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State, of the difficulties and inconveniences in the execution of the act for estab. a uniform militia throughout the U.S. 10 Dec. 1794.

Rep. of the sec. of war, on 60 petitions, 1794.

Letter fr. the sec. of war, enclosing his rep. on the state of the fortifications of the ports and harbours of the U. S. with a state, of monies appropriated for fortifications, and unexpended, also an estimate of sums necessary for completing, etc. 8 Dec. 1807.

Navy Department, Viz. Letter fr. the sec. of the navy, accomp. a rep. of the commissioners of



American Daily Advertiser for 1793, Dunlap, then D. and Claypole, pr. 2 vols. Phil. [All newspapers in this catalogue are in the folio form, except those otherwise marked.]

American Minerva and Evening Advertiser, fr. 1 Jan. 1796 to 30 June 1797, 2 vols. Geo. Bunce, pr. N. Y.


Advertiser, fr. 11 May to 30 Dec. 1795; from 1 June 1796 to 28 Feb. 1797, N. Y.

Aurora for the country, fr. 4 Jan. 1804 to SO Dec. 1805, Wm. Duane, pr. Phil.

Aurora fr. 1 Nov. 1809 to 29 Dec. 1810. Phil.

Balance and Columbian ReposiTory for 1803, Sampson, Chittenden, Croswcll, pr. and id. 4. Hudson, also vols. 4, 5, 6, [imp.]

Baltimore Federalist for 1810.

Bee, fr. the commence. 14 June, 1797 to 21 May, 1800, Charles Holt, pr. N. Lon.

Boston Newsletter fr. its establishment, 17 Ap. 1704 to 19 Ap. 1708, B. Green, pr. [It is hardly probable that another copy of the first newspaper printed in America so complete as this, which includes the 209 first numbers, is any where else iu existence.]

Boston Chronicle for 176S, with many supplements and extraordinary papers, vol. 1st. 4. M -in mi\ Fleming,

tin' fund tor navy pensions, IS Jaa1807.

Post Office Department, Viz. Letter fr. the postmaster-general enclosing a list of the persons with whom contracts have been made, for carrying the mail of the U. S. fr. 1 Dec 1801 to 31 Dec. 1804, etc 2 Jan. 1805.

Attorney General, Viz. Be p. of the attorney-general, rel. to the

judiciary system of the U. S[Besides the foregoing, the soc. has on

file a large collection of congressional

acts, resolves, etc. not particularized in

this catalogue.]

pr. also 2d. and 3d. vols, to 21 June,

1770. Boston Patriot for 1810. British Press fr. 1 Sept. 1804 to SI

Dec. 1807, fr. 1809 to June 1812,

Lon. Catskill Packet fr. 6 Aug. 17921*

29 July, 1793. Centinel Of Freedom fr. 2 Jan.

1809 to SI Dec. 1811, Win. Tuttle pr.

[Most of the numbers of the Scourge

are bound with this.] Newark. Chronicle Expres3 fr. Nov. 1802 to

2 Jan. 1804, Wm. A. Davis, pr. N. Y. Citizen for 1806, 7, 8, 9, 10, N.Y. Claypoole's Daily Advertiser

fr. Jan. to June, 1791, for 1792,

fr. Jan. to July, 1794. Phil. Columbian Gazette fr. 26 Aug.

1793 to 13 Nov. 1794, John Buell pr.

N. Y. Columbian fr. Nov. 1809 to 1812, in

clus. N. Y. Columbian Centinel for 1810, B.

Russel pr. and ed. Boa. Commercial Advertiser fr. its estab. 2 Oct. 1797 to 28 June, 1799, G.

F. Hopkins pr. also for 1807, 9, 10,

11, N. Y. Corrector by Toby Tickler, esq. fr.

28 March to 26 Ap. 1804. N. Y. Daily Advertiser polit. histor. and

commercial, fr. Jan. 17S6 to Dec.

1805 bound in 30 vols. Francis Child*

et al, pr. [wanting to complete tke

Beries of vol. 1st. fr. num. 1 to £63

inclus. in 1795 fr. July to Dec. inclus.

for 1196, 1797, fr. 1 Jan. to May and

fr. 1 Oct. to Dec. in 179B, fr. 1 Jan.

to 2 May in 1799, fr. 1 Jan. to 9 May

in 1801, and fr. 1 Jan. to 31 Aug.

