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Congesiion at Manchester, 177
Recent decisions :
Costs incurred in relation to proceedings

before magistrates, 402
Employer and workman--Death from wasp

sting---Accident "arising out of” the employment-Statement of deceased carpenter is not evidence (Gilbey v. Great Western Railway, 102 L. J. 202)---Statement to his doctor is evidence (Wright v. Kerri

gan, 45 Irish Law Times, 84). 248 Employer and workman-Medical referee

Quasi-judicial functions, 63
Employer and workman--Workmen's Com-

pensation Act 1906--Sched. 1 (17)--Re

| Rerint decisions :

demption- Amount--" Where the incapa.

city is permanent,” 249
Esecution Exemption --Wearing apparel.

bedding, and tools and implements of trade
to the value of 51.-County Courts Act 1888
(51 & 52 Vict. c. 43)-Construction of sect.
147—Summary Jurisdiction Act 1879 (42
& 43 Vict. c. 49), s. 21 (2)--Locus of execu-

tion. 176
High bailiff--Duties in relation to execution
and interpleader--County ('ourts Act 1883,

156-County Court Rules 1903, Odur
XXVII., rr. 3, 13, 38
Restraint of trade--Sale of “grocery and

general business”-Agreement by vendor

Recent decisions :

not to carry on similar grocery or general business"--Vendor setting up as “confee: tioner and restauranteur"--Overlapping

trades--Breach of agreement, 300 Whist drive--Unlawful gaming, 452 Workman injured and totally incapacitateil

by inhaling poisonous germs while empty. ing a dead well--Injury by accident.-.

Workmen's Compensation Act 1906, 380 Workmen's compensation--Deuth from sun.

stroke, 556 Workmen's Compensation Act--Barge mate's

claim--Estoppel, 508 Workmen's Compensation Act Injury

arising "out of the employment,” 535



Cause lists:
Cause lists:

Trinity Sittings, 163; Michaelmas Sittings, House of Lords, 542

Supreme Court of Judicature: Trinity Sit- 566 Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, tings, 157; Michaelmas Sittings, 518, 542 Long Vacation notice, 309; Second notice, 427

June and July, 137, 259; October, Novem- Circuits of the judges: Summer Assizes, 93 ; Order in Council: Circuits of the judge:, 258 ber, and December, 588 Autumn Assizes, 544

Orders in Council: Winter Assizes, 259
King's Bench Division :--Trinity Sittings: Coronation of their Majesties : Orders of Prisons for habitual criminals, rules, 70
Middlesex special jury actions,

Court, 47

Rules of the Supreme Court 1911 (draft), 136 Middlesex common jury actions, 138; Non Foreign Tribunals Evidence Act 1956, 374 Rules of the Supreme Court (July) 1911, uvi jury actions, 139

King's Bench Division : Rota of judges, / Whitsun Vacation notice. 117


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Air-hip asisting criminal to cscape from Parments in respect of pauper lunatics, 251 Recent decisions :
justice, 225
Perils of the motor-car, 299, 325

Rating- Licensed premises Raicable alus · Armorial bearings." 149, 293 | Perils of the roads, 299

--Extra licence duties -Rate prior to pass Borstal institutions, 150

Persecution by local bodies in re pect of taxa ing of Act- Finance (1909-10) Act 19:0 Capital punishment, 19 tion, 149

(10 Edw. 7, c. 8), 20 " Commodity" the meaning of, 113

Powers of courts of summary jurisdiction, 225 Rating-Railway--Line leased in perpetuity Congestion of traffic, in the metropolis, 113 Preferring prison to the workhouse, 129

to five companies --Excess of expenses over Coronation festivities and occasional licences, 87 Prevention of Crime Act 1908, departmental receipts -- Competitive value -- Position, Costs in proceedings under the Indictable amendment of, 363

connections, and accommodation, 326 Offences Act 1848, 346 Problem of London traffic, 87

Rating--Railway lines-Joint line -Value as County justices and applications for occasional Prohibition of navigation of aircraft over the feeder to other lines---Contributory value licences, 149

county of London, &c., under the Aerial Parochial principle-Competition, 325 ('riminal in flight: Science and detective, 178 Navigation Act 1911, 150

Settlement-Irremovability, 583 Criminal law and prison reform, 20

Punishments in American State prisons, 179 Settlement appeal-Order of adjudication, Criminal procedure of Scotland, England, and

