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Pennock v. Pennock, 80
Peppercorne v. Clench, 406
Phillips v. Silvester, 289

Phillips v. The Great Western Railway Company,
43, 290, 426, 458

Phosphate of Lime Company v. Green and
another, 45

Pilcher v. Rawlings, 248

Pooley, ex parte; re Sir William Russell, 406
Pope v. Probyn, 385

Porter, ex parte; re Porter, 114

Pottesco Marble Company (Limited), re, 135
Pound (app.) v. The Board of Works for the Plum-
stead district (resps.), 44

Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Company (Limited),
The, v. The Taff Vale Railway Company, 366
Preston v. The Corporation of Great Yarmouth,

Pride v. Bubb, 59

Prosser v. The Bank of England, 310
Punchard, In the Goods of, 310
Purssglove, In the Goods of, 252

Radford v. Willis, 41

Rosseau v. Smith, 250

Rowbotham, ex parte; re Rowbotham, 116
Royal Naval Military and East India Company
Assurance Society, re The, 346
Ruddy, In the Goods of, 233

Sanderson v. Sanderson, 136

Sanderson v. Sanderson and Stephens and Hiscox,

Sargen v. Sargent, 99
Savile v. Kilner, 328

Scharf, In the Goods of, 387
Sharp v. Powell, 480

Shearman v. British Empire Mutual Assurance
Company, 478

Shepherd, In the Goods of, 252

Shepherd v. The Midland Railway Company, 233
Sheppeard v. Beetham and others, 387

Sheffield Improved Industrial and Provident
Society v. Jarvis, 327

Sidebotham, In the Goods of, 213
Sidebotham v. Knott, 269

Simey v. Dixon, 82

Sinnet v. Herbert, 210

Singer v. Audley, 211

Simpson (app). Wells (resp.), 250
Slater v. Pinder, 292
Sleeman v. Wilson, 26

Smith v. Farrah, 115

Smith v. Gibson, 43

Smith v. Myers and another, 83
Smith v. Stone, 229

Southampton Imperial Hotel Company (Limited),
re, (Hunt's Claim), 346
Stafford v. Gardner, 213
Stanley, ex parte, 347
Stewart v. Earl Vane, 135
Stimson v. Farnham, 81
Stoke's Trusts, re, 309

Swift, ex parte; re Sir William Russell, 308

Tait, Sir Peter, and Co., ex parte, re Lynch, 293

Tait, Sir Peter, ex parte, re Tait and Co., 214
Targett v. Vincent, 81

Telford v. Metropolitan Board of Works, 328
Temple v. Flowers, 479
Teutonia, The, 308

Tepper, In the Goods of, 213
Tetley and another v. Shand, 82
Thomas, In the Goods of, 28
Thuringia, The, 99

Thwaites v. Tibbits, 67
Toleman v. Reed, 293

Tomkins v. Tomkins, 366

[blocks in formation]

Ward v. Wolverhampton Waterworks Company,27
Ware's Trusts, re, 80

Ravensford v. Ravensford, Smith and Withey, 311 Webster v. The Mayor, &c., of Halifax, 42

Rayner, ex parte; re Johnson, 364
Reaston's Estate, re, 309

Reg. v. Justices of Flintshire, 63

Reg. v. Justices of Surrey and others, 251
Reg. v. St. Ives Union, 480

Reg. v. The Vestry of St. Luke's, Chelsea, 83
Rennie v. Morris, 210

Rennison v. Walker and another, 291

Weeks, ex parte, re Henderson, 214

Wehner, re, 84

Whitmore and another v. Humphries, 45

[blocks in formation]

Republic of Liberia, The, v. The Imperial Bank Wilson v. Newberry, 63
(Limited), 135

Richards v. Gellatly and others, 251
Richardson v. Richardson and others, 293
Roberts, ex parte; re Burdett, 68
Robins v. Goldingham; re Suckling, 230
Robinson v. Robinson, 99
Rollins v. Hinks, 230

