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96–101. Describe the first settlements in Connecticut. What about the Pequot War? What about the Connecticut Constitution ? What about the New Haven colony? What of the Regicides, of Andros and the Charter ?

102-105. Who were the Catholic Pilgrims ? Where did they settle ? What was the first English Catholic church in America ? Who made the laws of the colony? How about religious freedom ? What is said of the Clayborne and Ingle rebellion ? What was done in regard to Catholic worship in Maryland ? What happened when Lord Baltimore got his rights again ? What was done when the king took possession ? What is said of Mason and Dixon's line ?

106-109. What did Roger Williams do in 1636? Why did he name the place Providence? What is said of religious liberty in the colony? What other settlements were made in Rhode Island? What is said of the Charter ?

109-111. Who first settled Delaware? Where? What happened to the colony ? What was the first state to enter the Union ?

111-115. How did the name Carolina originate? Where was the first settlement made ? What is said of Charleston ? What about the Huguenots ? What was the “Grand Model”? When was the province divided into North and South Carolina ? What is said of rice? Of indigo? Of Charleston in 1773?

116-120. Why did Charles II. give William Penn a large tract of land ? What did the king name it? What did Penn intend to do in America ? Where was the first settlement made ? What is said of the “Great Law"? Of the Great Treaty ? Of Philadelphia ?

120-124. Why did 'General Oglethorpe wish to establish a colony in America ? Why was the province named Georgia ? Where did the colonists settle? What about silk culture ? Did the colonists have much freedom ? When did Georgia become a royal province ?

124-128. Who first explored the West ? Describe Joliet and Marquette's expedition. What did La Salle do? Who founded Mobile ? Who New Orleans ? How much of the country did the English hold? What had France got possession of? What did France mean to do? What forts did the French build?

129–139. When did war with the French begin? When did it end? How many wars are usually mentioned ? Did the Indians take any part? What can you say of Louisburg ? What of the great line of French forts? What of the Ohio Company ? What message did the governor of Virginia send to the French ? What results did the journey have? What is said of the Albany Convention? What of Braddock's expedition? What of William Pitt? How did the name Pittsburgh originate ? What is said of the fall of Quebec ? What did the French and Indian War settle ?

139–148. What was the population of the thirteen colonies in 1763 ? What about foreign trade ? Did all the colonies have the same form of government ? How did the farmers live? What is said of the life in cities and on plantations ? What about travel, letters, hospitality, laws ? What of education, of books ? What did Edwards write ? What did Franklin ? What about Franklin and electricity ?

149–165. What is said of George III.? How did he interfere with American commerce ? What happened in Boston? Why did the king propose to tax the colonists? Why did they object? What about the Stamp Act? What of the Declaratory Act? The Boston Massacre ? The New Taxes ? What about the "Boston Tea Party"? What did Parliament do? What did Massachusetts do? Describe the British expedition to Lexington and Concord. How did it end? Describe the taking of Ticonderoga and Crown Point. Who was appointed commander of the Continental Army? What is said of Bunker Hill and the battle? When and where did Washington take command of the army ? Describe the expedition against Quebec. How did Washington drive the British out of Boston ? What about Fort Moultrie ? What is said of“ Common Sense" ? Did the Americans seek to separate from Great Britain ? What is said of the Declaration of Independence ?

166-176. What did the British hope to do in New York? What is said of Washington ? Describe the battle of Long Island. In what direction did Wash.



ington retreat ? What is said of Fort Washington? Of Lee ? Describe Washington's retreat across New Jersey. The victory of Trenton. What did Robert Morris do for Washington ? How did Washington outwit Cornwallis ? What is said of Burgoyne's expedition?. Describe the battle of Bennington. Describe Howe's expedition to Pennsylvania. What is said of the Saratoga battles ? What did France do. What help did Franklin render?

176-185. What was the condition of Washington's army at Valley Forge ? What did England offer in the spring of 1778 ? What is said of the battle of Monmouth? Of Lee ? What did the British do next? Why ? Speak of Savannah; of Wayne's victory; of Paul Jones. What of Charleston ? What of Marion and Sumter? What of battle of Camden? Of King's Mountain ? Speak of Arnold's treason; and of the winter at Morristown. What is said of General Greene? Of Cowpens? Of Guilford Court-House ? What did Cornwallis resolve to do? What is said of Greene's victories in South Carolina ? Describe the “Crowning Victory of War." How did the news affect Lord North ? Give summary of the Revolution.

185-190. What of George III.'s speech ? When was peace made? What was the condition of United States? How about money ? About trade between the states? What is said of Shays' Rebellion ? What of the Northwest Territory? When and where did the Convention meet to make a new Constitution ? What did they accomplish? What is said of Alexander Hamilton ? What four things did the Constitution accomplish? Give summary of the period.

