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Date and Place.



1855. Glasgow Sir R. I. Murchison, F.R.S. James Bryce, Prof. Harkness, Prof.

Nicol. 1856. Cheltenham Prof. A. C. Ramsay, F.R.S. Rev. P. B. Brodie, Rev. R. Hepworth,

Edward Hull, J. Scougall, T.Wright. 1857. Dublin The Lord Talbot de Malahide Prof. Harkness, Gilbert Sanders, Ro

bert H. Scott. 1858. Leeds William Hopkins, M.A., LL.D., Prof. Nicol, H. C. Sorby, E. W. F.R.S.

Shaw. 1859. Aberdeen ... Sir Charles Lyell, LL.D., D.C.L., Prof. Harkness, Rev. J. Longmuir, H. F.R.S.

C. Sorby. 1860. Oxford ...... Rev. Prof. Sedgwick, LL.D., Prof. Harkness, Edward Hull, Capt. F.R.S., F.G.S.

Woodall. 1861. Manchester Sir R. I. Murchison, D.C.L., Prof. Harkness, Edward Hull, T. RuLL.D., F.R.S., &c.

pert Jones, G. W. Ormerod. 1862. Cambridge J. Beete Jukes, M.A., F.R.S....... Lucas Barrett, Prof. T. Rupert Jones,

H. C. Sorby. 1863. Newcastle ... Prof. Warington W. Smyth, E. F. Boyd, John Daglish, H. C. SorF.R.S., F.G.S.

by, Thomas Sopwith. 1864. Bath .......

Prof. J. Phillips, LL.D., F.R.S., W. B. Dawkins, J. Johnston, H. C.

Sorby, W. Pengelly. 1865. Birmingham Sir R. I. Murchison, Bart., K.C.B. Rev. P. B. Brodie, J. Jones, Rev. E.

Myers, H. C. Sorby, W. Pengelly. 1866. Nottingham Prof.A.C. Ramsay, LL.D., F.R.S. R. Etheridge, W. Pengelly, T. Wil

son, G. H. Wright. 1867. Dundee...... Archibald Geikie, F.R.S., F.G.S. Edward Hull, W. Pengelly, Henry

Woodward. 1868. Norwich R. A. C. Godwin-Austen, F.R.S., Rev. 0. Fisher, Rev. J. Gunn, W. F.G.S.

Pengelly, Rev. H. H. Winwood. 1869. Exeter Prof. R. Harkness, F.R.S., F.G.S. W. Pengelly, W. Boyd Dawkins, Rev.

H. H. Winwood. 1870. Liverpool... Sir Philip de M. Grey Egerton, W. Pengelly, Rev. H. H. Winwood, Bart., M.P., F.R.S.

W. Boyd Dawkins, G. H. Morton. 1871. Edinburgh .. Prof. A. Geikie, F.R.S., F.G.S... R. Etheridge, J. Geikie, J. McKenny

Hughes, L. C. Miall. 1872. Brighton R. A. C. Godwin-Austen, F.R.S. L. C. Miall

, George Scott, William

Topley, Henry Woodward. 1873. Bradford ... Prof. J. Phillips, D.C.L., F.R.S., L. c. Miall, K. H. Tiddeman, W. F.G.S.

Topley. 1874. Belfast Prof. Hull, M.A., F.R.S., F.G.S. F. Drew, L. C. Miall, R. G. Symes,

R. H. Tiddeman. 1875. Bristol Dr. Thomas Wright, F.R.S.E., L. C. Miall, E. B. Tawney, W. Topley,

F.G.S. 1876. Glasgow ... Prof. John Young, M.D. ......... J. Armstrong, F. W. Rudler, W.



COMMITTEE OF SCIENCES, IV.--ZOOLOGY, BOTANY, PHYSIOLOGY, ANATOMY. 1832. Oxford ...... |Rev. P. B. Duncan, F.G.S. Rev. Prof. J. S. Henslow. 1833. Cambridge * Rev. W. L. P. Garnons, F.L.S.... C. C. Babington, D. Don. 1834. Edinburgh Prof. Graham......

W. Yarrell, Prof. Burnett.

* At this Meeting Physiology and Anatomy were made a separate Committee, for Presidents and Secretaries of which see p. xxxvi.

Date and Place.




1835. Dublin Dr. Allman......

J. Curtis, Dr. Litton. 1836. Bristol Rev. Prof. Henslow

J. Curtis, Prof. Don, Dr. Riley, s.

Rootsey. 1837. Liverpool ... W. S. MacLeay

O. C. Babington, Rev. L. Jenyns, W.

Swainson. 1838. Newcastle... Sir W. Jardine, Bart........... J. E. Gray, Prof. Jones, R. Owen, Dr.