583 Ireland, 129

Recent decisions : Departmental amendment of the Prevention

Reformatory prison for boys, 276

Illegal Practices Prevention Act 1883 -of Crime Act 1908, 363

Illegal hiring of motor-cars at elections

Reformatory prison for women, 276 Differences in the criminal law in England and Knowledge of the purpose for which the Regulations concerning modern locomotion, 276 Ireland. 583

cars wero hired--Hiring of two or more Removal of indorsements from motor drivers' Drivers of taxi cabs to be subjected to medical cars constitutes two or more offence:-Onus licences, 150 inspection, 225

of proof, 37

Report on vivisection, 300 Infanticide Bill, 177

Poor law --- Settlement --- Married

Russian prisoners, 62 Jersey, lego systems of, 179

deserted by husband-Capacity to acquire Science and detective, 178 London traltic, problemi of, 87

settlement of her own-Sufficiency of Sir Edward Henry's connection with Scotland Magistrates' treatment of drivers in motor-car grounds of removal-Poor Removal Act Yard, 250 accidents, 199

1861 (24 & 25 Vict. c. 55). 6. 3 Poor Law Traffic regulation, 199 Metropolitan Prisoners' Aid Society: Annual Amendment Act 1866 (29 & 30 Vict. c. 113). Trial of prisoner for murder charged on a meeting, 19

17-Divided Parishes and Poor Law coroner's inquisition, against whom a grand low police magistrate (Mr. Pickersgill), 309 Amendment Act 1876 (39 & 40 Vict. c. 61), jury found a true bill for inanslaughter, 531 Obstruction in busy streets, 325

ss. 34 and 35, 276

What do prisoners rcau ? 87



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Action of judges attacked in debate in Parlia. 'Gifts of money and kind influencing rot rs in Licences for places of public entertainment, 570 ment, 95

favour of the donor, 74

Lord Loreburn's criticisms of the Bar and the Adjustinent arising on the alteration or crea Granger, His Honour Judge: Transference to Law Society, 262, 286, 312 tion of local government arcas, 336 circuit, 47, 548

Lunacy Commissioners, report of, 312
Aerial navigation, legislation with regard to, 73 “Guilty of infamous conduct in a professional Malecka, Miss, arrest of, 211
Acroplane fatality in France affecting the respect." 96
Ministry, 74

Michaelmas sittings cau- lists, 525
“ Habitual,” the, 498

Military quelling riots, 395
Aeroplanes, legislation concerning, 211 | Haunted house : Liability of tenant for rent, Ministers in attendance on the Sovereign, 236
Aliens, expulsion of, under the Act of 1905, 165 570

Mixed tribunalo in Egypt, 2 Annual provincial meeting of the Law Society, Heavy damages in libel action, 50

Motor horns nuisance, 446 463

High Court of Bengal, congestion of business Naturalisation, laws of the various parts of the Annuities by will-Appropriated funds to meet, in, 119

Empire concerning, 166 50 Imperial Court of Appeal, 28

Newton, Mr. Arthur, and the Crippen letter, Appellate Jurisdiction Bill, 311

Imprisonment in default of payment of fines, 235 Appointment of justices of the peace, 1


New trial, inability of Court of Criminal Attack in debate in Parliament on the action Industrial council representative of employers Appeal to order, 498 of judges, 95

and workmen, 525

Non-payment of rates, excessive sentence for, 2 Jitorney-Generals resuming the practice of the Inebriates Acts 1879 to 1900: Report of in. Payment of fines, imprisonment in default ol, profession. 188 spector under, 354

498 Bacon, His Honour Judge, death of, 142 Instruction to valuers under the Finance Act Pickersgill, Mr., appointment of, as Metro. Bar, the, Lord Loreburn's aspersions upon, 286, 1910, 336

politan police magistrate, 261 312

Insurance against employers' liabilities in re- Prerogative of mercy, 188 Bill relating to the government of Scotland, spect of accidents, 120

President of the Board of Trade in reality the 396 Insurance Bill, 27

Board of Trade, 378 Cabinet Councils, presence at, of persons not International peace and international judicial Public Prosecutor at the hearing of election members, 378 systems, 212

petitions, 74 (ause lists, Trinity sittings, 141 | Intoxicating liquor statistics 1910, 353

Railway Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme ('luer, Mr.. appointment of, as County Court Irish law officers of the Crown unable to obtain 1907: Report of Royal Commission, 563 judge, 261

seats in the House of Commons, 412

Railway strike, 377
Companies in 1910, 526
Irish railway strike, 445

Railway strike in Ireland, 445
Compensation to seamen detained on shore to , James of Hereford (Lord), death of, 377 Rated occupier, landlord paying rates, 570
attend Board of Trade inquiries, 236
Judges, action of, attached in debate in Parlia-