1806.] Daily Gazette, for 1812, N. Y. Dartmouth Gazktte fr. 1801 to

1304 inclus. [imp.] M. Davis pr.

Hanover, N. H. Diary or Loudon's Register fr.

15 Feb. to 14 Aug. 1792, fr. 15 Aug.

1792 to 14 Aug. 1793, N. Y. Evening Post for 1807 fr. 15 Ap. to

30 Dec in 1809, for 1810, 1811, 1812,

N.Y. Gaine's N.york Gazette for 1771,

177-1, 1775, 1776, 1777. N. Y. Gazette or The United States

fr. its estab. 15 Ap. 1789 to 27 Ap.

1791, John Fenno pr. Phil. Gazette and Daily Advertiser

for 1809, 1810, [imp.] N. Y. Herald for the country, fr. 4 June,

1796 to 3 June, 1797, Hopkins, Webb

and co. pr. for 1808, 1809, N. Y. Independent Reflec i oR, or|weekly

essays on sundry important subjects,

more particularly adapted to the prov.

of N. Y. printed at N. Y. till tyrannically suppressed in 1755. Independent Gazette or N. Y.

Journal Revived, fr. 11 March,

1784. Independent Journal, Or The

Gen. Advertiser for 1787, J.

M'Lean pr. N. Y. Independent American fr. Nov.

1809 to Dec. 1810, Georgetown. Jersey Chronicle fr. its estab. 2

May, 1795, to 30 Ap. 1796, Philip

Freneau pr. 4. Mount Pleasant. Long Island Star for 1809, 1811,

[imp.] Brooklyn. L'oracle Du Jour And Daily AdVertiser fr. its estab. 1 Jan. to SO

June, 1808, J. J. Negrin publisher, N.

Y. Mercantile Advertiser fr. Nov.

1809 to 1812, N. Y. Minerva And Mercantile EvenIng Advertiser fr. 1 July to 30

Sept. 1797, Hopkins N.Y. Miscellaneous newspapers fr. 1784

to Ap. 1787. Morning Chronicle fr. 7 July to 31 Dec. 1803, R. Wilson proprietor, N.Y. Morning Post for 1811, N. Y.


WEEKLYCHEONICLEfr. 1 Jan. 1793 to 1 Oct. 1795. New England Palladium fr. 2

Jan. 1801 to Ap. 180.°), Boston. New Hampshire Gazette fr. 25 Sept. 1772 to SO Dec. 1774, fr. 1 June, 1776 to 6 May, 1730, [called the Freeman's Journal in 1776, but is the same paper, wh. was estab. by Fowle, in Ports. 1756.] New Hampshire And Vermont" Journal, Or The Farmer's Weekly Museum fr. 15 Nov. 179& to ?4 March 1800, D. Carlisle pr. Walpole. New-york Gazette fr. Ap. 1730 to

1738, [imp.] New-youk Weekly Journal fr. 11

March, 17.33 to Aug. 1739. New-yobk Weekly Post Boy, for 1743 [imper.] 1744, for 1745 and 1746 [imp.] New-york Gazette revived in the Weekly Post Boy for 1747, fr. 1748 to 1750 inclus. [imp.] for 1751, 2, 3, 4, 5. New-york Mercury fr. 4 June 1753 to 1760, for 1762, 1764, 1767, 1768, H. Gaine pr. New-york Gazette And Weekly Mercury fr. Ap. 1768 to Dec. 1769. New-york Gazette Or Weekly Post Boy fr. 3 Jan. 1765 to 31 Dec. 1772, John Holt pr. New-york Journal, etc. fr. Sept

1777 to 13 Dec. 1779. New-yokk Packet fr. 1 Jan. 1784 to

1792, Loudon pr. New-york Journal And Weekly Register for 1787, [imp.] Greenleaf, pr. New-york Journal And PatrioTic Register fr. 4 May 1790 to 8 March 1800, Greenleaf, pr. New-york Journal »r The Weekly Register, fr. SO March 1788 to 11 Jan. 17S7, E. Oswald pr. New-york Journal And Weekly Register fr. 28 July 1788 to 31 Dec. 1789, T. Greenleaf, pr. New-york Journal And Daily Patriotic Register fr. 7 Dec. 1787 to 2S July 1788. New-york Daily Gazette for 1789,

1790, J. and A. M'Lean, pr. New-york Evening Post fr. its estab. 17 Nov. 1794 to 25 May, 1795, Way land and Davis pr. New-york Evening Post fr. its estab. 16 Nov. 1801 to 29 Dec. 1803, M. Burnham pr. R

New-York Herald tV. 30 Jan. 1802 to 30 Dec. 1807, M. Burnham, pr.

