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ELLIMAN James, clothier and draper, Slough, in the county of Official assignee, Carrick. Sols. C. J. & R. K. Cooper, Man.

Buckingham; surr. July 6 at half-past 1, Aug. 3 at 2. Court, chester; Wells & Smith, Hull.- Petition, June 14.
Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Graham. PHILLIPS William, leather-cutter and licensed victualler, Norwich;
Sols. Parker & Lee, St. Paul's-churchyard.-Petition, June 22.
Pet. Crs. Messrs. Powell, Bridgewater & Jones, warehousemen,

surr. July 13 at half-past 12, Aug. 16 at 1. Court, Basinghall

street. Wood-street, City.

Com. Holroyd. Official assignee, Edwards. Sol. G. Jay,

Bucklersbury.-Petition, June 24. Bankrupt's own petition. HOLDSWORTH James, timber-merchant, Horseley-fields, Wolver

hampton, in the county of Stafford; surr. July 8 and 29 at 11. SWIFT Thomas, grocer, Sheffield ; surr. July 9 and Aug. 6 at 10. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Whitmore.

Court, Sheffield. Com. West. Official assignee, Brewin. Sols.

Smith & Burdekin, Sheffield.-Petition, June 25. Sols. J. Walcot, Stourport; Hodgson & Allen, Birmingham.—Peti. tion, June 23.

WOOLDRIDGE James, fellmonger, Lincoln ; surr. July 6 and

Aug. 3 at 12. Court, Hull. Com. Ayrton. Official assignee, PARRY Bernard, farmer and corn-dealer, Newmarket, in the county of Flint; surr. July 6 and 27 at 12. Court, Liverpool. Com.

Carrick. Sol. J. T. Tweed, Lincoln.-Petition, June 22.
Perry: Official assignee, Morgan. Sol. E. H. Edwards, Chester.
--Petition, June 22.

PETERS Edward, wine and spirit merchant, Bilston, in the county

Bendel John Weston, carman, Well-street, Wellclose-square, and of Stafford; surr. July 7 and 28 at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com.'

John-street, Minories-2nd class. Sanders. Official assignee, Kinnear. Sols. 'Dimmock & Burbey, Cowan Joseph, corn and conimission merchant, Liverpool—2nd Suffolk-lane, Cannon-street; H. Ludlow, Birmingham.- Petition, Druce Thomas, butcher, Weymouth-street, Portman- place — 2nd

class. June 7.

class. PYNE Henry John, coal-dealer, Exmouth, in the county of Devon; Faulkner Joseph, baker and flour-dealer, Liverpool-2nd class.

surr. July 4 and 25 at 12. Court, Exe Com. Andrews. Official Goddard George, victualler, Berwick-street, Oxford-street, and Little assignee, Hirtzel. Sols. H. C. Adams, Exmouth ; J. Stogdon, Newport-street-2nd class suspended. Exeter.-Petition, June 21.

Guttmann Alfred, lace-manufacturer, &c., Manchester-3rd class SMEDLEY George, glass and china dealer, and gasfitter, New Slea

suspended. ford, in the county of Lincoln; surr. July 12 and Aug. 2 at halt: Hamer James, and John Hamer, flour-dealers and corn-merchants, past 11. Court, Nottingham.Com. Sanders. Official assignee,

Bolton-le-Moors--1st class. Harris. Sol. S. Maples, Nottingham.--Petition, June 14.

Langdale John, innkeeper and butcher, Brompton-3rd class.

Slator Thomas, grocer, late of Maida-hill-easi, now of Park-placeTREACHER Samuel, licensed victualler, Fenchurch-street, in the , city of London, trading in copartnership with Thomas Dent (de- Smith Charles, miller and baker, Bulwell—3rd class.

terrace, Paddington-3rd class suspended.
ceased), lately at Fenchurch-sireet, as licensed victuallers, under
the firm of Treacher & Dent; surr. July 7 at 2, Aug. 4 at half-
past 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Evans. Official assignee,
Johnson. Sol. Perry, Guildhall-chambers. — Petition, May 17.

Gazette, Friday, July 1.
Bankrupt's own petition.
WOOD George, builder, Rayleigh, in the county of Essex; surr.
July 13 at 1, Aug. 16 at 12." Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Hol-

royd. Official assignee, Lee. Sol. E. Woodard, Fenchurch-street.
-Petition, June 22. Pet. Cr. William Ruffell, builder, Billericay.