Wilson v. O'Leary, 364

Wilson v. Wilson and Howell, 213

Wilson v. Wilson and Stowell, 68, 293

Woodcock's Settled Estate, re, 43
Woodhams v. Woodhams, 44

Wood v. Weightman, 365

Wotherspoon and another v. Currie, 477





, re



.), 44

[blocks in formation]

Adulteration of bread, 45

Advancement of children in lifetime of testator,

Advertisements for creditors, 365

Affidavit, irregularity in, 251

Affidavits in Chancery-Evidence in Divorce Court,

Affiliation order-Res judicata, 63

Agent both vendor and purchaser, 478
Alimony-Cross-examination of husband, 99
Alimony-Judicial separation, 67

Alimony pendente lite-Wife's costs, 68.
Alimony on capital invested in business, 213
Alimony pending appeal to full court, 213
Alimony-Witnesses in support of petition, 99
Amendment of special case, 328
Annuity-Perpetual or for life, 386
Appeal in equity-Practice, 249
Apportionment, 327

Arbitration-Three arbitrators, 366

Architect, guarantee by in building contract, 25
Assignee of policy of insurance, action by, 212
Assignment of chattels, &c., in Scotland, 386
Attachment of attorney, 251

Attestation clause, imperfect, 452

Attorney-Suspension of, 212

Award-Costs, 44

[blocks in formation]

Composition deed-Execution of-Evidence, 66
Composition deed-Right to sue, 64
County Court-Jury, when necessary, 116
Debtors' summons-Costs, 46
Disclaimer of lease by trustee, 60

Di stinct contracts-Right of proof, 114
Double proof-Distinct estates, 477
East India pension-Bill of sale, 249
Execution creditors--Seizure

bankruptcy, 292, 345

before act of

Execution on goods of trader for over £50,364
Execution on judgment in County Court, in-
junction, 426

Fraudulent conveyance-Past debt, 308
Fraudulent preference-Payment out of money
advanced, 59

Fraudulent preference, 60

Inspectorship deed-Injunction, 214

Ireland, power of Bankruptcy Act to restrain
proceedings in, 293

Liquidation-Jurisdiction, 477

Money acquired during bankruptcy, 134
Mortgagee's claim to book debts, 214

Order and disposition, 46

Order and disposition-Policy of insurance, 115

"Otherwise absenting himself "--Intent, 134
Parliament, members of-Liquidation, 406
Registration-Practice, 84

Reputed ownership, 294

Secured creditor-Judge's order, 114
Trustee-Title relating back, 136

Bill of sale-Affidavit, 81

Breach of contract before time for performance,

[blocks in formation]

Brewer, and "ale or porter merchant," distinc-
tion, 252

Brewers' covenant, 63

Broker, contract by, 293

Broker, personal liability of, 44

Broker selling his own goods-Right to recover, 82
Broker, want of skill on part of, 28

Building society, Promissory note by trustees of,

Burial fees, Incumbent's right to, 44

Cargo "expected to arrive," date of, 83

"Cause of action "-Defendant out of jurisdiction,

Charitable gift-Description, 134
Charitable gift-Insufficient description, 310
Charity-Scheme cy près, 365

Codicil confirming will-Wife of legatee attesting
witness, 249

Colourable imitation-Interlocutory injunction, 99
Common carriers as bailees, liability of, 251


Common employment, 480

Common Pleas of Lancaster-Jurisdiction, 27
Common, rights of, pleading, 384

Advances to directors-Rigging the market, 26
Agreement to sell land at fixed price-Waiver,


Agreement to become a member, 385

[blocks in formation]

Allotment of shares-Notice-Revocation of Dangerous employment-Fencing machinery, 269
application, 99

Amalgamation-Contributory, 230
Amalgamation-Notice of allotment, 62
Annuity granted by company, 479
Bankruptcy of contributory after commence-
ment of winding-up, 364

Companies Act 1862-Examination, 289
Composition- Plea of to action for calls, 63
Compromise, 309

Compromise and payment by trustee for com-
pany, 346

Compromise-Petition to effect, 366
Compulsory winding-up-Resolution, 212
Directors-Breach of trust by, 309
Directors-Liability of, 458
Directors-Personal liability for advance, 347
Directors-Remuneration of, 345
Directors-Remuneration of-How payable,