191-199. What is said of political parties? Of the election of Washington ? Of his inauguration ? Whom did Washington choose for his cabinet ? How did the government raise money? What did Hamilton do with a large part of this money? What did the government do in 1790, 1791, and 1792 ? What is said of “Citizen" Genet? What of emigration to the West ? What great invention was made in 1793 ? What came of it? Speak of the Whiskey Rebellion; of Jay's Treaty.

199–201. What is said of France ? Of the “X. Y. Z.” Papers ? What were the Alien and the Sedition Laws ? What illustrious man died in 1799 ?

201–209. Of what party was President Jefferson ? Where was he inaugurated ? What was thought of the probable extent of the Republic ? Why? What about the war with Tripoli ? What great territory did Jefferson purchase? What advantage did it secure us ? Describe Lewis and Clarke's expedition. What about the French and English war? What was the Embargo Act? What effect did it have? What was the Non-Intercourse Act? What results did it have ? What is said of Aaron Burr ? What about “Fulton's Folly"? What of the Savannah? What did Congress do in 1807? What did Jefferson say of slavery?

210-219. What is said of Madison's attempt to re-open trade with Great Britain ? What of Napoleon ? Speak of Tecumseh's conspiracy; of the Henry letters. What caused the War of 1812? Speak of General Hull; of the Constitution and the Guerrière; of Perry's victory; of Jackson's. What is said of Chippewa and of Lundy's Lane? What of the British capture of Washington ? Describe Macdonough's victory. What is said of Fort McHenry? What of Jackson at New Orleans ? What results did the war have ?

220–229. What is said of Monroe ? What of his journey through the North ? What was the Seminole War? What did Spain do with Florida ?

What great question now came up ? What change of feeling had occurred ? How did slavery divide the country? How did the North and South feel about the extension of slavery? What was the Missouri Compromise ? What about the National Road? What is the Monroe Doctrine? Speak of the visit of Lafayette.

229-234. Describe the building of the Erie Canal and its results. What about "Steam-Wagons"? What was the first railroad opened in the United States ? Of what did railroads convince people? What is said about Drinking Habits and the Temperance Cause ?

234-246. Who was the first President from the West? What mistake did he make? How would Jackson act now? What is said of Garrison? What did Channing say? What happened in Virginia ? What was done at the North?

What about Abolition Societies? What petitions were sent to Congress? What was the result? Why did the President put an end to the United States Bank? Why did South Carolina resist the duty on imported goods? What was Nullification? What debt do we owe Daniel Webster? What did the President do? Speak of the growth of the country. What about coal? What of the Express System? What of Chicago ? Who were our first painters ? Our first writers ? What appeared in 1833 ?

247-251. What is said of the panic of 1837 ? What did the government establish? What can you say of the Mormons? Where did they finally go? What happened in 1840 ? What is said of Emigrants ?

252-256. What was Harrison called ? How long did he live after he became President? What is said about 'Tyler ? What of the Dorr Rebellion, the Ashburton Treaty, the Anti-renters? What about the Electric Telegraph ? Who discovered that ether would control pain? What country did we annex in 1845?

256–265. What is said of Oregon? What of Dr. Whitman? How did we finally get Oregon? Why did the Mexican War break out? What battles can you mention ? What countries did we conquer ? What is said of General Scott ? What important city did he take ? What was there remarkable about the war? What two results did it have? What is said of the discovery of gold in California ? What results did it have ?

265–269. What is said about slavery? What were Clay's plans of compromise ? What important law was passed, and what were its results ? What can you say of “Uncle Tom's Cabin"? of Sumner and Davis ? 270-275. What did the

Crystal Palace" exhibition of 1853 prove? Who opened the ports of Japan? What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act? What happened in Kansas ? How did Kansas enter the Union at last?

275-284. What was the Dred Scott case? What was Judge Taney's decision ? How did the North feel about it? What can you say of the panic of 1857? What was discovered in Nevada and Colorado ? În Pennsylvania ? How is much of the oil sent to market? What was John Brown's raid, and how did it end? Who was elected President in 1860 ? What did the people of South Carolina think of the election? What did they do? What did six other Southern States do? Why did the South secede? What did the Confederacy seize? What did President Buchanan try to do? What is said of the growth of the United States between 1789 and 1861 ? What sad difference was there between 1789 and 1861 ? What had caused the difference? What must now happen in regard to the Union ?

285-299. What did President Lincoln say at his inauguration? What did he intend to do? What is said of Major Anderson? What next happened? What did the President do when he heard of the surrender of Fort Sumter? What states now seceded? How many did that make in all ? Name them. To what place was the Confederate capital now removed? What did General Butler do with fugitive slaves ? What was the condition of the North with respect to the war? of the South ? Speak of the number and position of the two armies. What is said of the battle of Bull Run ? How did “Stonewall” Jackson get his name? What results did the defeat at Bull Run have? What was the Union plan of the war? What about the Confederate war-vessels ? What of Mason and Slidell ? What can you say of the Merrimac? What of the Monitor? What about the war in the West?' What did General Grant write to General Buckner? What is said of the battle of Pittsburg Landing? Of Island No. 10? What was the general result of the first year of the war ?