CROSS Robinson, (filed April 30, 1859,) grocer, draper, druggist, Petition under the Joint-Slock Companies' Act, 1856.

and ironmonger, Hagworthingham. GREAT WESTERN IRON COMPANY (limited); July 7 at 11. OBBARD Robert Henry, (filed July 25, 1857,) lead-merchant and Court, Bristol. Com. Hill.-Petition, June 22.

glass-cutter, Old-street-road.

WRATHALL Stephen, (filed March 26, 1859,) cattle-dealer, Linton.

Russell James, jun., stationer, Aldersgate-street-2nd class.
Tucker Edward, linen-draper, Portland – 3rd class suspended.

ARMITSTEAD James, grocer, Burnley, in the county of LanWoodcock Reginald, ironmonger, Weymouth-Ist class.

caster ; surr. July 12 and Aug. 2 at 12. Court, Manchester. Official assignee, Fraser. Sols. Cobbett & Wheeler, Manchester.

- Petition, June 23.

CARTER Thomas, grocer, Woburn, in the county of Bedford; Gazette, Tuesday, June 28.

surr. July 13 and Aug. 15 at 11. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Goulburn. Official assignee, Nicholson. Sol. W. S. Bousfield,

Philpot-lane, City.–Petition, June 28. Bankrupt's own petition. BANKRUPTS.

CROSS Robinson, grocer, draper, druggist, and ironmonger, Haş: BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED.

worthingham, in the county of Lincoln; surr. July 13 and Aug. 10 FOSTER Marmaduke, (filed March 30, 1859,) bill-broker and at 12. Court, Hull. Com. Ayrton. Official assignee, Carrick. scrivener, Bradford.

Sols. L. J. Brackenbury, Alford; Ougland & Saxelbye, Hal

Petition, June 27. ASTON John, maltster and victualler, Birmingham, and beerseller,

FRANKLAND William, shopkeeper and farmer, Morley, near

Wimslow, in the county of Chester; surr. July 15 and Aug. Aston-road, near Birmingham; surr. July 8 and 29 at 11. Court,

at 11. Court, Manchester. Official assignee, Hernaman. Sol. Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sol.

R. Redfern, Oldham.-Petition, June 28. J. Suckling, Birmingham.-Petition, June 25.

GOLDSMITH Lyon, cigar-dealer and general merchant, FinsburyBARTRAM Benjamin Robinson, coal and tile merchant, Banbury, in the county of Oxford ; surr. July 13 at 2, Aug. 6 at 12. Court,

pavement, and St. Swithin's-lane, in the city of London ; surt.

July 13 and Aug. 15 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Gou Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sols, Rogerson & Ford, Lincoln's-inn-fields; T. Smith, Gloucester.

burn. Official assignee, Pennell. Sol. H. A. Reed, Guildhall

chambers, Basinghall-street.-Petition, June 30. Pet. Cr. Peter -Petition, June 25. Pet. Crs. Messrs. T. & J. B. Nicholson, coal

Brow, carpet-warehouseman, Basinghall-street. and slate merchants, Gloucester. BRADY Edward Clarke, grocer and draper, Ludford, in the county

KIRTON Benjamin, builder, Woodford, near Thrapstone, in the of Lincoln; surr. July 13 and Aug. 10 at 12. Court, Hull. Com.

county of Northampton; surr. July 14 at half-past 12, Ang. 12 s: Ayrton. Official assignee, Carrick. Sols. Brown & Son, Lincoln.

half-past 11. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. fane. Oficial as- Petition, June 27.

signee, Cannan. Sols. F. West, Charlotte-row, Mansion-house :

Murphy & Sharman, Wellingborough. - Petition, June 25. Pet CLUBLEY Francis, draper, Whitefriargate, Kingston-upon-Hull ; Cr. Frederick Pratt, brick-manufacturer, Burton Latimore, North

surr. July 13 and Aug. 10 at 12. Court, llull. Com. Ayrton. amplon.





MARKS Bearon, and Edward Samuel Franklin, woollen-merchants WALKER John, auctioneer, appraiser, and licensed victualler, and cloth-cap manufacturers, Birmingham ; surr. July 8 and 29 Southampton-street, Holborn, and Walham-green, in the county of at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Middlesex ; surr. July 16 and Aug. 17 at 12. Court, Basinghall. Kinnear. Sols. E. & H. Wright and J. H. Baker, all of Birming- street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sols. ham.— Petition, June 24.