Double proof-Surety-Bill of exchange, 80
Fees of directors-Advances, 211
Fictitious name-

-Application for shares in,
Inchoate foreign company, 211, 309
Lands Clauses Act-Agreement to take land,


Lands Clauses Act-Superfluous lands not re-
quired, 231

Lands Clauses Act-Reinvestment of pur.
chase-money, 328

Lands Clauses Act-Purchase of settled estate
by Board of Works, 347
Loan for illegal object, 134

Man of straw-Transfer of shares to, 61
Manager-Remuneration of, 62
Misrepresentation-Arbitration, 479
Misrepresentation-Cancellation of shares, 25
Novation, 346

Numbering of shares - Transfer of wrong
numbers, 344

Official liquidator-Production of documents
by, 60

Order for payment of call-Suspending during
appeal, 114

Past members-Liability of, 43

Policy holders against shareholders, 290
Powers of directors, 60

Power to block up streets, 211 478, 479
Promissory note to secure balance at bank-
Winding-up, 250
Proof-Amount of, 458
Provisional Liquidators, 61

Railway company, specific performance by, 27
Refreshment station, contract to stop trains
at, 43, 290, 458

Registration of transfer, power of directors to
refuse, 79

Reinvestment of purchase-money, 135

Right to damages under petition to wind-up,

[blocks in formation]

Transfer of winding-up to County Court, 366
Travelling agent-Commission, 365
Trustee of shares, implied agreement, 364
Ultra vires-Act of directors, 45
Unqualified director, 42

Voluntary and compulsory winding-up, 309
Winding-up-Affidavit of documents, 288
Winding-up-Charge for costs against com-
pany, 289

Winding-up-Notice of appeal-Time, 228
Company's debt, claim for interest, 425
Composition deed-Release, 45
Conditions of sale, misleading, 210
Constructive settlement, 365
Contract-Construction, 83
Copyholds, partition of, 212
Copyright-Infringement, 213
Corporation, mortgage of rates by, 290
Costs, certificate for, 28

Co-trustee, liability for breach of trust, 385
County Court, power of to amend, 291
Covenant-Lease for lives, 83

Creditor, right of to examine bankrupt, 308

Death, evidence of, in transfer of stock, 310
Discovery-Trade mark, 60

Dividends, payment to trustees, 309
Divorce Act, assessing damages, 310
Divorce-Condonation-New charges, 233
Divorce practice-Appeal to full court, 213
Divorce practice-Application by wife to amend

answer, 99

Divorce practice, dismissal of co-respondent, 293
Divorce suit--Wife's costs, 233

Donatio mortis causâ-Gift of cheque and pass
book, 386

Draining and paving new street-Expenses of, 44
Easement-Excessive user, 231
Endowed Schools Act, 211

Equitable assignment by lessee, 269
Equity of redemption-Mortgagor bastard and in-
testate, 232

Equity practice-Motion ordered to stand over, 62
Estate pur autre vie-Foreign domicile 288
Examination of witness-"Pending motion," 211
Excessive distress-Right to sue for, 67
Excessive toll-Conviction for taking, 250
Exciseable liquors-Seizure of, 45
Executor of building society-Mortgage by, 310

Failure of trust of will, 213
Family arrangement, 98

Filing bill without authority, 135
Floating policies-Concealment, 65

Forbearance-Agreement, 67

Foreign corporation-Service of writ, 269
Foreign Enlistment Act, 308, 311
Foreigner, will made abroad, 387
Forfeiture clause in will, 211
Fraudulent conveyance-Mortgage, 79

Game, covenant to preserve, 405

General average-Fuel to work donkey engine,


Gift by will, interest, 80
Gift, failure of object of, 80

Gift to wife and child-As a class or the wife, 248
Goodwill, sale--Depreciation, 229
Grant of probate ad coligenda, 213
Gravestones, direction to repair, 346
Guarantee to receipt bills-Mistake, 231
Guardians-Appeal from, 231

Highway Act-Obstruction-Statute fair, 250
Highway, diversion of, 251
Highway, encroachment, 64