New-york Gazette Asd Daily Advertiser fr. 13 Ap. 1S09 to 31 Dec. 1811.

New-york Miscellaneous news-papers bound in 7 vols.

Nova Scotia Gazette And GeKeral Advertiser, fr. 9 Feb. 1 1785 to 27 Ap. 178G.

Jram's New-york Price Current fr. 1801 tol804inclus.

People's Friend And Daily AdVertiser fr. 1 Sept. 1806 to 31 Dec. 1807, J. Frank, and then J. H. Prentiss, pr. N. Y.

Philadelphia Mercantile AdVertiser fr. Nov. 1809 to Dec. 1810.

Political Star, 20 num. being the whole, 180 .

Porcupine's Gazette And U. States Daily Advertiser fr. its estab. 4 March 1797 to 4 Oct. 1799. Wm. Cobbet pr. and editor, Phil.

Port Roseway Gazette And GeNeral Advertiser fr. 4 Nov. 1784 to 18 Aug. 1785.

Portsmouth Oracle fr. 1800 to 1808 inclus. W. Treadwell pr.

Public Advertiser fr. 1807 to 1811 [imp.] N. Y.

Quebec Gazette, in French and English, fr. 1801 to 1805 [imp.] 4.

Repertory for 1810, Park editor, Bos.

Republican Or Anti Democrat, fr. its estab. 1 Jan. to 20 Dec. 1802,

Prentiss and Cole, then Prentiss pr. Bal.

Rivington's New-york GazetTeer, Or The Con. N. Jer. Hudson's River And Qu Bec Weekly Aevertisfr fr. its estab. in Ap. 1775 to 23 Nov. 1775, N. Y.

Rural Visiter, a literary and miscellaneous gazette comprised in 52 num. D. Allinson and co. pr. 4. Burl. 1811.

Russell's Gazette, Commercial And Political for 1799, Bos.

Spectator fr. its estab i Oct. 1797 ta 30 Sept. 1801, G. F. Hopkins, then E. Belden and co. pr.

Statesman for 1312, N. Y.

Scourge, Most of the numbers of the, Boston.

Time Piece And Literary ComPanion fr. its estab. IS March 1797 to 30 Aug. 1798, P. Freneau and A. Menut pr. N. Y.

Troy Gazette fr. 3 Sept. 1805 to 21 July 1307.

Village Messenger, First nos. of, Amherst, N. H. Castine Journal, First numbers of, with a coll. of miscellaneous newspapers bound together printed in N. 11. and Mass.

War fr. 27 June 1812 to 15 Jnne ISIS, 4. N. Y.

Wasp, Most of the numbers of the, 4 Hudson, 1802, S.

Western Star And Harp Of Erlx for i812, G. Douglas ed. 4. N. Y.

Weyman's N. York Gazette for 1759 and 1764 [imp.] and for 1763.



Aa, Pierre Van Der, Atlas nouveau et curieux des plus celebres itineiaires; ou recueil de nouvelles cartes geograph. des voiages moderties de long cours, etc. depuis l'an 1246 jusqu* a Van 1696, divise en deux tomes, nouvellement mis au jour a Leide, par. fol.

Adlum, John, And John Wallis, Map exhibiting a general view of the> roads and inland navigation of Pennsylvania, ded. to Tho. Mifflin.

Alden, Timothy, Portsmouth, etc. Map of Yarmouth in the county of Barnstable, Massa. 1803.

Alexander, Wm. Large collection of copies of maps and plans [of different sections of the U. States, particularly in N. Jersey and N. Y. from the donalion of the heirs of the late lord Sterling,] 1769 to 1774.