Rates, er ve sentence for non-payment of, 2 (onditional contraband, 527

ment, 95

Report by Inspector-General in Bankruptcy for County Court judges, Lord Loreburn's opinion Judgment summonses in the County Court, 570 1910, 429 with regard to, 286, 312

| Justices of the peace, appointment of, 1 Report of Commissioners of Prieons ard the County Court statistics for 1910, 446, 464 Justices passing sentenocs of imprisonment to Directors of Convict Prisons 1910-11, 497 County Courts Bill in the House of Lords, 236, run consecutively, 50

Renort of Inspector under Inebriates Acts 1873 262 Labour grievances. 378

to 1900, 354 Court of ('riminal Appeal, inability of, to i Land transfer, 262, 463

i Report of Lunary Commissioners, 312 Cerler new trial, 498

Lawrie, Mr. A. J, appointment of, as deputt.! R:or, quelling, by emples ment of the militar", Crim, increase or decrease of, 437

chairman of the County of London Quarter 395 Dlaration of war. 526

Soisons, 525

Rules of the Supremo ('ourt 1911 d:ait), 113 Direétor of Public Prosecutions' rcturn for Law Srciety: Annual report of the council, Saturdaa' sitting?, 547 1?10, 285

167: Annual genaral meeting, 235; The Shaw.L tevre, members of the family of, rh Egypt, mixed tribunals in, 2

society and land transfer, 430; Provincial Eniranchisements of lands, 326

have bcen barristers-at-law, 412 Feeding children during holidays, 50

meeting, 463; Judge Rentoul's remarks con- | Short sentences, 430 Fines, imprisonment in default of payment of, ' Legislation concerning seroplanes, 211

cerning the society, 547

Slow-moving vehiclos, regulation of, 28

Standard Oil Company, operations of 49 Forn 4. validity of, 570

Legislation with regard to serial navigation, 73 Standard with reference to the sale of milk, 74 Form 8, 28

Libel, the law of, as it affects newspapers, 395 Strikes and "peaceful nickering," 411
Libel actions, heavy damages in, 50

Supreme Court of Appral for the Empire 112

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Aerial Law Congress, 131

Habitual drunkenness, 387

| New boarding out order by Local Government Anglo-American arbitration, 89 Humanity of the law, 133

Board, 562
Birkbeck Bank loans, 281
Imperial conference, 130, 152, 200

New Customs and Commerce (U.S.) Courts, 180 Child offender ninety-six years ago, 440

Inns of Court Mission : Annual meeting, 65 Office of Lord High Steward, 561
Commonwealth land tax, 280
International arbitration, 66

Old Age Pensions Acts 1908 and 1911: Regula('ompanies in 1910, 559

International Maritime Law Congress, 557 tions, 455
Conference on international law, 226
King, the, and Gray's-inn, 225

Permanent Court at The Hague, 424
Congress on international law, 328
Land Registry: Return of work, 347

Piecing together torn paper, 181
English and American administration of Land valuation, 347

Preachers of Lincoln's-inn, 508
justice, 439
Law and lawyers of Balzac, 468

Publio records, 328
Ethics of advocacy in an unjust cause, 40, 63
Law of the air, 403

Recent decision : Landlord and tenant-General
Exceptions to the rule in Rylands x. Fletcher,
Lawyer, the, in politics, 561

agent-Notico in his own name--Notico am455 Lawyers of Charles Dickens, 404, 421

biguous—Validity, 134
Licences and penalties, 584
Fair wages clauses in contracts, 437

Right of asylum, 453
Local Government financial adjustments, 365 St. Andrews honours for lawyers, 453
Fishmongers' Company: Dinner to the Bench
Lord Chancellorship, 348

St. Giles' Christian Mission, 132 (annual and the Bar, 22 Lord High Steward, office of, 561

meeting) Foreign eloquence, 369

Lord James of Hereford as a parliamentarian, Study of legal biography, 328 Foreign Enlistment Act 1870, 535


Undeveloped land dutr. 182 Grotius and the movement for international Manifesto on public morals, 132

Walker, Right Hon. Sir Samuel, Bart., Lord peace, 278 Maritime conventions, 364

Chancellor of Ireland, 386


Addison on Contracts, 110

Arunachalam's Digest of the Civil Law of Alexander on the Administration of Justico in Ceylon, 126

