Major.
Audenreid, J. C., Colonel, U. S. A., Washington, D. C.
Alexander, L. F., Captain, La Salle, Ill.
Andrews, C. C., General, St. Cloud, Minn.
Andel, C., Captain, Belleville, Ill.
Adam, A., Surgeon
Allen, F. S., Lieutenant.
Adams, C. H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Chicago, Ill.
Arndt, A. F. R., Major, Detroit, Mich.
Arnold, J. A., Major, Joliet, Ill.
Allen, J. A., Captain.
Averill, John T., General.
Andrus, W. D. E., Captain, Rockford, Ill.
Avery, Wm., Lieutenant-Colonel, Marengo, Ill.
Adams, S. R.

Bonner, Frank, Lieutenant.
Buckland, R. P., General, Freemont, O.
Belknap, W. W., General, Washington, D. C.
Bleitz, John, St. Louis, Mo.
Banks, J. C., Lieutenant, Cincinnati, O.
Baldwin, W. H., General, Cincinnati, O.
Bonner, S. P., Surgeon, Cincinnati, O.
Bain, William, Chicago, Ill.
Buchanan, R., Colonel, Hannibal, Mo.
Bruce, John, Colonel, Keokuk, Iowa.
Brinck, W. F., Major, St. Louis, Mo.
Brookman, J. B., Lieutenant, St. Louis, Mo.
Baily, G. W., Captain, St. Louis, Mo.
Brewster, W. B., Captain, St. Louis, Mo.
Barrett, S. E., Major, Chicago, Ill.

Blair, F. P., General, St. Louis, Mo.
Baggs, James, Surgeon, Ontario, O.
Baily, W. N., Surgeon, Plymouth, Ind.
Bixby, A. S., Captain, Iowa City, Iowa.
Barnes, J. W., Major, Warsaw, Ill.
Blizzard, A. C., Lieutenant, Milton, Iowa.
Bohn, A. V., Major, Dayton, O.
Blackburn, E. C., Captain, Chicago, Ill.
Benson, H. H., Captain, Muscatine, Iowa.
Bolton, Wm. H., Colonel, Greenville, Miss.
Borland, J. J., Lieutenant, Chicago, Ill.
Barber, J., Adjutant, Cleveland, Ohio.
Busey, S. T., General, Urbana, Ohio.
Black, C., General, Champaign, Ill.
Boggis, James H., Captain, Toledo, Ohio.
Barnum, W. L., Colonel, Chicago, Ill.
Bracket, G. B., Captain, Denmark, Iowa.
Bartow, A., Captain, Geneva, Kane Co., III.
Butler, E. G., Lieutenant.
Busse, G. A., Captain, Chicago, Ill.
Bennett, T. W., General, Richmond, Ind.
Bane, M. M., General, Quincy, Ill.
Burnet, S. J., Captain, Warrensburg, Mo.
Bigelow, F. H., Captain, Chicago, Ill.
Baker, S. R., Lieutenant-Colonel, Peoria, Ill.
Bodkin, W. W., Lieutenant-Colonel, Chicago, Ill.
Busse, F. C., Captain, Chicago, Ill.
Bird, H. P., Lieutenant, Menekaune, Wis.
Bryan, O. M., Surgeon, Sycamore, Ill.
Beath, C. L., Captain, McLean, Ill.
Barlow, W. H., Captain, Effingham, Ill.
Bloomfield, I. J., General, Bloomington, III.
Bell, J. B., Major, Chicago, Ill.
Burton, Thomas M., Lieutenant, Chicago, Ill.
Baker, I. B., Captain, Dwight, Ill.
Blandon, L., General, Harvard, Ill.
Buchanan, R. W., Lieutenant, Ottawa, Ill.
Brush, C. H., Lieutenant-Colonel, Ottawa, Ill.
Bowen, J. H., Captain, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Bowman, S. M., General, N. Y. City.
Boyden, A. H., Major, Chicago, Ill.
Bristow, B. H., Colonel, Louisville, Ky.
Bingham, J. D., General, U. S. A., Washington, D. C.
Brucker, M., Major (Surgeon), Tell City, Ind.
Bostwick, N., Major (Surgeon), Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Bryant, Geo. E., Colonel, Madison, Wis.
Blakeslee, E., Captain, Ironton, Wis.

