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Placebo Domino, *in

Therefore will I please

the Lord, in the land of regione vivorum.

the living.

At the end of every Pfalm, is faid:

Eternal reft* grant to them, O Lord.

And may a perpetual light*fhine upon them. Anth. I will please. Anth. Alas, O Lord! my fojourning is pro



Requiem æternum

dona eis, Domine.
Et lux perpetua * lu-

ceat eis.

Ant. Placebo.

Ant. Hei mihi, Domine, quia incolatus meus prolongatus eft!

Pf. cxix.


Cried out to the Lord in my diftrefs, he graciously heard me.

O Lord, deliver my foul from wicked lips, * and from a deceitful tongue.


for a

What will be done to thee, or what will be brought on thee, deceitful tongue. The fharpened arrows of the mighty one,*with deftructive burning coals Alas! that my fojourning is prolonged: I have dwelt with the inhabitants of Cedar: * long hath my foul fojourned.

I was peaceable with those who hated peace: *when I fpoke to them,

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Quid detur tibi, aut quid apponetur tibi* ad linguam dolofam ?

Sagittæ potentis acutæ,*cum carbonibus defolatoriis.

Heu mihi, quia incolatus meus prolongatus eft: habitavi cum habitantibus Cedar:*multum incola fuit anima mea.

Cum his qui oderunt pacem, eram pacificus: cum loquebar illis, ex

b Or. What profit or advantage will accrue to a deceitful, calumniating tongue ?

they fell on me without pugnabant me gratis. a cause.

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My aid is from the Lord, who made both heaven and earth.

May he not permit thy foot to flip:*neither may he flumber, who is thy guardian.

Lo, he will neither fleep nor flumber, *who is Ifrael's guardian. Thy guardian is the Lord, the Lord is thy protector, he is at thy right hand.

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Evavi oculos meos in montes : * unde veniet auxilium mihi.

Auxilium meum à Domino, qui fecit cœ* lum & terram.

Non det in commotionem pedem tuum: neque dormitet, qui cuftodit te.

Ecce, non dormitabit, neque dormiet, *qui cuftodit Ifrael.

Dominus cuftodit te, Dominus protectio tua, *fuper manum dexteram


Per diem fol non uret te:*nequa luna per noc


Dominus cuftodit te ab omni malo : * cuftodiat animam tuam Do


Dominus cuftodiat introitum tuum, & exitum tuum: *ex hoc nunc & ufque in fæculum.

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Let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my petition.

If thou fhouldft obferve iniquities, OLord: Lord, who fhall ftand it?

For with thee is propitiation:*And because of thy law I have waited for thee, O Lord.

My foul hath relied on his word: My foul hath hoped in the Lord.

From the morning watch even until night:* Let Ifrael hope in the Lord.

For with the Lord there is mercy : * And with him there is a plentiful redemption.

And he himself fhall redeem Ifrael * from all

it's iniquities.

Anth. If thou shouldst obferve iniquity.

Anth. Slight not, O Lord, the work of thy own hands.


E profundis clamavi ad te, Domine:* Domine, exaudi vocem


Fiant aures tuæ intendentes,*in vocem deprecationis meæ.

Si iniquitates obfervaveris, Domine :*Domine, quis fuftinebit?

Quia apud te propitiatio eft : *Et propter legem tuam fuftinui te, Domine.

Suftinuit anima mea in verbo ejus :*Speravit anima mea in Domino.

A cuftodiâ matutinâ ufque ad noctem:*Spe> ret Ifrael in Domino.

Quia apud Dominum mifericordia: * Et copiofa apud eum redemp


Et ipfe redimet Ifrael, *ex omnibus iniquitatibus ejus.

Ant. Si iniquitates obfervaveris.

Ant. Opera manuum tuarum, Domine, ne de fpicias.

Pf. cxxxvii.

Will praise thee, O

I whole

heart:*for that thou haft heard the words of my mouth.

In the prefence of the angels will I fing to thee: *I will adore thee in thy holy temple, and praife thy name;

Becaufe of thy mercy, and becaufe of thy truth: *for thou haft fhewn the greatness of thy holy name above all others.

In whatever day I call on thee, hear thou me :* thou wilt greatly add ftrength to my foul.

Let all the kings of the earth praife thee, O Lord: for they have heard all the words of thy mouth.

And let them fing the ways of the Lord :*for great is the glory of the Lord.

For the Lord is on high, and feeth the things below: * and the high things he knoweth at a diftance from him *.

Onfitebor tibi, Do

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mine, in toto corde meo :*quoniam audifti verba oris mei.

In confpectu angelorum pfallam tibi:*adorabo ad templum fanctum tuum, & confitebor nomini tuo.

Super mifericordiâ tuâ & veritate tuâ:*quoniam magnificafti fuper omne nomen fanctum tuum.

In quâcunque die invocavero te, exaudi me:* multiplicabis in animâ meâ virtutem.

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Confiteantur tibi, Domine, omnes reges terræ: quoniam audierunt omnia verba oris tui.

Et cantent in viis Domine:*quoniam magna eft gloria Domini.

Quoniam excelfus Dominus, & humilia refpicit:*& alta à longè cognofcit.

i Expl. Because thou haft fulfilled thy promife.

k Expl. Even the higheft things are still at an immense difiance from bim.

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