Criminal Matters (in England and Wales). 83 | Ball on Bankruptoy and Bills of Sale, 344 Allan on Housing of the Working Classes Acts | Baty on Britain and Sea Law. 321 1890-1909 and Town Planning, 434

Beatty's Guide to the Death Dutics, 16 All India Digest 1886-1910. Sect. 1: Criminal, Behrens' Epitome of the Provisions of the 321

Companies (Consolidation) Act 1908, 126 Alpe on Stanıp Duties, 16

Lentwick on Domicil in relation to Succession,

Best on Evidence, 174
Bircham and Morris on Public Companies, 15
Bluff's Guide to the Bar, 560
Borstal iw 1911, 126

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nesy, 174

Buckland on Equity in Roman Law, 580 Heywood and Massey on Lunary Practice, 344 Ranking Liquidators, Trustees, and
Caporn's Selected Cases illustrating the Law of Highmoro on Stamp Laws, 434

Receivers, 83
Contract, 294

Holland's Students' Guide to Company Law, Ranking, Spacer, and Pegler on Arbitration
Cassely on Hiro and Hire purchase, 82

and Awards, 580
(hallis on Real Property, 16
Hooper on Illegitimacy, 343

Ranking, Spicer, anul Peler on Mercantile
Chitty's Statutes, Vol. i, 321 ; Vol. 2, 434 Innes' Digest of the Law of Easements, 16

Law, 343
Clemson on Methods and Machinery of Busi. | Jenkinson on the Promotion and Accounts of a

Ranking, Spicer, and Pegler on Partnership
Private Limited Company, 273

Law, 110
Cole on Scamen and Compensation, 83
Combo on Light, 34

Kime's International Law Directory and Rastorgourff on the Legal Position of English
Commercial Encyclopædia, 581
Telegraphic Code, 83

Companies in Russia, 344

Roscoe on the Growth of English Law, 344
Council of Legal Education Calendar 1911-12, Laws of England, Vol. 16, 82: Vol. 17, 343
Leader on German Law of Bills of Exchange Row on the Indian Limitation Act, 294

Row's All India Civil Court Manual, 343
Criminal Appeal Cases, Part 9 of Vol. 6, 581

and of Cheques, 34

Rowsell and Moran on Betting, 343
Croasdell on Copyright in relation to Cine Leako on Contracts, 321

Schuster's Translation of the German Com.
matography, 581
London School of Economics and Political

I mercial Code, 580
Cubitt on Building in London, 343

Science Calendar 1911-12, 581

Select Cases in the Star Chamber: Vol. 2, 15
Current Index of Indian Cases 1910, Civil and 'Lord Shaw on Legislature and Judiciary, 174 Shearwood's Bar Examination Questions with
Criminal, 344

Maitland's (Frederic William) Colected Papers, Answers, 126
Dawbarn on Employers' Liability and Work-


Shearwood's Questions and Answers on Civil
men's Compensation, 83

M'Kio's Tables of Compound Interest and Procedure and Evidence, 174
De Becker's Annotated Civil Code of Japan,

Annuities, 83

Smith (F.E.) on International Law, 434

Malcolm on Merchant Shipping and Relative Snelling on Incomo Tax and Inhabited Houso
De Beer's Analysis of Salmon's Jurisprudence, Acts, 433

Duty, 434

Maude's Justices' Handbook on Evidence, 580 Spencer on the Agricultural Holdings Act 1908,
Devonshire and Samuel on Land Values, Sup- Mead and Bodkin on the Criminal Law 580
plement to, 110

Amendiment Act 1885, 174

Sprague on Insurance Companies' Accounts,
Digest of the Local Government Case Law of Mews' Digest of English Case Law, April, 35; 580
1910, Vol. 1 (“Nomos "), 15

July, 344

Stevens' Elements of Mercantile Law. 434
Dixon's Introduction to Commercial Law, 580 Michael and Will on Gas and Water, 434 Sugar Beet: Some Facts and Some Illusions,
Donogh on Sedition and Cognate Offences in Moriarty on Defamation Law in New South 581
British India, 344

Wales, 34

Tearle's The Gardens of Gray's-inn, 34
Duckworth's Encyclopædia of Marino Law, 83 Mortimer on the Probate Division, 109 Thomson's Encyclopæxlia of Banking Law and
Dukes on Sunday Travellers, 34
Mott on the Brain and Voice, 272

