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1751 Henry St. John, Lord Boling broke, Surrey ; philosophy, metaphysics, and


Dr. Alexander Monro, Edinburgh; Anatomy of the Human Body. 1754 Dr. Richard Mead, London, on poisons, plague, small-pox, medicine, pre


Henry Fielding, Somersetshire ; Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews, &c.
1757 Colley Cibber, London ; 25 tragedies and comedies.
1761 Thomas Sherlock, bishop of London ; 69 fermons, &c.

Benjamin Hoadley, bishop of Winchester ; sermons and controversy.
Samuel Richardson, London ; Grandison, Clariffa, Pamela.

Reverend Dr. John Leland, Lancalhire; Answer to Deistical Writers. 1765 Reverend Dr. Edward Young; Night Thoughts, and other poems, three


Robert Simson, Glasgow; Conic Sections, Euclid, Apollonius. 1768 Reverend Lawrence Sterne ; 45 fermons, Sentimental Journey, Tristram

Shandy. 1769 Robert Smith, Lincolnshire; harmonics and optics. 1770 Reverend Dr. Jortin ; Life of Erasmus, Ecclefiaftical History, and sermons.

Dr. Mark Akenlide, Newcaftle upon Tyne; poems.
Dr. Tobias Smollet, Dumbartonshire ; Hiftory of England, novels, transla-

1771 Thomas Gray, Professor of Modern History, Cambridge ; poems.
1773 Philip Dormer Stanhope, earl of Chesterfield ; letters.

George Lord Lyttelton, Worcestershire; Hiftory of England. 1774 Oliver Goldsmith; poems, essays, and other pieces.

Zachary Pearce, bishop of Rocheiter; Annotations on the New Testament,&c. 1775 Dr. John Hawkesworth ; effays. 2776 David Hume, Merse; History of England, and essays. James Ferguson, Aberdeenshire ; astronomy.

e 1777 Samuel Foote, Cornwall; plays. 1779 David Garrick, Hereford ; plays, &c.

William Warburton, bishop of Gloucester; Divine Legation of Moses, and

various other works. 1780 Sir William Blackstone, Judge of the court of Common Pleas, London ;

Commentaries on the Laws of England.
Dr. John Fothergill, Yorkshire ; philosophy and medicine.

James Harris; Hermes, Philological Inquiries, and Philosophical Arrange1782 Thomas Newton, bishop of Bristol, Litchfield; Discourses on the Prophecies,

and other works. Sir John Pringle, Bart. Roxburghshire; Diseases of the Army. Henry Home, Lord Kaimes, Scotland; Elements of Criticism, Sketches of

the History of Man. 1783 Dr. William Hunter, Lanerkshire ; anatomy.

Dr. Benjamin Kennicott; Hebrew Version of the Bible, theological tracts. 1784 Dr. Thomas Morell; Editor of Ainsworth's Dictionary, Hedericus's Lexi

con, and some Greek tragedies. Ds. Samuel Johnson, Litchfield ; English Di&ionary, biography, essays,

poetry. Died December 13, 1784, aged 71. 1785 William Whitehead, Poet Laureat; poems and plays.

N. B. By the Dates is implied the Time when the above Writers died; but

whe. i hat feriod ha, pens not to be known, the Age in which they flourished is /ign fied tyfi. The names in Italics are those who have given the best Eng'ijiTi anslations, exclufive of School Boons.



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