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Upon the Death of the Lord Protector

Page 145 To the King, upon his Majesty's happy Return On St. James's Park, as lately improved by his Majesty

150 Of the Invasion and Defeat of the Turks, in the Year 1683

155 To the Queen, upon her Majesty's Birth-day, after her

happy Recovery from a dangerous Sickness Sung by Mrs. Knight to her Majesty, on her Birthday

159 Of her Majesty, on New-year's-day, 1683 160 Of Tea, commended by her Majesty

161 Prologue for the Lady-Actors ; spoken before King Charles II.

ibid. Of her Royal Highness, Mother to the Prince of

Orange : and of her Portrait written by the late

Duchess of York while he lived with her 162 To the Duchess of Orleans, when Me was taking leave of the Court at Dover

163 Upon her Majesty's new Buildings at Somerset-house

ibid. Of a Tree cut in Paper

165 To a Lady, from whom he received the foregoing

Copy, which for many years had been lost 166 Of the Lady Mary, Princess of Orange ibid. To the Prince of Orange, 1677

168 Of English Verse

171 Upon the Earl of Roscommon's Translation of Horace,

De Arte Poeticâ: and of the Use of Poetry 172 Ar? Conitem Monume-entem de Bentivoglio fuo 174


To Mr. Killigrew, upon his altering his Play “ Pan« dora"

Page 175 On the Duke of Monmouth's Expedition into Scotland, in the Summer Solstice

176 To a Friend of the Author, a Person of Honour, who

lately writ a religious Book, intituled, “ Historical “ Applications, and occasional Meditations upon

• several Subjects” To a Person of Honour, upon his incomparable, in

comprehensible Poem, intituled, " The British « Princes"

179 To Mr. Creech, on his Translation of Lucretius 180 The Triple Combat

182 Of an Elegy made by Mrs. Wharton on the Earl of Rochester

183 To Chloris

184 Upon our late Loss of the Duke of Cambridge ibid. Instructions to a Painter, for the Drawing of the Po

sture, and Progress, of his Majesty's Forces at Sea, under the Command of his Highness-Royal: Ta gether with the Battle, and Victory, obtained over the Dutch, June 3, 1665

185 To the King

196 A Presage of the Ruin of the Turkish Empire; pre

sented to his Majesty King James II. on his Birthday

197 To the Duchess, when he presented this Book to her · Royal Highness

199 Verses written in the Taffo of her Royal Highness 200 On Mrs. Higgons

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Page 203

Of Divine Love : a Poem in six Cantos.
Of the Fear of God, in two Cantos,

217 Of Divine Poesy, in two Cantos

223 On the Paraphrafe on the Lord's Prayer, written by Mrs. Wharton

229 Some Reflections of His upon the several Petitions in the same Prayer

ibid. On the foregoing Divine Poems



Under a Lady's Picture

233 Of a Lady who writ in Praise of Mira

ibid. To one married to an old Man

234 An Epigram on a painted Lady with ill Teeth

ibid. Epigram upon the Golden Medal

ibid. Written on a Card that her Majesty tore at Ombre 235 To Mr. Granville (Lord Lansdown) on his Verses to King James II.

ibid. Long and short Life

236 Translated out of Spanish.

ibid. Translated out of French

ibid. Some Verses of an imperfect Copy, designed for a

Friend, on his Translation of Oyid's Fasti On the Statue of King Charles the First, at CharingCross, in the Year 1674

ibid. Pride

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Page 239

Epitaph on Sir George Speke
Epitaph op Colonel Charles Cavendish

240 Epitaph on the Lady Sedley

241 Epitaph to be written under the Latin Inscription

upon the Tomb of the only Son of the Lord Andover

243 Epitaph unfinished

244 Epitaph on Henry Dunch, Efq; Mr, Waller's Epitaph




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