Practice, 174
Encyclopædia of the Laws of England: Second Notablo English Trials: Franz Müller, 110; Tomlinson's Ilistory of the “ Interpretations of
Annual Supplement, 82
Simon Lord Lovat, 580

the Injunctions," 195
Fielden's Short (onstitutional History of Nutt on the Insurance Bill. 344

Toplam on Real Property, 16
England, 83

Nutt on Working Women and Divorce, 344 Trial at Romo of Queen Elizabeth for Heress,
Gibson and Weldon's Students' Intermediate, Oakley's Divorce Practice, 580

Digest, 34

O'Dell on Public Speaking and Chairmanship, Turner on Publio Health, 83
Gibson and Weldon's Students' Probate, 220

Underdown on the French Judiciary and Bar,
Divorce, and Admiralty, 321

Odgers on the Common Law of England, 82 195
Gore-Browne and Jordan on Joint Stock ('om. Odgers on Libol and Slander, 580

Watts on the National Insurance Bill. 344
panies, 34

Page and Finlay on the Shops Bill 1911, 34 Welford and Otter-Barry on Firo Insurance,
Green on Law for the American Farmer, 581 Palin and Martin's Chairman's Manual, 272 453
Haycraft's Handy Book on the Bills of Salo Palmer on Company Law, 174

Whitehead on Church Law, 344
Acts 1878-1891, 58
| Phipson on Evidence, 321

Wicker on Neutralisation, 581
Henderson's Digesti of Cases published in the Picken's Handbook on Stamp Duties, 58 | Wilshen's Analysis of Williams on Personal
Law Journal Reports and the Law Reports Poley on the Stock Exchange, 294

Propertv. 110
- 1906-1910, 580
Pratt and Mackenzie on Highways, 16

Worley's The Temple Church, 126
Heywood's Property Owners' Register, Record, Quarterly Noter-up, No. 31, 581

Year Books of the Reign of King Edward III. :
and Reminder, 344

Questions and Answers from the Justice of the Year 20 (Second Part), 15
Heywood's Universal Mortgage Register, &c., Peace 1897-1909, 433

Yearly Supreme Court Practice 1912, 580

Rahim on Muhammadan Jurisprudence, 343

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Association of County Court Rezistrars, 44 on Council and Committees, 155; Annual Society of City and Borough Clerks of the

(Report of the Committeo on the County report of the Council, 201, 227; Annual Peace, 45
Courts Bill)

general meeting, 252; Programme of arrange. Society of Publio Teachers of Law, 282
Barks, Bucks, and Oxfordshire, 115

ments at the annual provincial meeting, 391; Solicitors' Benevolent Association. 45, 67
Gray's-inn Debating Society 230 (Ladics' Night Course of procedure at the provincial meeting, ( Annual festival), 155, 255, 350, 494 (Annual

458 ; Provincial meeting, 470; Mr Rubenstein's meeting)
Gray's-inn Moot Society, 207

paper on the land transfer "scandal,” 510, Solicitors Managing ('lerks' Association. 586
Hampshire, 517


(Lecture on reconstruction and amalgamation
Hardwicke Society, 91 (Women's Suffrage), 302 Legal education in Wales: 458

of companies)
(Annual dinner)
Legal Musical Society, 564

Swansea and Neath, 45 (Rc prosecuting solicitor
Hertfordshire. 585
Manchester, 305, 374

for Swansra)
Justices' Clerks' Society, 254
Manchester Bar Council. 207

“ The Blue Bay." 24. 68, 92
Law Association, 46, 155 (annual general Medico-Legal Society. 91 (National insurance Union Society of London. 08 ( Annual dinner)
court), 255, 540

against sickness), 207, 304 (Innual dinner-- United Law (lerks' Society, 43 (Amour!
Law Society: Annual gencral meeting fan. annual meeting), 554

nouncements of). 135, 183; Annual provincial Portsmouth and District Lair Clerks' Arrocia. Imed Law Society, 45, 92, 364
meeting announcement of), 183; Attendance tion, 63


Calls to the Bar, 46, 203
Law Society:

Solicitors Managing ('lerks' Association. 541
Cambridge University, 185 (Law tri is lists). Notice of third term of 1911, 426; Fourth (Syllabus of law lectures for Michaelmas
232 (Squire scholarships)

term. 588

Council of Legal Education :

Preliminary Examination, May, results, 32; Students' Societies :
Advanced class, Michaelmas Terin, 1911, and July, results, 307
Hilary Term, 1912, 460
Studentships and prizes, 1911, 231