Robson & Baughan, Clifford's-inn.--Petition, July 1. Bankrupt's SCHLOEZER Charles, merchant, Moorgate-street, in the city of

own petition. London, under the firm of Charles Schloezer & Co. ; surr. July 15

CERTIFICATES. at half-past 12, Aug. 12 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Benton Mark and John, joiners and builders, Leeds—2nd class. Fane. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sol. T. J. Jerwood, Elyplace, Holborn.- Petition, June 30. Pet. Cr. Emil Wilhern Hahn, Casper Isaac George (known as George Casper), shoe-manufacturer,

of the Close and St. Simon's, Norwich--2nd class. merchant, Doughty-street, Mecklenburgh-square.

Eccles Richard, cotton-spinner, Tottington Lower-end—3rd class SHEDDEN John Green, woollen-draper, Birmingham; surr. July 11 suspended. and Aug. 1 at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official Fitchett Richard Thomas, tailor, Hanover-street, Hanover-squareassignee, Kinnear. Sols. W. & B. Robinson, Dudley; James & 2nd class suspended. Knight, Birmingham.- Petition, June 25.

Fleeson Eliza, Lucy, and Hannah, milliners and dressmakers,

Brighton-2nd class.

Glennie Thomas, boarding house keeper, Harley-street, CavendishBanaster George Howbeach, tailor and draper, Oldbury—2nd class.

square-2nd class.

Greenacre George, miller and merchant, Briggate Mills, North Body Edward, furniture-dealer, Ramsgate 2nd class suspended.

Walsham-2nd class. M'Gill James, builder, Great Coram-street, late of Eusionplace- Harratt Charles, iron-merchant and shipowner, Royal Exchange

2nd class. Reed John Webber, grocer, Ottery St. Mary-3rd class suspended.

buildings, and Canning-town, Bow-creek-2nd class. Shakespeare Thomas, coach and harness furniture manufacturer, 1 Joyner Robert, grocer and tea-dealer, Toxteth-park, Liverpool— 2nel

Hawkins Richard, cattle-dealer and publican, Carmarthen-1st class. Birmingham-2nd class.

class. Smare John, patten and clog manufacturer, Birmingham - 2nd class. Mason Robert, wholesale stationer, Bryan-street, Regent's-canalTomlinson William James, and Michael Lawrence Delaunay, shirt

3rd class suspended. manufacturers, Manchester-2nd class.

Parrinder William, grocer and provision-dealer, Liverpool -- 3rd

Parkins James, auctioneer, Minerva-terrace, New-cross, and Grocers'

Hall-court, Poultry-3rd class suspended.
Gazette, Tuesday, July 5.

Splatt Sagar Holden, sail-maker and ship-chandler, Strand-- 3rd class


Webster George Edward, cooper and truss-hoop maker, New Weston. BANKRUPTS.

street, Southwark-2nd class. Wise John, cooper and truss-hoop maker, New Weston-street, South.

wark-ist class.
BROOKS Joseph, licensed victualler, coal, coke, and brick merchant,
Birmingham; surr. July 21 and Aug. 11 at 1l. Court, Birming-
ham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Kinnear. Sol. R. Sill,
Birmingham.-Petition, June 30.

Gazette, Friday, July 8.
DRUCE Thomas Allen, innkeeper, Witney, in the county of Oxford ;
surr. July 18 at 12, Aug. 17 at half past 12. Court, Ba-inghall.
Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sols.

Shaen & Grant, Kennington-cross.- Petition, July 5. Pet. Crs.

Messrs. Burnett & Co., distillers, Vauxhall, Surrey.
DULLENS Hugo, general merchant, Fore-street, Cripplegate, in BAILY George Miller, grocer, Liverpool; surr. July 22 and Ang. 12

the city of London, trading with William Grogan, under the style at 11. Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry. Official assignee, Bird. of Dullens, Grogan & Co.; surr. July 15 at 2, Aug. 12 at half

Sols. Evans, Son & Sandys.- Petition, July 7. past 1. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, BARBER Robert, cow keeper, dairyman, drillman, and machinist, Whitmore. Sol. V. H. Labrow, Chancery-lane.- Petition, June 24. Little Bentley, in the county of Essex; surr. July 22 at 12, Aug. 19 Pet. Cr. Edward Thomas Robins, attorney's clerk, Luard-street, at 11. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Islington.

