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However just this obfervation may in general be, fome fcarce books, in print or MS. may, for their own intrinfic merit, or from fome adventitious circumftance, be excepted from the common obloquy; and the fearchers after them not claffed with thofe, who buy books merely because they were printed with Black Letter, or in the Fifteenth Century.

Time, unrefifted by chance, has configned works which would now be thought ineftimable to, it is feared, irretrievable oblivion; and chance, counteracting the operation of time, has preserved, and unexpectedly restored, invaluable rarities.

It is not meant to be fuggested, that this collection contains many, if any, fuch very prizeable articles; fince, what is moft fcarce may not be thought very good, and what is undeniably excellent, not efteemed fufficiently rare.

Should the matter in fome of the elder pieces be found unworthy of regard, the antique words, phrafes, and mere orthography, may affift the critical reader of Shakspeare, and other early writers; whofe language has become obfolete, whose text has been depraved, and whofe allufions are forgotten; in afcertaining meanings, correcting errors, and illuftrating obfcurities.

Particular reafons having deferred the publication of the intended New and Improved Edition of BEN JONSON; and the learned Editor thereof, P. WHALLEY, L.L.B. being lately deceased, the public is refpectfully informed, that the Work is entirely completed, has been purchased by, and is in poffeffion of the Compiler of this Mifcellany; and, as foon as the neceffary arrangements can be made, will be put



to press, with every improvement that may in the mean time be fuggefted: Communications for which purpose will be thankfully received, and carefully attended to, by the Proprietor of the Copyright,


January 2, 1792.

N. B. The purchasers of the firft four numbers of The Literary Mufeum, &c. may have the Additions now first published to complete the Volume, feparately, price One Shilling; and a few Odd Numbers may allo be had by those who want to perfect their fets, at Ons Shilling each.


DEDICATION, on New-Year's-Day, by "Henry Par

A care, Knyght, Lorde Morley," to King Henry 8th. of

"John Bocaffe, his booke intitlede in the latyne tunge De pre-
claris mulieribus; that is to fay in Englyfhe, Of the Ryght Re-
ňoumyde Ladyes ;" with a tranflation of the Preface thereto; and
a Specimen of the Work; from an ancient manufcript, in the pos
feffion of the Editor, and an Introduction from "A DEFENCE OF
THE FEMALE SEX." containing, together, 16 pages.

See his

This tranflation was unknown to Mr. Walpole.
Royal and Noble Authors," Second Edit. Vol. I. p. 92.
An uncommonly-rare Tract, by George Gascoigne, Efq. called,
printed 1576; of which only one copy, in the poffeffion of George
Steevens, Efq. is fuppofed to be extant.

A fmall collection of difperfed Poems, by SPENSER ; not in
any Edition of his Works.

Peacham's Period of Mourning, difpofed into Six Visions; from
the 4to Edition, 1613.

A Specimen (containing 64 pages) of a propofed New Edition
of The Works of BEN JONSON.

The Ceremonies ufed for Healing the King's Evil; from the Edi
tion of 1686, and for Confecrating Cramp Rings; from a MS. in the
poffeffion of the Editor.

"Onne mie Maifter LYDGATE, his travellynge ynto Fraunce."
A Poem, written three hundred and fixty years fince. Com-
municated by B. N. of Nottingham.

"The New Arcadia ;" a Poem. By W. Beltcher.

A Dramatic Piece, called, THE KING IN THE COUNTRY;
taken from Heywood's "King Edward the Fourth.”

Occafional Effufions, on His MAJESTY's Illness, and Happy Re-
covery*. By the Editor.

Downes's Scarce Theatrical Hiftory, called RosciuS ANGLICA-
NUS; with Additions, by the late Mr. Thomas Davies, and the
prefent Editor: and an Original Letter, by Garrick, in extenua-
tion of faults pointed out to him in his own acting.

The reader is requested to obferve that the lines on his Majesty's illness
and recovery, however they may chance to be placed in this volume, should
be read in the following order.

"By Winter's chilling breath, &c."
"Prais'd be our God, &c. "

"When Phoebus fets, &c."

Nature in Tears, &c. "

That is to say in Englyshe,

Of The Ryghte Renoumyde Ladyes."

Tranflated from "BoCASSE,"


Dedicated to KING HENRY VIII.


"HENRY PARCARE, Knight, Lord Morley."

From a Manufcript on Vellum,

Which appears to have been the Presentation-Copy to that Monarch.


Printed for the EDITOR, and Sold at No. 62, Great WildStreet, near Lincoln's-Inn-Fields; by Meff. EGERTON, Whitehall; Meff. Cox and PHILLIPSON, James-Street, Covent-Garden; R. RYAN, No. 351, Oxford-Street; H. D. SYMONDS, No. 20. Pater-Nofter-Row; and W. RICHARDSON, under the Royal-Exchange. 1789.

[Entered at Stationers Hall. ]

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