America, New and accurate map of the Eng. empire in North, representing their rightful claim as confirmed hy charters, etc. with the several French forts unjustly erected, by a soc. of anti-Gatlieans. I>n:i. Dec. i155. Ablbemahle sound and lake Erie, Map of the country bet. engraved for the Notes on Virginia. Ahkowsmith, A.. Map of N. America exhibiting a view of all the new disco veries in the interior parts. Rathbone Place, 1802. —— Map of the world, globular projection, with a portrait of James Cook, engraved under the superintendance of Samuel Lewis, U>09. Atlamic ocean, New map or chart in Mercator's projection of the western, or, with part of Eur. Af. and America.

Atlas minor, sive geographia compendiosa in qua orbis terrarum paucis attamen novissimis tabulis ostenditur, Atlas nouveau contenant toutes les parties du monde, etc. recueillies des meilleurs auteurs, fol. a A msterdam.

Bancker, Gerard, Plan of Fort George in the city of New-York, made at the request of John Cruger, and the rest of the committee appointed to fix on a suitable place for building a government house, 12 Ap. 1774.

Baud A Doss, Insula, in suas parochias distincta una cum oris marit. viis, etc.

Battle of Plassey, fought by Kob. Clive, 23 June, 1757, Plan of the.

Bellin, N. Map of Royal Island, or Cape Breton, about 1745.

Bew, J. Chart of the Mediterranean sea with part of the Atlantic and Adriatic, etc. Lon. 1781.

Map of European settlem. on the

coast of Africa fr. the river Sennegal to that of Benin, Lon. 1781.

—— Map of the roads of Toulon, with the adjacent country, Lon. 1781.

—- Map of the isl. of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, etc. Lon. 1781.

—— Map of Barbadoes, Lon. 1782.

—- Map of the straits of Gibraltar, Lon. 1781.

Map of the Cape De Verd islands,

Lon. 1781.

Map of the Archipelago of the east,

Lon. 1781.

Map of the Seven United Provinces,

Lon. 1781.

Map and chart of the Cape of Good

Hope, Lon. 1781.

—— Map of Bourbon and Mauritius, Lon. 1781.

Map of Minorca, Lon. 1781.

Bew, J. (cout.) Chart of the north sea,

with the coasts of Brit. Hoi. Ger. etc.

Lon. 1781. Map of the peninsula of India, Lon.

1781. Map of St. Eustatia, Saba, St. Martins, St. Barts. etc. Lon. 1781. —— Map of E. and W. Florida, Georgia,

Louisiana, etc. Lon. 1781. Map of Cape Fear river, with the

counties adjacent, Lon. 1781. Map of the Eng. Fr. Span. Dutch,

and Danish W. Indies, taken fr. an

improved map of the geographer of

the king of France, Lon. 30 June,

1731 Map and chart of those parts of the

bay of Chesapeake, York, and James

rivers, at pres. the seat of war, Lon.

SO Nov. 1781. Map of St. Lucia and Martinique,

Lon. 1781. Map of the Dutch settlements of

Surrinam, Demarara, Issequibo, Ber

bices, and the isl. Curassoa, Aruba,

etc. Lon. 1781. Chart and plan of the harbour of

N. York, and the country adjacent,

Lon. 1781. Blodget, Wm. Topograph, map 6f

the state of Vermont, fr. actual survey,

ded. to Thomas Chittenden, 1789. New and correct map of Connecticut, ded. to Samuel Huntington, 1792. Boston, Map of the seat of the late

war at, in the Massa. bay. Bridges, William, JV. York, Large

and elegant map of the city of N. Y.

and island of Manhattan, with explana.

and references with a book cont. an

ace. of this map, 1811. Brit, and Fr dominions in N. Amer.

showingtheFr. encroachments through

all the Brit, plantations fr. N. Scotia to

the gulf of Mexico. Burges, Bartholomew, Plate of the

solar system, ded. to the Amer. Acad.

A. sciences in Massa. and the Phil.

Soc. in Penn. Canada, Map of the present seat of

war on the borders of, for Penn. mag. Cano Y Olmedilla, Juan De La

Cruz, Mapa geografico de America,

Meridional despuesto y gravado por

D. 1775, Londrcs publicando por Gu

illermo Faden, 1799. Carleton, Osgood, Jioston, Map of

the U. S. A. agreeably to the peace of

178.3. New map of the U. States, includ

a part of Louisiana, revised and corrected by, 1806.

Caroline De Nor.D, Partie lie la province de la.