Cannan. Sol. H. Jones, Colchester.- Petition, July 6. Pet. Cr. GROSSE John Louis, and James Thomas Braidley, merchants,

Thomas Wilsher Sumnersum, merchant, Brightlingsea. commission-agents, and copartners, Moorgate-street, in the city of BINNS Joshua, soap-manufacturer, Openshaw, near Manchester, in London ; surr. July 16 at half-past 12, Aug. 17 at 1. Court, Basing- the county of Lancaster; surr. July 28 and Aug. 25 at 12. Court, hall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sol. Manchester. Official assignee, Hernaman. Sols. Boote & JelliD. Howell, Bow-lane.- Petition, June 29. Bankrupts' own peti- corse, Manchester.- Petition, July 4. tion.

DOVER Henry John, builder, Anerley Vale, Norwood, in the county JONES Abraham, edge-tool manufacturer, Wharf-street, Aston-juxta- of Surrey; surr. July 21 and Aug. 19 at half-past 1. Court, Basing

Birmingham; surr. July 18 and Aug. 8 at 11. Court, Birming- hall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sol. c.
ham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. Tyndall, Armstrong, Old Jewry.- Petition, July 4. Bankrupt's own peti-
Son & Johnson, or James & Knight, Birmingham. Petition, tion.
June 24.

DUNLOP John, draper, Tredegar, in the county of Monmouth ;
MITCHELL Henry, butcher, High-street, Ryde, Isle of Wight, in surr. July 19 and Aug. 16 at 11. Court, Bristol. Com. Hill.
the county of Southampton; surr. July 16 at 1, Aug. 15 at 12. Official assignee, Acraman. Sols. C. Waldron, Cardiff; Bevan,
Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Girling & Press, Bristol.--Petition, July 1.
Graham. Sol. R. Peckham, Ludgate-street.- Petition, June 21. DUNNELL John, licensed victualler, College Arms Public-house,
Pet. Cr. George Turner, cattle-dealer, Newport, Isle of Wight.

College-street, Camden-town, in the county of Middlesex; surr. POWELL James, draper, Middle-row, Knightsbridge, in the county July 18 at half-past 12, Aug. 22 at 2. Court, Basinghall-street. of Middlesex; surr. July 14 and Aug. 19 at half past 11. Couri, Com. Goulburn. Official assignee, Pennell. Sols. Pownall, Son & Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Sols.

Cross, Staple-inn.-- Petition, July 5. Pet. Crs. Messrs. Elliott, Mason & Sturt, Gresham-street. ---Petition, July 2. Bankrupt's brewers, Pimlico. own petition.

FLINT Charles, embroiderer, Great Marlow, in the county of SIMPSON Frederick, draper. Birmingham; surr. July 21 and Bucks; surr. July 20 at half-past 12, Aug. 17 at half past 1. Court,

Aug. 11 at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Graham. assignee, Whitmore. Sols. James & Knight, Birmingham.-Peti- Sols. Mason & Sturt, Gresham-street.-Petition, July 6. Banktion, July 2.

rupt's own petition.






LEVY Ernest, jeweller and watchmaker, Strand, in the county of

Petition under the Joint-Slock Companies' Ad, 1856. Middlesex ; surr. July 18 at 12, Aug. 22 at 1. Court, Basinghall

Com. Goulburn. Official assignee, Nicholson. Sols. METROPOLITAN SALOON OMNIBUS COMPANY (limited); Taylor & Woodward, Great James-street, Bedford-row.- Petition, July 21 at half-past 2. Court, Basinghall-street. Petitioneis, July 4. Pet. Crs. Simon Cohea and Joseph Lubiner, jeweller,

Francis Parker and Robert Lowe.- Petition, July 11.
OLIVER John, timber-merchant, Worship-street, Finsbury, in the

CERTIFICATES. county of Middlesex; surr. July 21 at 2, Aug. 18 at 1. Court, Briggs Alfred, builder, grocer, and beerseller, Sheffield—2nd class. Basinghall-street. Com. Fane.' Official assignee, Johnson. Sol. Hicken George, lace-manufacturer, Nottingham — 3rd class susTaylor, South-street, Finsbury-square.--Petition, July 6. Bank- pended. rupt's own petition.