Birmingham, 541, 555
Appointinent of readers and assistant reailers,

Bradford, 332
Law Students' Debating Society, 70 (Sunual

Law Students' Debating Society, 70, 541, 565,
dinner), 495

Michaelmas Examination, rules, 255

Law Students' Union of England and Wales, 587
Prospectus of lectures during Michaelmas

Law Students' linion, 25
Educational Torm, 1911, 459

Lincoln's-inn: Promotion of the practice of Manchester, 565

junior inembers
Trinity Examination, results, 155

reading in barristers' Nottingham, 566
chambers, 47

Plymouth, Stonehouse, and Devonport, 588
Law Society:

London University, 541 (Whittuck scholarship), University College, 565
Final Examination, June, results, 257

565 (Examination, results)

University of London, 25 (Notice of lectures by
Honours Examination, Marchi, results, 46; Oxford University, 232 (Honour School of Sir John Macdonell). 232 (LL.D. Examination
June, results, 307

Jurisprudence class list), 541 (Eldun law for external students' pass list), 587 (Lecture
Intermediate Examination, June, rcsults, 257 scholarship)

on methods of legislation)


Allotment of shares, statutory restriction as to, 213, 238, 263, 287, 313, 338, 356, 382, 399, 415, Rcfusal to register transfers of shares, 543

432, 500, 528, 549, 572

Relations of the English to the Irish and the
Armed forces, use of, to quell riots, 355

Law relating to strikes and conspiracies, 378 Scottish Crowns, 189
Assignment or underletting by tenant, 143 Liability for non-feasance, 166

Riots, use of armed forces to quell. 355
Australian letter, 97, 339

Limitations within the marriage consideration, Similarity of nanies of companies, 50
Bequests to servants, 96


Statutory restriction as to allotment of shares,
Canadian letter, 167, 529
Masters and servants, 2

Compensation for damages by town planning Naval Prize Bill and the Declaration of London, Strikes and conspiracies, the law relating to,
schemes, 431
212, 237

Construction of the Coronation (ath, 183 Noteworthy decisions of the judicial year, 336, Super-tax, the, 571
Coronation Ceremonial. 120

356, 380, 396, 414. 430, 447

Tenants' repairs to ancient houses. 74
Covenants binding chattels, 262
Vuisance by demolitions, 121

Town-planning scheines, compensation for
Increase of rates and charges by railway Opening the Commission," 414

damage by, 431
companies, 412

Paid-up shares" as Stock," 286

Trustees and mortgage securities, 28
Irish notes, 3, 29, 52, 75, 97, 121, 143, 167, 191, Parliamentary record, 465, 498. 527

C'ee of armed forces to quell riot., 355


Appointment to paid offices of persons who have Elementary Education (England and Wales) Osborne judgment: Mr. Churchill's Bill. 110
been ordinary members of a local body, 58 Bill. 273

Paddington by-laws as to opening of windows
Anstralian land taxes and the English investor, Fishermen employed on a system of remunera - in tenement Houses, 16

tion based on a share in the profits of the Parliament, resumption of labour for Auiumn
" Back to the land." 35

fishery, 84

Session, 581
Bill dealing with offices regulation, 84
House of Lords Reconstitution Bill, 322

Payment of members of Parliament, 83
Bill on the subject of the relationship between Husband and Wife (Torts) Bill, 321

Peace Conference (Conventions) Bill, 220
Nonconformists and the English Church | Immoral Traffic Bill. 83

Qualifications of surveyors, 345
Communion, 127

Insurance covering the risk of larceny: 245 Report on tuberculosis, 273
Cheap Trains Bill, 84

Law Lords, increase in the number of, 35 Shops Bill and Sunday closing, 322
Copyright Bill, 581
Lights on vehicles, 16

State insurance
Coronation celebration funds for festivits pur-

against unemployment and
Motors at elections, 35

sickness, 35
poses, 321
National insurance', 175

Stress of Parliamentary life, 245
Deadlocks between two branches of Parliament, National Insurance Bill, 345

Trustees (Bodies Corporate) Bill, 273
Old Ag Pensions Bill, 195

Universal Races Congress, 111
Education (Provision of Heal:) Act 1906, ad Opening of private letters br the Gorerrmant Vaccination Acts (Repeal) Bill, 84
ministration of, 110, 175
for purposes of the State, 175

Withholding of writs of summons from peers,


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