Richardson. 1839. Primingham Prof. Owen, F.R.S.

E. Forbes, W. Ick, R. Patterson. 1840. Glasgow ... Sir W. J. Hooker, LL.D. Prof. W. Couper, E. Forbes, R. Pat

terson. 1841. Plymonth... John Richardson, M.D., F.R.S... J. Couch, Dr. Lankester, R. Patterson. 1842. Manchester Hon. and Very Rev. W. Herbert, Dr. Lankester, R. Patterson, J. A. LL.D., F.L.S.

Turner. 1843. Cork William Thompson, F.L.S. ...... G. J. Allman, Dr. Lankester, R. Pat

terson, 1814. York......... Very Rev. The Dean of Manches- Prof. Allman, H. Goodsir, Dr. King, ter.

Dr. Lankester. 1845. Cambridge Rev. Prof. Henslow, F.L.S. Dr. Lankester, T. V. Wollaston. 1846. Southampton Sir J. Richardson, M.D., F.R.S. Dr. Lankester, T. V. Wollaston, H.

Wooldridge. 1347. Oxford....... H. E. Strickland, M.A., F.R.S.... Dr. Lankester, Dr. Melville, T. V.



SECTION D (continued).--200LOGY AND BOTANY, INCLUDING PHYSIOLOGY. (For the Presidents and Secretaries of the Anatomical and Physiological Subsections and the temporary Section E of Anatomy and Medicine, see p. xxxvii.] 1848. Swansea ...L. W. Dillwyn, F.R.S. Dr. R. Wilbraham Falconer, A. Hen

frey, Dr. Lankester. 1849. Birmingham William Spence, F.R.S..... Dr. Lankester, Dr. Russell. 1850, Edinburgh.. Prof. Goodsir, F.R.S. L. & E. Prof. J. H. Bennett, M.D., Dr. Lan

kester, Dr. Douglas Maclagan. 1851. Ipswich...... Rev. Prof. Henslow, M.A., F.R.S. Prof. Allman, F. W. Johnston, Dr. E.

Lankester. 1852. Belfast W. Ogilby

Dr. Dickie, George C. Hyndman, Dr.

Edwin Lankester. 1853. Hull C. C. Babington, M.A., F.R.S.... Robert Harrison, Dr. E. Lankester, 1854. Liverpool Prof. Balfour, M.D., F.R.S.. Isaac Byerley, Dr. E. Lankester. 1855. Glasgow Rev. Dr. Fleeming, F.R.S.E. William Keddie, Dr. Lankester. 1856. Cheltenham. Thomas Bell, F.R.S., Pres.L.S.... Dr. J. Abercronibie, Prof. Buckman,

Dr. Lankester. 1857. Dublin Prof. W.H. Harvey, M.D., F.R.S. Prof. J. R. Kinahan, Dr. E. Lankester,

Robert Patterson, Dr. W. E. Steele. 1858. Leeds......... C. C. Babington, M.A., F.R.S.... Henry Denny, Dr. Heaton, Dr. E.

Lankester, Dr. E. Perceval Wright. 1859. Aberdeen ... Sir W. Jardine, Bart., F.R.S.E.. Prof. Dickie, M.D., Dr. E. Lankester,

i Dr. Ogilvy. 1860. Oxford Rev. Prof. Henslow, F.L.S. W. S. Church, Dr. E. Lankester, P.

L. Sclater, Dr. E. Perceval Wright. 1861. Manchester.. Prof. C. C. Babington, F.R.S. ... Dr. T. Alcock, Dr. E. Lankester, Dr.

P. L. Sclater, Dr. E. P. Wright. 1862. Cambridge... Prof. Huxley, F.R.S.

Alfred Newton, Dr. E. P. Wright. 1863. Newcastle ... Prof. Balfour, M.D., F.R.S. Dr. E. Charlton, A. Newton, Rev. H.

B. Tristram, Dr. E. P. Wright. 1864. Bath Dr. John E. Gray, F.R.S. H. B. Brady, C. E. Broom, H. T.

Stainton, Dr. E. P. Wright. 1865. Birmingham T. Thomson, M.D., F.R.S. Dr. J. Anthony, Rev. C. Clarke, Rev.

H. B. Tristram, Dr. E. P. Wright.


Date and Place.




SECTION D (continued).—BIOLOGY*. 1866. Nottinghanı. Prof. Huxley, LL.D., F.R.S.- Dr. J. Beddard, W. Felkin, Rev. H.