Holder of bill of exchange-Right to proceed for
costs, 81
Hotchpot, 479

Husband and wife-Administration, 248
Husband and wife-Covenant to settle, 212

Ice on highway, negligence, 480
Imitation of name-Injunction, 115

Improper marriage-Forfeiture of property, 310
Improvement on settled estates, 135
Inclosure-Encroachment, 45

Infant married woman-Mode of taking consent,

Infant transferee, liability of jobber, 386
Injunction, 309

Injunction, suspension of, 426
Inspection of documents, 251

Insurance on goods at wharf, 82
Intestacy, lapse of bequest, 229

Intestacy-Stranger in blood elected guardian, 252
Interrogatories-Title, 64
Issues in divorce suits, 480

Jobber, liability on transfer of shares, 210

Joint probate, joint grant to attorneys of next of
kin abroad, 252

Judge ordinary, power to make rules, 68

Judicial separation-New charge of cruelty, 68
Judicial separation, husband's death, costs, 311
Judicial separation-Procedure, 328

Justices, jurisdiction in title, 231

Lands Clauses Act-Notice to treat, 66

Lands Clauses Act-Lands injuriously affected, 83
Latent ambiguity-Laches, 249

Lease, assignment of-Remote assignee, 292
Lease, forfeiture, 293

Legacies, repetition of, 364

Leaseholds, renewal of, 42

Legacy duty, 292

Libel, bill of discovery in, 291

Lien of solicitor for costs, 230

Line of street-Projection beyond, 43

Local court, power to order examinations, 329
Lords of the Treasury, statutory obligations of,

Lost codicil, evidence as to, 252
Lunatic, past maintenance, 80

Power of appointment-Invalid exercise, 229
Precatory trusts in will, 43

Principal and agent-Payment to agent and
another jointly, 232

Probate-Grant to creditor to institute proceed-

ings in Chancery, 210

Probate-No attestation clause-Witnesses, 233
Probate-Surviving executor out of the country,
Probate trial, 293


Lunatic wife-Separate property, 135

Maintenance; immorality, 42

Marine contract, to buy cargo on arrival, 291

Marriage articles-Perpetual annuity, 27

Marriage settlement-Volunteers, 99

Marriage, validity of-Signing register, 230

Married woman-Real estate, 59

Mayor's court, jurisdiction of-Freight, 251
Mayor, purchase of chain for, 287
Medical officer, appointment by guardians, 232
Metropolitan Building Act-Fees of district sur-
veyor, 44

Metropolitan commons, right of pre-emption, 328
Memorandum in writing-Agreement for lease, 365
Mines and minerals, reservation of, 386
Minor, guardians of, 366

Mistake, suit to reform deed, 327
Mixed fund-Legacies, 344

Mortgage by executor, 250

Mortgage-Power of sale, 345

Mortmain Acts, 347

Mother's right over children, 251

Negligence-Explosion of gas, 291
Negligence-Ice on platform, 233

Negligence-Injury caused by third party, 291
Negligence of railway passenger-Evidence, 212
Negligence-Onus of proof, 212
Next of kin-Evidence of, 387
Nuisance-Noise and vibration, 345
Nuisance-Smoke and vapours, 428

Parochial Assessment Act, 64

Parol agreement for lease-Specific performance,

Parol trust-Illegal transaction, 478
Parties to suit-Executors, 25

Partition Act 1868-Parties interested abroad, 386
Partnership agreement-Non-execution by essen-
tial party, 229

Partnership, power to bind, 293

Partnership, proof in dissolution, 365

Party-wall, right to support, 327

[blocks in formation]

Probate-Wife executrix, 57

Professional misconduct of attorney, 82
Production of documents-Partnership accounts,


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Tales, refusal to pray-Costs, 81

Tenor, executor according to the, 310

Testamentary papers, two, 387

Thames Embankment Act-Compensation, 387

Three counsel-Taxation of costs, 386

Tithes, modus, tillages, 293

Trademark-Colourable imitation, 6, 288, 447
Trademark-Infringement, 229, 230, 328