ClIANL.viBE, J'. G. Tableau general de la nouvelle division de la France en departeraens, arrondisscmens communaux et justices de, neatly coloured, a Pari*, an 10.

Colles, Christopher, JVevTtrk, Survey of the roads of the U. S. A. 1789. engraved by C. Tiebout.

Columbia territory, with the outlines of the city of Washington, Map of.

Connecticut. See Hudson and Goodwin.

D'anville, North America fr. the French of, improved with the back settlements of Virg. and course of the Ohio, illust- with geogr. and histor. remarks, 1755.

Desqjjinemase, An Dm:, Plan general de la Forest de Fontainebleau, contenant 30285 arpenls 03 Perches y coropris 23G0 nrpents, 13 Perches de bois tadlis et bmyeres appelle le bois Mwistre tant dedans que hors le bornage de la dite Forest, ded. a sa majesty 1727.

De Witt, Simeon, Map of the state of N. York, also on a separate sheet, an alphabetical list of the towns in the state to accompany the map, 18)2.

Dheullasii, Nouvcau zodiaque, qui contient les positions des eloiles fixes, etc. ded. au roi i 755,

Eas Tbcrn, I'hiladelphie par, a Paris.

Eddy, John' H. Map of the western rinrt of the state of N. Y. showing the route of a proposed canal fr. lake Erie to Hudson's river, with a profile of the levels on the route of the proposed canal, engraved bv Peter JViaveriek, 1811.

M ap of the straights of Niagara fr.

Erie to Ontario, i812.

Map of the country thirty miles

round the city of N. York, ded. to De Witt Clinton, N. Y. 1812.

EcRui'E, Map of, with its empires, kingdoms, etc. illus. with plans of the principal trading towns.

Field, Stephen, Draught of the windward coast of the mosquito shore, fr. Point Pattuck to "t. Johns and cumin, on the Span, main to Escuda Veiagua, Eon.

FlSHEn, Johhita, Chart of Del. bay and river fr. the capes to Phil, taken fr. the original chart pub. at Phil, by, pub at Lon.

Fist.on, Jon v, Msp of Kcntucke, ded. to eong. and G. Washington Phil. 1784

Fuance, Carte de, diviseeen ses 83 departemens, et districts suivant les de. crets de I'assemblee nationale i791.

[gaerck and Mangin's] plan of the city of New York, engraved by P. Maverick, 1803.

Godhart De Eruls, Michael, and son, Plan of Niagara with the adjacent country surrendered to the Eng. army under the command of sir Wm. Johnson, 25 July 1750, ded. to sir William. N. York.

Greece, Map of modern.

Hondius J. Surhonius, J. LeClerc, V. A. Seccus, II. Picart et al. seulpseruut Atlas, 4. 1560 to 1621.

Hctchins, Thomas, New map of the western parts of Virg. Penn. Mar. and N. Carolina compre. the river Ohio, part of the Missisippi, Illinois river, lake Erie, part of lake Huron, etc. Lon. 1778.

Indian draught of a map of the Cherokee nation, with the Indian names of places, engraved by T. Kitchen, for Lon. mag.

Isle, Guillaume De L', Carte du Canada, a Paris, 1783.

—— Carte du Mexique et des Etats TJnis, revue et augrnentce par Dezauche, 1783.

Jacobsz, Anthony, [ancient] West Indische Paskaert waer in de gratlen der breedde over wederzyden vandc middellyn wassende 'boo vengrooten dat die geproportioneert syn tegen hunne nevenstaende gmdeu der lengde.

Jzfi'ep.ys, Thomas, Amer. atlas, or a g<og. descrip. of the whole continent of America, fr. the surveys of Holland, L. Evans, Wm. Scull, H. Mouzon, Ross, J. Cook, M. Lane, J. Gilbert, Gardner, Hillock, et al. engraved on 49 copper plates by, fol. Lon. 1778.

Kensett, General and correct chart of the West Indies including the Florida gulf and stream, pub. at Newbuivport by Edm. M. Blunt.

Lake Superior and Slate Lake in N. Am. A map Ehowing the commun. of the lakes and rivers bet. for N. Y. mug.

Lav, Amos, Map of the northern part of the stale of N. Y. fr. actual survey, 11:12.

Leard, John, Pilot for Jamaica and the windward islands surveyed fr.

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