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Nam propriae telluris herum natura neque illum,

Nec me, nec quemquam ftatuit. nos expulit ille ;

Illum aut nequities aut' vafri infcitia juris,

Poftremum expellet certes vivacior beres,

Nunc ager Umbreni fub nomine, nuper Ofelli

Dictus erat: nulli proprius; fed cedit in ufum

Nunc mihi, nunc alü. quocirca vivite fortes,

Fortiaque adverfis opponite pectora rebus.


Ver. 183. proud Buckingham's etc.] Villers Duke of Buckingham. p.

Ver. 185. Let lands and houses etc.] The turn of his

What's « Property ? dear Swift ! you see it alter
From you to me, from me to . Peter Walter ;
Or, in a mortgage, prove a Lawyer's share ; 175
Or, in a jointure, vanish from the heir ;
Or in pure f equity (the case not clear)
The Chanc'ry takes your rents for twenty year :
At beft, it falls to some 5 ungracious fon,
Who cries, “ My father's damn'd, and all's my own.
h Shades, that to Bacon could retreat afford, 181
Become the portion of a booby Lord;
And Hemsley, once proud Buckingham's delight,
Slides to a Scriv'ner or a city Knight,

Let lands and houses have what Lords they will,
Let Us be fix'd, and our own masters still.

Notes. imitation, in the concluding part, obliged him to diverfify the lentiment. They are equally noble: but Horace's is expressed with the greater force.

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RIMA diete mihi, fumma dicende camena,


• Spectatum fatis, et donatum jam rude, quaeris,

Maecenas, iterum antiquo me includere ludo.

Non eadem est aetas, non mens. - Veianjus, armis

& Herculis ad poftem fixis, latet abditus agro;

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Ne populum extrema toties exoret arena.

* Eft mihi purgatam crebro qui personet aurem;

Solve & senescentem mature fanus equum, ne

Peccet ad extremum ridendus, et ilia ducat.

Notes. Ver. 3. Sabbath of my days?] i. e. The 49th year, the

age of the Author. VER. 8. Hang their old Trophies o'er the Garden gates,] An occasional stroke of Satire on ill-placed ornaments. He has more openly ridiculed them in his Epifle on Tafte.

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