Physiological Dep. Prof. Hum B. Tristram, W. Turner, E. B.
phry, M.D., F.R.S.-Anthropo- Tylor, Dr. E. P. Wright.
logical Dep. Alfred R. Wallace,

F.R.G.S. 1867. Dundee ...... Prof. Sharpey, M.D., Sec. R.S.-C. Spence Bate, Dr. S. Cobbold, Dr.

Dep. of Zool. and Bot. George M. Foster, H. T. Stainton, Rev. H.
Busk, M.D., F.R.S.

B. Tristram, Prof. W. Turner. 1868. Norwich Rev. M. J. Berkeley, F.L.S.- Dr. T. S. Cobbold, G. W. Firth, Dr.

Dep. of Physiology. W. H. M. Foster, Prof. Lawson, H. T.
Flower, F.R.S.

Stainton, Rev. Dr. H. B. Tristram,

Dr. E. P. Wright. 1869. Exeter George Busk, F.R.S., F.L.S.—'Dr. T. 8. Cobbold, Prof. M. Foster,

Dep. of Bot. and Zool.C. Spence, M.D., E. Ray Lankester, Professor
Bate, F.R.S.Dep. of Ethno. Lawson, H. T. Stainton, Rev. H. B.
E. B. Tylor.

Tristram. 1870. Liverpool... Prof. G. Rolleston, M.A., M.D., Dr. T. S. Cobbold, Sebastian Evans,

F.R.S., F.L.S.Dep. Anat. and Prof. Lawson, Thos. J. Moore, H,
Physiol. Prof. M. Foster, M.D., T. Stainton, Rev. H. B. Tristram,
F.L.S.-Dep. of Ethno. J. C. Staniland Wake, E. Ray Lan-
Evans, F.R.S.

kester. 1871. Edinburgh Prof.Allen Thomson, M.D.,F.R.S. Dr. T. R. Fraser, Dr. Arthur Gamgee,

Dep. of Bot. and Zool. Prof. E. Ray Lankester, Prof. Lawson,
Wyville Thomson, F.R.S. H. T. Stainton, C. Staniland Wake,
Dep. of Anthropol. Prof. W. Dr. W. Rutherford, Dr. Kelburne
Turner, M.D.

| King: 1872. Brighton ... Sir John Lubbock, Bart., F.R.S. Prof. Thiselton-Dyer, H. T. Stainton,

-Dep. of Anat, and Physiol. Prof. Lawson, F. W. Rudler, J. H.
Dr. Burdon Sanderson, F.R.S. Lamprey, Dr. Gamgee, E. Ray Lan-
--Dep of Anthropol. Col. A. kester, Dr. Pye-Smith.

Lane Fox, F.G.S. 1873. Bradford ... Prof. Allman, F.R.S.--Dep. of Prof. Thiselton-Dyer, Prof. Lawson,

Anat, and Physiol. Prof. Ru- R. M‘Lachlan, Dr. Pye-Smith, E. therford, M.D.-Dep. of An- Ray Lankester, F. W. Rudler, J.

thropol. Dr. Beddoe, F.R.S. H. Lamprey. 1874. Belfast Prof. Redfern, M.D.--Dep. of W. T. Thiselton-Dyer, R. O. Cunning

Zool, and Bot. Dr. Hooker, ham, Dr. J. J. Charles, Dr. P. H.
C.B., Pres. R.S..—Dep. of An- Pye-Smith, J. J. Murphy, F. W.

thropol. Sir W. R. Wilde, M.D. Rudler. 1875. Bristol ...... P.L.Sclater, F.R.S. ---Dep.of Anat. E. R. Alston, Dr. McKendrick, Prof.

and Physiol. Prof.Cleland, M.D., W. R. M‘Nab, Dr. Martyn, F. W. F.R.S.--Dep.of Anthropol. Prof. Rudler, Dr. P. H. Pye-Smith, Dr. Rolieston, M.D., F.R.S.

W. Spencer. 1876. Glasgow ... A. Russel Wallace, F.R.G.S., E. R. Alston, Hyde Clarke, Dr. Knox,

F.L.S.-- Dep. of Zool. and Bot Prof. W. R. M‘Nab, Dr. Muirhead,
Prof. A. Newton, M.A., F.R.S. Prof. Morrison Watson.
---Dep. of Anat. and Physiol.
Dr.J.G. McKendrick,F.R.S.E.