Perry Edward William, merchant, Fenchurch-buildings – 2nd class. WRIGHT William Robert, auctioneer, Bucklersbury, and Stratford, Smith John, and Samuel Clay Oscroft, lace-manufacturers, Notting

ham--3rd class. in the county of Essex ; surr. July 21 and Aug. 19 at 1. Court, Smith William, timber-merchant, Ilkeston-3rd class. Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sol. Youngman Thomas Paul, commission-agent, Nottingham—3rd class. G. Holmer, jun., Bucklersbury.--Petition, July 6.



Petition under the Joint-Stock Companies' Act, 1856. HOWBEACH COAL COMPANY (limited); Aug. 6 at half-past 11.

Gazette, Friday, July 15. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque.- Petition, July 5.

BANKRUPTS. CERTIFICATES. Copley John, cabinet-maker, &c., Gloucester-1st class. Ford "Robert, Boundary-road, St. John's-road, grocer and oil and FITZJOHN John, (filed June 7, 1859,) auctioneer, March, Isle of

Ely. colourman, also High-street, Marylebone, mantle-maker-2nd class

TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS, suspended. Latch John, ship-broker, Bristol, Cardiff, and Newport-2nd class. BLENKARN Alfred Bower, merchant, Fenchurch-street, in the Liddle Duncan Robert Barham, wine - merchant, Princes - street, city of London, trading under the name of Blenkarn & Co.; surr, Leicester-square, and Fulham-3rd class suspended.

July 25 at 11, Aug. 29 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Potter George, lime-merchant, Earl-street, Blackfriars-2nd class. Goulburn. Official assignee, Pennell. Sol. C. Smith, TokenRogers Henry James Vanzoelen, and Alfred Gladstone, ship and house-yard.-Petition, July 11. insurance brokers, &c., Billiter-street-2nd class.

DOBSON Thomas Robert, tailor and draper, Colchester, in the Spawton William, John Hill, Stephen Richard Owen, and Julien

county of Essex; surr. July 26 at half-past 12, Aug. 17 at 2. Court, Roelens, curriers, &c., Northampton-2nd class.

Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque.' Official assignee, Graham. Taylor William James, chemist and grocer, North Shields—3rd class

Sols. Rixon, Son & Anton, Cannon-street ; F. B. Philbrick, Culsuspended.

chester.--Pétition, July 14. Bankrupt's own petition. Tibbs William, parchment and leather manufacturer, Ketton-3rd class.

OPPENHEIM Henry, timber-merchant and auctioneer, Old Street. Turner William, sail-maker, North Shields-3rd class.

road, St. Luke's, and Dalston-place, Dalston, in the county of Wynn William Nathaniel, auctioneer, Thornton-row, Greenwich- Middlesex; surr. July 25 at half past 12, Aug. 24 at 12. Court

, ist class.

Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee. Stansfeld. Sol. W. W. Charnock, King William-street, City.- Petition, July 13.

Pet. Cr. John Beasley Burney, steam-sawyer, York

road, Battersea. Gazette, Tuesday, July 12.

SLOPER Thomas Isaac James, oilman and tea-dealer, Church

street-west, St. Marylebone, in the county of Middlesex; surr.

July 26 at half-past 2, Aug. 17 at half-past il. Court, BasinghallBANKRUPTS.

Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Stansfeld. Sols. J. & J. K. Wright, Bedford-row.-Petition, July 12. Bankrupt's

own petition. HARTHAN Joseph, silk-throwster, Wheelock, in Sandbach, in the

CERTIFICATES. county of Chester ; surr. July 22 and Aug. 12 at 11.. Court, Liver- Barnes William, miller, Uldale Mill, Uldale—2nd class. pool. Com. Perry. Official assignee, Bird. Sol. T. Cooper, Con- Cowan Robert, timber-merchant and shipowner, Newcastle–21: gleton.-Petition, July 1.

class suspended. LARGE John, miller, Medway Mill, Boxley, near Maidstone, in the Howlett William, builder and contractor, Dovercourt Lodge, near

county of Kent; surr. July 22 at half-past 12, Aug. 19 at 12. Court, Harwich-3rd class. Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan. Sols? Morris John, shoe-manufacturer, Great Bridge, near WednesburyE. Doyle, Verulam-buildings, Gray’s-inn; C. Morgan, Maidstone. 3rd class suspended. - Petition, July 8. Bankrupt's own petition.

