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MAY thy mercy, O Lord, which we have implored, affift the foul of thy fervant N. our chief Bishop; that by thy clemency he may enjoy his prefence, in whom he hoped and believed.


For a Bishop or Prieft, as above, p. clxxxiv. only in the fingular number.

For a Man deceased.

COLLECT. Inclina.

we beseech thee, O Lord, the

address to thy mercy; that the foul of thy feryant, which thou haft called out of this world, may be received into the kingdom of light and peace, and be numbered among the bleffed. Thro'.


GRant, we beseech thee, O Lord, that this facrifice may avail the foul of thy fervant, by offering of which thou waft pleased to have the fins of the world cancelled. Thro.'


REleafe, O Lord, the foul of thy fervant from every chain of fin; that in the glory of the refurrection he may enjoy reft among thy faints and elect. Thro'.

For a Woman deceased.

COLLECT. Quæfumus.

Shew mercy, O Lord, we beseech thee, according to thy great goodness, to the foul of thy handmaid; and being now delivered from the corruption of this mortal life, give it part in thy eternal inheritance of blifs. Thro'.



AY the foul of thy handmaid, O Lord, we befeech thee, be purified from all her fins by virtue of this facrifice, without which no one was

ever delivered from fin; that, by these propitiatory myfteries, fhe may obtain thy mercy for ever. Thro'.




AY the foul of thy handmaid, O Lord, enter into the participation of eternal light: of which eternal mercy fhe received the pledge in this facrament. Thro'.

For a Father or Mother. COLLECT. Deus, qui nos. God, who haft commanded us to honour our Father and Mother: mercifully fhew pity to the fouls [or foul] of my Father and [or of] my Mother, and forgive him [or her] their [or his or her] fins; and grant I may fee them [or him or her] in the joys of eternal life. Thro'.


REceive, O Lord, the facrifice I offer for the fouls [or for the foul] of my Father and [or of] my Mother; and grant them [or him or her] eternal joys in the land of the living: and affociate me with them [him or her] in the bliss of thy faints. Thro'.


MAY the participation of these heavenly myfte-

ries, O Lord, I beseech thee, obtain reft and light for the fouls [or foul] of my Father and [or of] my Mother; and may thy grace crown me with them [or him or her] for ever. Thro'.


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The Child being brought to the Church-door, and placed on the God-mother's right arm; the Priest having afked it's name, fays:



THAT doft thou ask of the Church of God? A. Faith 2. Pr. What will faith avail thee? A. To life everlasting. Pr. If thou wouldst enter into life, keep the commandments: Thou fhalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, with thy whole foul, and with thy whole mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

Then the Prieft blows thrice on the face of the child as it were in contempt of the Devil, and fays:

Pr. Depart from him [or her] O unclean spirit, and yield place to the Holy Ghoft the comforter.

Then he makes the fign of the cross on the child's forehead and breast, saying:

Pr. Receive the fign of the crofs on thy forehead, and in thy heart: practise the heavenly commandments: and let fuch be thy conduct of life, that thou may'ft now become the temple of God. a Expl. The facrament of faith, viz, Baptifm. VOL. II. q

Let us pray. Preces noftras.


Raciously hear, O Lord, we beseech thee, our prayers; and by thy continual protection guard this thy chofen fervant N. now marked with the fign of the cross of our Lord, that observing thefe firft Inftructions of the greatness of thy glory, by keeping thy commandments, he [or the] may deferve to attain to the glory of a new birth. Thro' Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

Then he lays his hand on the child's head, faying:
Let us pray. Omnipotens.

eternal God, Father of our Lord

Jefus Chrift, vouchsafe to look down on this thy fervant N. whom thou hast been pleafed to call to thefe firft rudiments of faith: take from him [or her] all blindness of heart: break all the bands of Satan, by which he [or fhe] hath been bound: open to him, [or her] O Lord, the gate of thy mercy, that being feasoned with the fign of thy wisdom, he [or the] may be freed from the filth of all concupifcence; and, following the fweet odour of thy precepts, may joyfully ferve thee in thy Church, and daily increase in perfection. Thro' the fame Chrift our Lord. R. Amen.

The BLESSING of the SALT." Exorcife thee, O creature of falt, in the name of God the Father almighty, by the love of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and by the power of the Holy Ghoft. I exorcife thee by the living God, by the true God, by the holy God; by that God, who created thee for the benefit of mankind, and ordered thee to be bleffed by his fervants for the people that come to the faith; that in the name of the Holy Trinity thou may'st become a whole fome myftery to drive away the enemy. Wherefore, we befeech thee, O Lord our God, that fanctifying thou wouldst fanctify, and bleffing thou wouldft blefs this creature of falt, that

When ufe is made of falt already bleed, this effing is omitted.

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