Trade, within certain distance-Admeasurement,
67, 231

Tramways Act-Right to stop traffic, 289
Transfer of cause, 385, 405

Trespass, action of-Injunction to restrain, 232
Trespassing on railway station, 479
Trust, breach of-Acquiescence, 26
Trust or absolute interest, 459
Trustee, discretion of, 80
Trustee-Improper sale, 115

Trustee "incapable to act," 288

Trustee Relief Act-Costs of petition, 406

Trustee, sale of shares to, 26

Trustees, appointment, 309

Trustees' discretion under will, 115

Trustees, liability of, 478

[blocks in formation]

dictions, 250

[blocks in formation]


Landlord's right under Bankruptcy Act 1869, s. Public Prosecutors and Sanitary Acts Consolida-
34, 104

Liquidation-Equitable mortgage of lease, 181
Liquidation-Rights of third persons, 52
Majority in number-Special resolutions, 124, 217,
219, 256

No notice of meeting-Registration of resolutions,

Non-payment of composition, 411

Notice to creditors unknown to petitioners, 433
Order and disposition, 394

Partner, power of, to pledge goods of firm, for
separate debt, 316

Practice-Evidence, 447

Practice on registration, 485

Receiver in bankruptcy-His office, 104

Registration of resolutions, refusal by registrar,


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Harington, Mr., 258, 299

Frauds in marriage settlements, 71


Incorporated Law Society's examinations, The, Mutiny Act-Liability of militiamen and volun-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Andrews's Precedents of Leases, 425

Bund's (Willis), Ancient Land Settlement of Eng.

land, 59

City of London Directory, The, 248

Copinger's Index to Precedents in Conveyancing

and to Common and Commercial Forms, 424

Cox's Epitome of the Session of 1871, 41

Daniell's Practice of the High Court of Chancery,


De la Rue's Desk Diary for 1872, 248

Dewy's Manual of the Law relating to Divorce

and Matrimonial Causes, 227

Elphinstone's Practical Introduction to Convey-

ancing, 192

Glen's Laws relating to Public Health and Local

Government, including the Law relating to the

Removal of Nuisances injurious to Health, the

Prevention of Diseases, and Sewer Authorities,

with Statutes and Cases, 209.

Goldsmith's Doctrine and Practice of Equity: A

Concise Outline of the Proceedings at the High

Court of Chancery, 156

Goodeve's Law of Evidence as Administered in

England and Applied to India, 248

Hall's Treatise on the Law relating to Profits á
Prendre and Rights of Common, 7

Hertslett's Index to Subjects to the twelve volumes

of Treaties and Conventions and Reciprocal Re-

gulations at present subsisting between Great

Britain and the Foreign Powers, &c., 326

Langdell's Selection of Cases on the Law of Con-
tracts, 228

Lee's Law and Practice of Bankruptcy and Im-

prisonment for Debt, 228

Lewis's Indian Civil Code of Procedure, 226

Markower's Das Allgemeine Deutsche Handels-

Gesetzbuch nebst den in Preussen geltenden

ergänzenden Bestimmungen, 457

Michael's Law of Gas and Water Supply, 343

Purkis's Student's Guide to Chitty on Contracts,

Williams on Real Property, and Smith's Manual

of Equity, 441

Redman's Concise Treatise on the Law of Arbitra-

tions and Awards, with an appendix to prece-

dents and statutes, 383

Roman law as an English study, 113, 133

Saunders's Precedents of Indictments, 268

Seaborne's Manual of the Law relating to Vendors

and Purchasers of Real Property, 424

Sleigh's (Warner) Annual Digest of Criminal

Law, 25

Torrens's Empire of Asia, 326

Wendt's Papers on Maritime Legislation, with a

translation of the German Mercantile Law re-

lating to Maritime Commerce, 24


Admiralty jurisdiction, should it be abolished ? 2

Amendment of the Bankruptcy Act 1869, The, 423

An Indian Judge on the scientific study of the

law, 111

Another anomaly in the law of lunacy, 265
Appellate jurisdiction, The, 361

Appointment of County Court judges, The, 38

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