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Then you so much kindness show,

My despair deluded fies; And indulgent dreams bestow

What your cruelty denies. Blush not that your image Love

Naked to my fancy brought ; 'Tis hard, methinks, to disapprove The joys I feel without your

fault. Wonder not a fancy'd bliss

Can fuch griefs as mine remove ; That honour as fantastic is,

Which makes you flight such constant love. The virtue which you value fo,

Is but a fancy frail and vain; Nothing is folid here below,

Except my love and your disdain.

To One who accused him of being too fenfual in

his Love.

THINK not, my fair, 'tis sin or shame,

To bless the man who fo adores;
Nor give so hard, unjust a name,

To all those favours he implores.
Beauty is heaven's most bounteous gift esteem'd,
Because by love men are from vice redeem'd.



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Yet wish not vainly for a love

From all the force of nature clear:
That is reserv'd for those above,

And 'tis a fault to claim it here.
For sensual joys ye fcorn that we should love ye,
But love without them is as much above ye.


W A R N I N G.

OVERS, who waste your thoughts and youth

In passion's fond extremes,
Who dream of women's love and truth,

And doat upon your dreams :

I should not here your fancy take

From such a pleasing state,
Were you not sure at last to wake,

And find your fault too late.
Then learn betimes, the love which crowns

Our cares is all but wiles,
Compos’d of false fantastic frowns,
And foft difsembling siniles.

which sometimes they feign, They cruel tyrants prove; And then turn flatterers again,

With as affected love.

With anger,

As if some injury was meant

To those they kindly us’d, Those lovers are the most content

That have been fill resus'd.

Since Since each has in his bosom nurst

A false and fawning foe, 'Tis just and wise, by striking first,

To 'scape the fatal blow.

Τ Ο Α Μ Ο R Ε Τ Τ Α.


HEN I held out against your eyes,

You took the furest course; A heart unwary to surprize,

You ne'er could take by force. However, though I strive no more,

The fort will now be priz'd, Which, if surrender’d up before,

Perhaps had been defpis’d.
But, gentle Amoretta, though

I cannot love resist,
Think not, when you have caught me so,

To use me as you list.
Inconstancy or coldness will

My foolish heart reclaim :
Then I come off with honour still,

But you, alas! with shame.
A heart by kindness only gain'd,

Will a dear conquest prove ;
And, to be kept, must be maintain'd

At vast expence of love.





H, how I languish! what a strange

Unruly fierce desire !
My spirits feel some wondrous change,

My heart is all on fire.
Now, all ye wifer thoughts, away,

In vain


tale ye tell Of patient hopes, and dull delay,

Love's foppish part;, farewell.
Suppose one week's delay would give

All that my wishes move;
Oh, who fo long a time can live,

Stretch'd on the rack of love ?
Her foul perhaps is too sublime,

To like fuch slavish fear; Discretion, prudence, all is crime,

If once condemn’d by her. When honour does the foldier call

To some unequal fight, Resolv'd to conquer, or to fall,

Before his general's sight ;
Advanc'd the happy hero lives;

Or if ill Fate denies,
The noble rahness heaven forgives,

And gloriously he dies.

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I Muft confess, I am untrue

To Gloriana's eyes ;
But he that 's smil'd upon by you,

Must all the world despise.
In winter, fires of little worth

Excite our dull defire ;
But when the fun breaks kindly forth,

Those fainter flames expire.
Then blame me not for Nighting now

What I did once adore ;
O, do but this one change allow,

And I can change no more :
Fixt by your never-failing charms,

Till I with age decay,
Till languishing within your arms,

I sigh my soul away.

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H, conceal that charming creature

From my wondering, wishing eyes !
Every motion, every feature

Does fome ravish'd heart surprize;


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