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New Books continued :

NEW BOOKS continued :
Kitchin's “Translation of Lord Thompson's "Works of Publius

Bacon's Novum Organum," 329 Virgilius Maro," 41
Lardner's " Museum of Science Trench's “English, past and pre-

and Art," vol. V., 231- vol. VII., sent," 234

Tulloch's "Second Burnett Prize
Latham's "Hand-Book of the Eng- Treatise," 425

lish Language," 233—" Variety Ullmann's “Reformers before the
of the Human Species," 329

Reformation," 425
Lectures delivered before the Young Vandenhoff's "Art of Elocution,"

Men's Christian Association in 378
Exeter-Hall, 280

Weatherill's Easy Introduction to
Lectures on Education, by Dr. the Science of Botany,” 521

Whewell, Professor Faraday, Drs. Webster and Wilkinson's " Greek
Latham and Daubeney, Professor Testament, with Notes gramma.
Tyndall, Mr. Paget, and Dr. tical and exegetical," 281
Hodgson, 89

Wright's " Early Christianity in
Liddell and Scott's "Greek-English Arabia," 184
Lexicon," 135

Wylie's " Pilgrimage from the Alps
M'Burney and Neil's Cyclopædia to the Tiber," 425
of Universal History," 281

Young's (John, M.A.) Christ of
M'Callum's "History of the Cul- History," 425
dees," 568

Young's (Rev. Robert) " Southern
Magic, pretended Miracles, remark- World," 184

able natural Phenomena, and re- Niagara, attempt to sound the Falls
markable Delusions, 379

of. 424
Mann's "Guide to the Knowledge No Isms in the New Testament, 183

of Life," 329
Marsden's History of Christian Object lessons, defects of, 450
Churches and Sects," 425

Omar, the mosque of, in Jerusalem,
Masius's Studies from Nature," 89 145
Mayne's “ Life of Nicholas I., En- Orpheus, history and doctrines of, 21,
peror of Russia," 89

Montgomery, (James, ) Holland and

Everett's "Memoirs" of, vols. Papyrus, history of, 167
III, IV., 568

Parthenon, the, described, 241
Osburn's " Monumental History of Paul and Silas in prison, 72
Egypt," 41

Peacock, the, described, 163
Owen's « Principal Forms of the Pestalozzi, remarks on the system
Skeleton and the Teeth," 329

of, 450
Pulz's "Survey of the Geography Philosophy, history of, 21, 68, 169,

and History of the Middle Ages, 2 45, 340, 553

Photography, account of, 442
Raumer's “Life and System of Phrenology, remarks on, 422
Pestalozzi," 474

Piedmoni, railways in, 510
Rogers's " Essays, selected from Plato, his method of teaching, 77–
Contributions to the Edinburgh his account of the trial, death, and
Review," vol. III., 234

tenets of Socrates, 341, 343-sketch
Roget's "Thesaurus of English of his life and doctrines, 553
Words and Phrases," 234

Roussel's "Catholic Nations and A Fragment, 568

Protestant Nations compared," Epitaph: In Tenebris Lux, 476-

Morientes non moriuntur, 524
Rule's "Studies from History," Good Night, 427
vol. I., 42

Life's glad Morn, 330
Struthers's "Osteological Memoirs, Recollections of youthful Sabbaths,
No. I. The Clavicle," 522

The Annals of England, 378

Rose Buds, 523
The Excelsior Library, No. I., 379 Scene from a Ballle-Field, 42
The London Quarterly Review, 136 Sonnel, To

The London University Calendar, Teacher, by J. Cook, 235

The blighted Tree, 379
The Messiah, as predicted in the The Christian's Home, 523
Pentateuch and Psalms, 90

The House of the Lord, 90

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POETRY continued :

Slone in a Iree, inquest on a, 471
The Song of Death, by W. S. Hor- Stuart, Lord Dudley, anecdote of, 38
ton, 136

Stuttgari, the Court (haplain of, 407
The Vigil of the Soul, 475

Sunbeam, chemical power of the, 442
The Voice of God, 426

Sunday in London and in Paris, con-
To a dried Sprig of Mezereon : trasied, 298

kept (ip Remembrance of a Sister Swallox, the, described, 205
in Heaven) till the Tree bloomed Synagogues in Eng and, 399

again, 281
Pope, the, and the author, 565 Thales, life and doctrines of, sketched,
Popish miracle on Mount Salette, 169, 246
history of the, 357

The grace of God eremplified, 394
Practical man, the, 88

Tonga, the gods of, 117

Two departed witnesses: Dr. Newton,
Quakerism, observations on, 448 9-James Montgomery, 10
Reminiscence, 403
Roman catacombs, walks among the, Victoria, young, 16

Vesucius, eruption of, 517
225, 268
Roman slaves, employments of, 489

Virgin Mary, proposed colossal statue

of the, in France, in honour of the
Rome, an approach to, 388
Russian vehicles, described, 172

Immaculate Conception, 193
"Sabbath-Readings," a lecture, by Wesley, Rev. Charles, classical allu-
the Rev. W. Williams, extract

sion in a hymn of, 22-question
from, 310

respecting it, 69
Sage advice of Themistocles, 521

What Cardinals trould be at, 126
St. Sophia, church of, at Constanti. Whitfield, Mr. Thomas, memorial of,

nople, l-mosque of, 52
Samaritans, a Sunday among the, 354 Why were the middle ages dark ? 315
Savonarola, death of, 109

Words, the geology of, 510
Genesis xlvi. 34.... 37

Xenophon's ** Memorabilia," men-
1 Kings x. 22....163

tioned, 343
Proverbs xxx. 30, 31....114
Isaiah xix. 7.... 467
Matthew xii. 10; Luke xiii. 15,

16.... 14, 15
Acts xvi. 19-40.... 72

Acts xvii. 22, 23....241
James v. 14....65

1. The Mosque of St. Sophia, 1
Sebastopol, description of, 59

2. Claude, 49
Seven Wise Men of Greece, precepts 3. Correggio, 97
and aphorisms of the, 70

4. The Mosque of Omar, 145
Socrates, his method of teaching, 78 5. Drake, 193

-sketch of his life and doctrines, 6. The Parthenon, 241

7. Captain Cook, 25)
Solomon, King, bounty of, at the 8. The Czar Michael Feodoro.
dedication of the Temple, 8

witch, 337
Spanish alarum, on the Protestant 9. Temple of Jupiter Olympius,
Propaganda, 396

Spanish tertulia," visit to a, 275 10. Peter Martyr, 433
Stanley, Lord, Rev. W. Arthur's Let- 11. Bentley, 481

ter to, noticed, 281-extract from, 12. Conisborough Castle, 529

H. T. & J. Roche, Printers, 25, Hoxton-square, London.

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