Munkenbeck John Bernard, tailor and draper, West HartlepoolMILLER William Tweeddale, general merchant, Devonshire-square, Norris Jane, ship and anchor smith, Liverpool — Ist class.

3rd class suspended. in the city of London; surr. July 20 at 12, Aug. 24 at ll. Court

, Norris William, ship and anchor smith, Liverpool,2nd class. Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Graham. Sol. W. Berry, Chancery-lane.- Petition, July 7. Pet. Crs. Messrs. Parry John, horse-dealer, Wern, in Llanbeblig-3rd class. Barnes & Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, Gracechurch-street,

Pearson John, grocer, Maryport-3rd class suspended. and Arthur Head, gentleman, Chancery-lane.

Sampson James, picture-dealer, carver, and gilder, Bristol – #1

class suspended. NEWTH William, miller, Cradley Heath, in the county of Stafford; Stanford Joseph and Thomas, washer-manufacturers, Wednesbury

surr. July 22 and Aug. 11 at 11. Court, Birmingham. Com. Oak, near Tipton-2nd class. Sanders. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. Harrison & Wood, Steward William, clothier, Darlaston-3rd class suspended.

Birmingham.-Petition, July 2. RIMMINGTON John, and Samuel Rimmington, tea-dealers, Kingston-upon-Hull; surr. July 27 and Aug. 31 at 12. Couri, Huli.


Gazette, Tuesday, July 19. Com. Ayrton. Oflicial assignee, Carrick. Sols. England & Saxel

bye, Hull; Wright & Bonner, London-street.--Petition, July 1. SMART Henry, dealer in pictures, Tichborne-street, Haymarket, in

BANKRUPTS. the county of Middlesex; surr. July 22 at 2, Aug. 19 at 1. Court, Basinghall-street. ('om. Fane. Oficial assignee, Whitmore. Sol. S. B. Abrahams, Bloomsbury-square.- Petition, July 7. Bauk- SHUTT William Dennis, (filed June 20, 1859) ironmonger, Highrapi's own petition.

street, Shoreditch.




MERSON John, and Thomas Breck Ingham, glass-manufacturers, TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

St. Helen's, in the county of Lancaster, under the firm of John CASTLE John Lee, linen-draper, Moreton-in-the-Marsh, in the

Merson & Co.; surr. Aug. 5 and 26 at 11. Court, Liverpool. Com. county of Gloucester; surr. Aug. 2 and 30 at 11. Court, Bristol.

Perry. Official assignee, Turner. Sols, Anderson & Collins, Com. Hill. Official assignee, Miller. Sols. Heather & Son, Pater

Liverpool.- Petition, July 20. noster-row; C. Bevan, Bristol.- Petition, June 12.

PEARCY George, builder, bricklayer, and plasterer, Farnham, in HARRIS Abraham, tobacconist and dealer in cigars, Railway-place, the county of Surrey; surr. Aug. 4 at 1, Sept. 2 at 12. Court, Shoreditch, in the county of Middlesex, and Bridge-road, Lam

Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. beth, in the county of Surrey; surr. July 29 at 12, Aug. 26 at 11.

Dynes & Harvey, Lincoln's-inn-fields.--Petition, July 20. Pet. Cr. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Cannan.

Charles Attfield, maltster, West-street, Farnham. Sols. Pocock & Poole, Bartholomew-close.—Petition, July 19. RICHARDSON Robert Thomas, grocer and tea-dealer, KingstonNEWTH William, milliner (and not miller, as before advertised),

upon-Hull; surr. Aug. 10 and Sept. 7 at 12._Court, Hull. Com. Cradley Heath, in the county of Stafford ; surr. July 22 and

Ayrton. Official assignee, Carrick. Sols. England & Saxelbye, Aug. 11 at 11.

Hull.-Petition, July 6. Court, Birmingham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Whitmore. Sols. Harrison & Wood, Birmingham.---Peti- | TUCKER William Owen, builder and contractor, Lea bridge-road, tion, July 2.

in the county of Essex; surr. Aug. 4 at hall-past 12, Sept. 2 at 1. PROCTER Robert, corn-broker and corn-merchant, and under

Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee, Whit

more. writer, Liverpool; surr. Aug. 2 and 22 at 11. Court, Liverpool.