Dr. Bond, Mr. Paget. 1834. Edinburgh... Dr. Abercrombie

Dr. Roget, Dr. William Thomson. * At a Meeting of the General Committee in 1865, it was resolved:-" That the title of Section D be changed to Biology;" and “That for the word “Subsection,' in the rules for conducting the business of the Sections, the word · Department' be substituted.

Date and Place.



SECTION E. (UNTIL 1847.)---ANATOMY AND MEDICINE. 1835. Dublin Dr. Pritchard

Dr. Harrison, Dr. Hart. 1836. Bristol Dr. Roget, F.R.S.

Dr. Symonds. 1837. Liverpool Prof. W. Clark, M.D.

Dr. J. Carson, jun., James Long, Dr.

J. R. W. Vose. 1838. Newcastle ... T. E. Headlam, M.D.

T. M. Greenhow, Dr. J. R. W. Vose. 1839. Birmingham John Yelloly, M.D., F.R.S. Dr. G. O. Rees, F. Ryland. 1840. Glasgow James Watson, M.D...

Dr. J. Brown, Prof.Couper, Prof. Reid. 1841. Plymouth ... P. M. Roget, M.D., Sec.R.S. Dr. J. Butter, J. Fuge, Dr. R. S.

| Sargent. 1842. Manchester . Edward Holme, M.D., F.L.S. Dr. Chaytor, Dr. R. S. Sargent. 1843. Cork Sir James Pitcairn, M.D. Dr. John Popham, Dr. R. S. Sargent. 1844. York J. C. Pritchard, M.D.

I. Erichsen, Dr. R. S. Sargent.

SECTION E.---PHYSIOLOGY. 1845. Cambridge Prof. J. Haviland, M.D. Dr. R. S. Sargent, Dr. Webster. 1846. Southampton Prof. Owen, M.D., F.R.S.... C. P. Keele, Dr. Laycock, Dr. Sargent. 1847. Oxford* ... Prof. Ogle, M.D., F.R.S., Dr. Thomas K. Chambers, W. P.


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PHYSIOLOGICAL SUBSECTIONS OF SECTION D. 1850. Edinburgh Prof. Bennett, M.D., F.R.S.E. 1855. Glasgow Prof. Allen Thomson, F.R.S. Prof. J. H. Corbett, Dr. J. Struthers. 1857. Dublin ....... Prof. R. Harrison, M.D. Dr. R. D. Lyons, Prof. Redfern. 1858. Leeds Sir Benjamin Brodie, Bart., F.R.S.C. G. Wheelhouse. 1859. Aberdeen . Prof. Sharpey, M.D., Sec.R.S. ... Prof. Bennett, Prof. Redfern. 1860. Oxford ...... Prof. G. Rolleston, M.D., F.L.S. Dr. R. M'Donnell, Dr. Edward Smith, 1861. Manchester. Dr. John Davy, F.R.S.L. & E.... Dr. W. Roberts, Dr. Edward Smith. 1862. Cambridge . C. E. Paget, M.D.

G. F. Helm, Dr. Edward Smith. 1863. Newcastle... Prof. Rolleston, M.D., F.R.S. Dr. D. Embleton, Dr. W. Turner. 1864. Bath. Dr. Edward Smith, LL.D., F.R.S. J. S. Bartrum, Dr. W. Turner. 1865.Birminghmt. Prof. Acland, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. Dr. A. Fleming, Dr. P. Heslop, Oliver

Pembleton, Dr. W. Turner.

GEOGRAPHICAL AND ETHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES. [For Presidents and Secretaries for Geography previous to 1851, see Section C, p. xiii.]

ETHNOLOGICAL SUBSECTIONS OF SECTION D. 1846. Southampton Dr. Pritchard ....

Dr. King 1847. Oxford ...... Prof. H. H. Wilson, M.A. Prof. Buckley. 1848. Swansea

G. Grant Francis. 1849. Birmingham

Dr. R. G. Latham. 1850. Edinburgh.. Vice-Admiral Sir A. Malcolm Daniel Wilson.


1851. Ipswich Sir R. I. Murchison, F.R.S., Pres. R. Cull, Rev. J. W. Donaldson, Dr. R.G.S.

Norton Shaw. 1852. Belfast Col. Chesney, R.A., D.C.L., R. Cull, R. MacAdam, Dr. Norton F.R.S.

Shaw. * By direction of the General Committee at Oxford, Sections D and E were incorporated ::der the name of " Section D— Zoology and Botany, including Physiology” (see p. xxxv). The Section being then vacant was assigned in 1851 to Geography.

l'ide note on page xxxvi.