299-305. Describe the expedition against New Orleans. What was the result? What is said of Port Hudson and Vicksburg ? What did McClellan do? What was the result of the Peninsular Campaign? What about the second battle of Bull Run? Describe Lee's advance. What happened at Antietam? What is said of the battle of Fredericksburg ? Of Murfreesboro? What did the President do on New Year's Day, 1863? What has been the result? What was the North fighting for before the Proclamation? What afterwards ?

306-311. What is said of the battle of Chancellorsville ? What of Gettysburg ? Who made a famous charge at Gettysburg ? Can you describe it?

What was



the result of the battle? What can you say about Vicksburg ? How did many of the people have to live during the siege? How did the siege end? On what day? What about Port Hudson? What had now been done? What about the draft riots; Morgan's raid ? Where was a severe battle fought September 19-20 ? Why was General Thomas called “the Rock of Chickamauga"? Speak of Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain. What did Sherman do at Meridian ? Who was now made general-in-chief of the Union armies ?

311-323. What did Grant and Sherman now decide to do? Where were the battles of the Wilderness fought? What is said of them ? Did Grant turn back? What did he do? Where and by whom was the Alabama taken? What was Early's raid ? Describe Sheridan's raid in the Shenandoah Valley? What is said of the Petersburg mine? What of Sheridan's ride ? What did Sherman do in the West? What important city did he take? What is said of Farragut ? What did Sherman determine to do? What did he accomplish? What is said of Thomas ? To how many states had the Confederacy now shrunk? What message did Sherman send to the President? Where did his men think they were going? Describe Sherman's march northward. What did Sheridan do on the west of Richmond ? on the south? What did Grant then capture ? What did Lee do? What happened the next day? Describe Lee's surrender. What happened at Fort Sumter on April 14, 1865? What had the war cost? What happened at Washington on the evening of Ăpril 14, 1865? What can be said of the North in the war? Of the South ? What did the war establish ?

324-332. Describe the military review in Washington. What next occurred ? What three things did the war settle ? What is said of the President's proclamation of pardon > What question now came up ? How did the President and Congress disagree? What was the result? What did Congress do in the spring of 1867? What is said of the Fourteenth Amendment? What of Tennessee? How many states came back? What about the others? What is said about the negroes ? About the “Carpet-Baggers"? After a time what happened? Why did Congress impeach the President? What was the result ? * What did the President do the next Christmas ? What did Congress do in 1869 ? What is said of the Thirteenth Amendment? Of the Fourteenth ? Of the Fifteenth? What had Professor Morse predicted? What did Cyrus Field do? What result has the cable had? What territory did Congress purchase in 1867? What can you say about it? What can you say about the payment of the war-debt ?

332-339. What great work was completed shortly after Grant became President ? Describe the road. What is said of the railroad and the telegraph ? What of the effect of the Pacific road on commerce with Asia ? On the growth of the far West? When was reconstruction completed ? What is said about the “Force Bill"? What happened at the West in 1871? What at the East in 1872? What is said of "Boss" Tweed? Of the “ Whiskey Ring"? What happened in 1873? What is said of the Centennial Exhibition ? 'What great change has taken place since Washington's day? What were two of the most remarkable novelties exhibited ? What is said of electricity? What treaty was made in 1871? What was one of its results? What wars shortly after occurred ?

340-343. What is said of the election of President Hayes? (See note 1.) How was the dispute finally settled ? (See note 1.) What action did the President take respecting the South? What is said of the negro ? What happened in 1877? What great work did Captain Eads accomplish ? What is said about the greenbacks"? What was done on New Year's Day 1879 ? What was the result ?

343–349. When was President Garfield assassinated ? What did Congress do? What effect does the Civil Service Reform have? What happened in Louisiana in 1882? Describe the East River Bridge. What about letter postage? What is said of the New Orleans Exhibition ? What did it prove? What great change has taken place in New Orleans? What is said of the South before the war and since? What about free labor ? Cotton ? Cotton-seed oil (Note I)? What of the Freedmen? Of education ?

349–355. What is said of President Cleveland ? What did he try to do? How did he succeed? What was one object of the “Knights of Labor"? What is said of the “ Black List"? Of the “Boycott"? What happened in 1886? What occurred at Chicago? What happened at Charleston in 1886? What at the West in the winter of 1888 ? What can you say about the Statue of Liberty ? What four important laws were passed during Cleveland's presidency?

355-359. Where is Oklahoma ? Describe the opening of Oklahoma. What event was celebrated in New York in the spring of 1889 ? Describe the Johnstown disaster. What is said of the Congress of the three Americas ? What new states were admitted in November, 1889? What two in 1890? What is the whole number of states in the Union ? How many stars has our flag now? What is said of our new ships-of-war? What is said of the growth of the American Republic? What advantages does this country offer? What do these facts prove ? What question ought each one to ask himself? What depends on the answer to this question ?

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