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His early Promotion-Gallant Conduct in the Low Countries—

A great Favourite of the Queen-Joins Drake and Norris in
the Portugal Expedition-Offends the Queen—Is joined with
the Lord High Admiral on the Cadiz Expedition—Is sole
Commander on the Azores Expedition-Cool reception from
the Queen-Disappointed, but pacified on being made Grand
Marshal of England -Receives a Blow from the Queen-
Resents it with great Indignation-Is appointed to Ireland,
and miscarries — Returns without leave — Charges brought
against him— By his injudicious Friends is incited to Rebellion

- Tried, convicted, condemned, and executed—Trial and con-

viction of the Conspirators – Character of Essex



His Family Connexions—Early Adventures—Variously employed

in Ireland — His fortunate gallantry-Receives Knighthood—

His Shore Appointments at the Time of the Armada-Intrigues

with a Maid of Honour-Called home from an Expedition in

consequence - Projects a Voyage to Guiana, which fails-

Joins the Expedition to Cadiz-also that to the Azores under

Essex-Intrigues with Cecil against Lord Essex-Is sent to

the Tower-Tried and sentenced to death-Remains in Prison

Twelve Years—Liberated on undertaking another Voyage to

the Mines of Guiana ; but not pardoned—Fails, and his Son

is killed-Abuses his Captain, Keymis, who shoots himself-

On arriving at Plymouth is seized and sent to Prison-The

King signs a Warrant for his execution-Is beheaded 377


Released from the attainder-Serves against the Armada-Sent
to the Azores with a Squadron- Attacked by a Spanish Fleet

- Brave conduct of Sir Richard Greenvil-Engaged in the
Capture of. Cadiz—Second to Essex at the Azores-Com-

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Joined with Raymond, projects a Voyage to the East Indies —

Refresh at Saldanha Bay-Double the Cape—Raymond's Ship
founders at Sea-Great Distress in Lancaster's Ship—He is
left behind-Gets home in a French vessel—Is invited to take
command of a small Squadron to make Reprisals against the

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