Campbell, S. L., Captain, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Coleman, D. C., Colonel, St. Louis, Mo.
Cadle, C., Jr., Colonel, Selma, Ala.
Cavender, J. S., Colonel, St. Louis, Mo.
Creamer, F. L., Colonel, Moulton, Ala.
Coates, J. H., Colonel, St. Louis, Mo.
Campbell, J. F., Bath, Ill.
Colcord, J. P., Lieutenant, St. Louis, Mo.
Carle, C., Major, Tamaroa, Ill.
Coverdale, Robert, Captain, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Castle, George, E., Captain, Fon du Lac, Wis.
Corse, J. M., General, Chicago, Ill.
Cody, W. F., Surgeon, Lafayette, Ind.
Clark, Geo. R., Lieutenant-Colonel, Chicago, Ill.
Cook, John, General, Springfield, Ill.
Callahan, C. N., Major, 3d U. S. Artillery.
Callender, B. M., Captain, Chicago, Ill.
Christensen, Ch., Major, Oskosch, Wis.
Clark, W. A., Captain, West Liberty, Iowa.
Chadwick, C. C., Captain, Columbus, O.
Cochran, M. B., Surgeon, Davenport, Iowa.
Carr, W. H., Captain, San Francisco, Cal.
Case, Charles, Colonel, Waukeegan, Ill.
Craib, Wm. E., Lieutenant, Chicago, Ill.
Cooley, C. G., Captain, Chicago, Ill.
Clough, David, Lieutenant.
Cowles, H. R., Lieutenant-Colonel, Washington, Iowa.
Cooper, E. H., Major, Joliet, Ill.
Crane, J. L., Chaplain, Springfield, Ill.
Cutter, John F., Adjutant, Cleveland, O.
Comings, A., Captain, Cairo, Ill.
Carskadden, D., Colonel.
Callender, F. D., General, U. S. A.
Campbell, J. C., Captain.
Crowell, R. C., Major, Kansas City, Mo.
Colby, George W., Captain, Selma, Ala.
Cavins, A. G., Colonel, Bloomfield.
Clark, G. W., Colonel, (Bvt. Brig.), Des Moines, Iowa.
Conder, S. B. A., Lieutenant, Orleans, Ind.
Carter, J. O., Surgeon.
Clark, W. C., Lieutenant, Lithopolis, O.
Curren, J. F., Lieutenant, Delaware, O.
Curtiss, J. S., Captain, Chicago, Ill.
Cunningham, C. H., Captain.
Coon, D. E., General, Selma, Ala.
Colby, Enoch, Lieutenant, Taylorsville, Ill.
Cole, F. W., Lieutenant, Springfield, Ill.

Cheeney, S. C., Lieutenant, Munroe, Wis.
Campbell, R. M., Captain, Monmouth, Ill.
Carpenter, W. R., Major, New York.
Custar, B. M., Lieutenant.
Chetlain, A. L., Brevet Major-General, Rockford, Ill.
Crane, John, Lieutenant, Watertown, Jefferson Co., Wis.
Chase, R. J., Captain.

Dawes, E. C., Major, Cincinnati, O.
Douglas, J. C., Major, Zanesville, 0.
Dunn, Hugh, Captain, Zanesville, O.
Dodds, O. J., Lieutenant-Colonel, Cincinnati, O.
Dayton, L. M., Colonel, Cincinnati, O.
De Gress, Frank, Captain, Washington, D. C.
Deimling, F. C., Colonel, Virginia City, Montana.
Davis, H. M., Captain, Santa Fe, New Mex.
Dwight, H. O., Lieutenant, Northampton, Mass.
Dickerson, Joseph, Captain, Princeton, Ill.
Doyle, M. A., Lieutenant, St. Louis, Mo.
Dickey, T. L., Colonel, Springfield, Ill.
De Gress, J. C., Captain, U. S. A.
Durham, J. B., Captain, Kankakee, Ill.
Derickson, R. P., Captain, Chicago, Ill.
Duncan, L. A., Major, Niles, Mich.
Dean, H. H., Colonel, Rockford, Ill.
Dement, H. D., Lieutenant, Dixon, Ill.
Dunn, W. M., Jr., Captain, U. S. A.
Dyer, D. P., Colonel, Louisiana, Mo.
Dodge, G. M., General, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Duncan, E. A., Surgeon, Vicksburg, Miss.

Eaton, C. G., General, Clyde, Ohio.
Evans, R. M., Major, Bloomington, Ill.
Ewing, Chas., General, Washington, D. C.
Everest, J. G., Captain, Geneva, Ill.
Elliott, J. H., Colonel, Princeton, Ill.
Erskin, A., Colonel, Chicago, Ill.
Everts, L. H., Major, Geneva, Kane Co., III.
Everts, J., Lieutenant, Yorkville, III.
Ewing, H. A., Lieutenant.
Essrager, B., Captain,
Emmerson, G. W., Colonel, Chicago, Ill.
Emery, C. F., Captain, Marou, Ill.
Eldridge, H. N., General, Chicago, Ill.
Engert, S., Lieutenant.
Edwards, S. R., Lieutenant.
Everett, E., Surgeon, Quincy, Ill.
Edwards, A. W., Major, Carlinville, III.

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