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to punish constables, and peace and parish officers, in a summary manner,
for disobedience of orders, and other misconduct.

See precedents of indictments for disobeying an order of bastardy, ante,
Bastards, Vol. I. p. 395; for disobeying an order on a friendly society, ante,

Friendly Society, Vol. II.; and see forms, 2 Chit. C. L. 279 to 291; Talf.
Dick. Sess. 304.

See form of indictment against treasurer of county for refusing to obey
magistrate's order to pay a constable the expenses of apprehending, &c., a
deserter, 3 M. &. S. 62.


Ordnance Stores. See Cordage for Shipping, Vol. I; Stores,

Vol. V.

Overseers of the Poor. See Poor, Vol. IV.

Outlawry. See Process, Vol. V.

Ownership of Goods, Statement of, in an Indictment, see In

dictment, ante, p. 340 to 343;-in a Conviction, see Con-
viction, Vol. I. p. 819.

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