Date and Place.



1853. Hull.. R. G. Latham, M.D., F.R.S. R. Cull, Rev. H. W. Kemp, Dr. Nor

ton Shaw, 1854. Liverpool... Sir R. I. Murchison, D.C.L., Richard Cull, Rev. H. Higgins, Dr. F.R.S.

Ihne, Dr. Norton Shaw. 1855. Glasgow ... Sir J. Richardson, M.D., F.R.S. Dr. W. G. Blackie, R. Cull, Dr. Nor.

ton Shaw. 1856. Cheltenham Col. Sir H. C. Rawlinson, K.C.B. R. Cull, F. D. Hartland, W. H. Rum

sey, Dr. Norton Shaw. 1857. Dublin ...... Rev. Dr.J.Henthawn Todd, Pres. R. Cull, S. Ferguson, Dr. R. R. Mad. R.I.A.

den, Dr. Norton Shaw. 1858. Leeds Sir R. I. Murchison, G.C.St.S., R.Cull, Francis Galton, P.O'Callaghan, F.R.S.

Dr. Norton Shaw, Thomas Wright. 1859. Aberdeen Rear-Admiral Sir James Clerk Richard Cull, Professor Geddes, Dr. Ross, D.C.L., F.R.S.

Norton Shaw. 1860. Oxford Sir R. I. Murchison, D.C.L., Capt. Burrows, Dr. J. Hunt, Dr. C. F.R.S.

Lempriere, Dr. Norton Shaw. 1861. Manchester. John Crawfurd, F.R.S. ....... Dr. J. Hunt, J. Kingsley, Dr. Norton

Shaw, W. Spottiswoode. 1862. Cambridge . Francis Galton, F.R.S. J. W. Clarke, Rev. J. Glover, Dr.

Hunt, Dr. Norton Shaw, T. Wright. 1863. Newcastle... Sir R. I. Murchison, K.C.B., C. Carter Blake, Hume Greenfield, F.R.S.

C. R. Markham, R. S. Watson. 1864. Bath ......... Sir R. I. Murchison, K.C.B., H. W. Bates, C. R. Markham, Capt. F.R.S.

R. M. Murchison, T. Wright. 1865. Birmingham Major-General Sir H. Rawlinson, H. W. Bates, S. Evans, G. Jabet, C. M.P., K.C.B., F.R.S.

R. Markham, Thomas Wright. 1866. Nottingham Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart., H. W. Bates, Rev. E. T. Cusins, R. LL.D.

H. Major, Clements R. Markham,

D. W. Nash, T. Wright. 1867. Dundee...... Sir Samuel Baker, F.R.G.S. ...... H. W. Bates, Cyril Graham, C. R.

Markham, S.J. Mackie, R. Sturrock. 1868. Norwich . Capt. G. H. Richards, R.N.,F.R.S.T. Baines, H. W. Bates, C. R. Mark

ham, T. Wright.

SECTION E (continued).--GEOGRAPHY. 1869. Exeter Sir Bartle Frere, K.C.B., LL.D., H. W. Bates, Clements R. Markham, F.R.G.S.

J. H. Thomas. 1870. Liverpool... Sir R. I. Murchison, Bt., K.C.B., H. W. Bates, David Buxton, Albert

LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., F.G.S. J. Mott, Clements R. Markham. 1871. Edinburgh. Colonel Yule, C.B., F.R.G.S. Clements R. Markham, A. Buchan,

J. H. Thomas, A. Keith Johnston. 1872. Brighton Francis Galton, F.R.S.

H. W. Bates, A. Keith Johnston, Rev.

J. Newton, J. H. Thomas. 1873. Bradford ... Sir Rutherford Alcock, K.C.B.... H. W. Bates, A. Keith Johnston, Cle

ments R. Markham. 1874. Belfast Major Wilson, R.E., F.R.S., E. G. Ravenstein, E. C. Rye, J. I. F.R.G.S.

Thomas. 1875. Bristol Lieut.-General Strachey, R.E., H. W. Bates, E. C. Rye, F. F. Tuckett.

C.S.I., F.R.S., F.R.G.S., F.L.S.,

F.G.S. 1876. Glasgow .. Capt. Evans, C.B., F.R.S........ H. W. Bates, E. C. Rye, R. Oliphant



COMMITTEE OF SCIENCES, VI.--STATISTICS. 1833. Cambridge Prof. Babbage, F.R.S.

J. E. Drinkwater. 183 1. Edinburgh . Sir Charles Lemon, Bart. Dr. Cleland, C. Hope Maclean.

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