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Warrant may be under the hands of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury or any Three of them; and that whenever the order, consent, authority or direction of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury is prescribed by this Act, such order, consent, authority or direction (not being by warrant) may be signified either under the hands of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury or any Three of them, or under the hand of one of their Secretaries or Assistant Secretaries.




7. Printed copies And be it Enacted, That any printed copy of the“ London Gazette" of the London Gazette to be purporting to be printed and published by the person or persons

having authority to print and publish the same, shall be admitted as
evidence by all Courts, Judges, Justices and others in any part of Her
Majesty's dominions, of any Treasury Warrant which shall be issued
under or by virtue of this Act, and contained in any such Gazette, and
of the due issuing thereof, and of the regulations contained in any 15
such warrant having been duly made and established, and of the other
contents of any such Warrant, without any further or other proof
of such Warrant.

8. Act to be deemed a Post-office Act.

And be it Enacted, That this Act shall be deemed and taken to be a Post-office Act, and that the several terms and expressions used in 20 this Act shall be construed according to the respective interpretations contained or referred to in the said Act passed in the fourth the reign of Her present Majesty, so far as those interpretations are not repugnant to the subject or inconsistent with the context of such terms and expressions.


year of

9. Act may be amended during present Session.

And be it Enacted, That this Act may be amended or repealed by any Act to be passed during the present Session of Parliament.

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To place the Municipal Corporations of Ireland upon a

more equal Footing, as to Rights and Privileges, with
those of England and Scotland.

[Note.—The Words printed in Italics are proposed to be inserted

in the Committee.]


Hertas it is expedient to place the Municipal Corpo- Preamble.

rations of Ireland upon a more equal footing, as to rights and privileges, with those of England and Scotland :

And whereas for the said purpose it is expedient to amend an Act 5 passed in the third and fourth years of the reign of Her present Ma

jesty, intituled, “ An Act for the Regulation of Municipal Corporations in Ireland," and also another Act passed in the sixth and seventh years of Her present Majesty, intituled, “An Act to amend an Act of

the third and fourth Years of Her present Majesty, for the Regulation 10 of Municipal Corporations in Ireland;"


BE it Enacted, by The QUEEN's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, THAT the provisions in the said first-recited Present QuaAct contained relating to the qualification of Burgesses and Voters at Burgesses to Elections under the said Act, shall be and the same are hereby repealed.




And be it Enacted, That from and after the passing of this Act, po No new Burperson shall be enrolled a Burgess of any Borough for the purpose of seases to be 147.




are not quali- enjoying the rights conferred for the first time by this Act, in respect fied under this

of any title other than by occupancy and payment of rates within such

Borough, according to the meaning and provisions of this Aci. 3. Qualification And be it Enacted, That after the passing of this Act, in every of Burgesses.

Borough named in the Schedule (A.), and also in every Borough named 5
in the Schedule (B.) to the said first-recited Act annexed, or other Town
to which a Charter of Incorporation may be granted under the said first-
recited Act, every male person of full age who, on the last day of August
in any year, shall have occupied any house, warehouse, counting-house
or shop within any Borough for the space of Twelve calendar Months at 10
the least next preceding such last day of August, and also during the
time of such occupation shall have been an inhabitant householder
within the said Borough, or within Seven Statute Miles of the said
Borough, shall, it duly enrolled in that year, according to the provi-
sions hereinafter contained, be a Burgess of such Borough and member 15
of the body corporate of the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of such
Borough : Provided always, That no such person shall be so enrolled
in any year, unless he shall have been rated in respect of such pre-
mises so occupied by him within the Borough to all rates made for the
relief of the poor of the parish or union wherein such premises are 20
situated during the time of his occupation as aforesaid, and unless he
shall have paid on or before the last day of August as aforesaid all
such rates, including therein all borough rates, if any, directed to be
paid under the provisions of the said first-recited Act, as shall have
become payable by him in respect of the said premises, except such as 25
shall become payable within Sir calendar Months next before the said
last day of August: Provided also, That the premises in respect of the
occupation of which any person shall have been so rated need not
be the same premises, or in the same parish, but may be different
premises in the same parish, or in different parishes : Provided also, 30

That no person being an alien shall be so evrolled in any year, Parochial and that no person shall be so enrolled in any year who within Twelve be enrolled. calendar Months next before the said last day of August shall have

received parochial or other alms, or any pension or charitable allow-
ance from any fund entrusted to the Charitable Trustees of such 35
Borough: Provided always, That in every case provided in this Act
the distance of Seven Statute Miles shall be computed by the nearest
public road or way by land or water.

Aliens and persons who have received

Relief not to

4. Medical assistance or


And be it Enacted, That no medical or surgical assistance given instruction in by the Charitable Trustees of any Borough shall be taken to be such Schools not to charitable allowance as shall disqualify any person from being enrolled be a cause of

a burgess as aforesaid, nor shall any person be so disqualified by disqualifica

reason that any child of such person shall have been admitted and taught within any public or endowed school.



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