Sols. Lawrance, Plews & Boyer, Old Jewry-chambers, Old Com. Perry. Official assignee, Morgan. Sol. J. Yates, jun.,

Jewry.-Petition, July 21. Pet. Cr. John Simmonds Winterflood, Liverpool. --Petition, July 15.

auctioneer, Old Broad-street, City. SMITH Kirkman, stonemason, New Cross, in the county of Kent, WESCOTT Richard, butcher and cattle-dealer, Whitley-crescent, under the firm of Smith & Co.; surr. July 29 and Aug. 26 at half

Reading, in the county of Berks; surr. Aug. 3 and 31 at 1. Court, past l. Court, Basinghall-street. Com. Fane. Official assignee,

Basinghall-street. Com. Fonblanque. Official assignee, Graham. Whitmore. Sols. Mason & Sturt, Gresham -street. — Petition,

Sol. H. J. Riches, Coleman-street.-- Petition, July 19. July 18.

WRIGHT John Thomas, upholsterer and cabinet-maker, WaterlooTHOMPSON Thomas, cabinet-maker, Pocklington, in the county

street, Hove, Brighton, in the county of Sussex; surr. Aug. 3 and of York; surr. Aug. 1 and 29 at 11. Court, Leeds. Com. Ayrton.

31 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street.Com. Fonblanque. Official Official assignee, Hope. Sols. R. H. Foster, Birmingham; Bond

assignee, Stansfeld. Sol. J. A. Juckes, Bridgewater-square, Barbi& Barwick, Leeds.- Petition, July 9.

can.-Petition, July 20. Pet. Cr. John Wright, upholsterer, Great

Portland-street. WIGGINTON William, coal-merchant, Bourne End, near Great

CERTIFICATES. Marlow, in the county of Buckingham; surr. July 29' and Aug. 26 at 12. Court, Basinghall-street.Com. Fane. Official assignee, Barnett Benjamin Longridge, shipowner and broker, GracechurchCannan. Sol. M. Shephard, Sise-lane, Bucklersbury.--Petition, street-2nd class suspended. July 15,

Hawley Thomas Prentis, cheesemonger, Brunswick parade, BarnsCERTIFICATES.

bury-road, Islington--suspended.

Hicks Richard, coal-merchant, Coal Depots, Camden-town, and elseCouper Archibald Arthur, East India and commission merchant, Old where--2nd class. Broad-street-3rd class suspended.

Holdsworth Lionel, rope and sail maker, late of Liverpool, now of Humphreys William Chilton, coal-merchant, Winchester-2nd class. Oxton-2nd class suspended. Jones Janies David, eating-house keeper, Fleet-street—3rd class sus

pended. Little George, miller, Lolham, in Ufford—2nd class.

DIVIDENDS. Polak Bernhard, foreign importer, Broad-street-buildings—3rd class suspended.

Application for the Dividends to be made to the Official Assignees. Radford John Boden, butcher, Sun-court, Curzon-street-2nd class. Ruhl George Frederick, merchant, &c., Crutched-friars-2nd class.

1858 Adams W. glove-manufac

First 5s. 6d.-Hirtzel, Exeter.

1855 Allcock R. wine and spirit Gazette, Friday, July 22.


Final 23d.- Harris, Nottingham. 1859 Allen W. boot and shoe maker First 3s. 4d.- Pennell, London.

1858 Allen & Smith, merchants, &c. Third 8s. 4d.-Cannan, London. BANKRUPTS.

1855 Andrews N. & T.ironmongersThird 3d. (in addition to 11s. 1d.

previously declared) — Baker, BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED.

HAYES Wesley, (filed May 27, 1859,) boot and shoe manufacturer, 1858 Anthony J. grocer and tea-

dealer ...

.. First 38. 2d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. LONG John, jun., (filed May 30, 1859,) builder and contractor, 1858 Armstrong J. earthenware


.On new proofs, first 1s. 6d. (being TOWN AND COUNTRY FIATS.

part of 1s. 8d. previously de

clared)— Baker, Newcastlé. BURTON Langley, upholsterer, Melton Mowbray, in the county of 1858 Aspinall W. S. grocer...... First and final 8 d.- Hope, Leeds. Leicester; sur

Ang. 9 and 30 at half-past 11. Court, Notting- 1859 Atkinson J. sen. flax-spinner First Is. 11d.-Young, Leeds. ham. Com. Sanders. Official assignee, Harris. Sols. Sole, Turner

Aulton & Butler, lace-manu& Turner, Aldermanbury; Hodgson & Allen, Birmingham.- Peti


. Second tion, July 16.

of Aulton 58.-Harris, sep.

CARR William, merchant, Liverpool; surr. Aug. 5 and 26 at 12. 1858 Baldwin H. tailor and tavern-
Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry. Official assignee, Cazenove. Sol. keeper

. First sep. 33.- Pennell, London. C. Pemberton, Liverpool.- Petition, July 20.

1852 Ball G. wine-merchant..... Second 24d.-Whitmore, London, HEATH Anthony, provision-dealer, Sheffield, in the county of 1858 Ball & Earl, calenderers.... First 13.71d.: first sep. of Ball

38. 4d. Hernaman, ManYork; surr. Aug. 6'and Sept. 3 at 10. Court, Sheffield. Com.

chester. West. Official assignee, Brewin. Sol. W.Unwin, Sheffield.---Peti- 1857 Banes M. warehouseman.... First ls. 21d.—Lee, London. tion, July 20.

1856 Barclay D. leather-manufacJONES Hugh, wholesale grocer, hop, oil, and iron merchant, Chester,

. Second 4d.-Whitmore, London, trading under the style of Hugh Lloyd Jones: surr. Aug. 8 and 26 1856 Barker I. draper.. ..First 10:14.—Hope, Leeds. at 12. Court, Liverpool. Com. Perry. Official assignee, Caze- 18 Barker R. druggist... Four id. and 23-32nds of ld.nove. Sols. F. W. Massey, Chester ; C. Pemberton, Liverpool.

Fraser, Manchester. Petition, July 21.

| 1857 Baxter F. silk-throwster.... Second 90.-- Harris, Nottingham.






dealer ....

man, &c....

1858 Bayliss M. B. tailor.... First 38.- Pennell, London. 1858 Curno P. wheelwright...... Further 58.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 1858 Baylis R. C. T. shoe-mercer. First 2s. 3d.- Pennell, London. 1847 Curme C, brewer, &c....... 2s. (together with first of 22. 6d. 1858 Beeson J. ironfounder.. ...... First 58.-Harris, Nottingham.

on new proofs)- Miller, Bristol. 1855 Bennett R. W. brewer...... Second lgd. - Kinnear, Birming- 1859 Custance T. W. victualler... First 68. Id.- Baker, Newcastle

. ham,

1857 Dalton L. stone-merchant... Third and final 4d.-Lee, LonBentley J. M. grocer........ Third 24d.-Whitmore, Birming

don. ham.

1859 Dawson S. worsted-manufac1840 Biddulph, Wright, Robinson


First 108.-Young, Leeds. & Jerningham, bankers.... Fifth 24d.- Edwards, London. 1858 Dawson T. printer.. ....... First 28. 5.d. - Whitmore, BirBirch J. maltster and brewer First 23. 7%d.-Kinnear, Birming.

mingham. ham.

1857 Deeker T. S. upholsterer.... First 11d.-Edwards, London. 1858 Blackham G. grocer, &c..... First 23. 11d. – Whitmore, Bir- 1858 Denman C. linen-draper.... First 1s. 4d. - Harris, Nottingmingham.

ham. 1857 Blow & Blow, corn and coal

1858 Dickinson H. stonemason... First 10d.-Harris, Nottingham. merchants

..Final 1s. 8?d.; sep. of each 20s.- 1857 Duvall C. provision-merchant Second 24d.-Whitmore, London.
Carrick, Hull.

1858 Ealand E. N. plumber, &c... First 58. 6d.-Kinnear, Birming. 1858 Blunt J. money-scrivener... First 13.0ğd.-Stansfeld, London.

ham. 1856 Bowden J. brewer.......... First 1.d.-Lee, London.

1858 Edmanson J. draper....... First 7%d.-Brewin, Sheffield. Bradshaw G. innkeeper..... First ss

. 9 d. –Whitmore, Bir- 1855 Edwards P. ironmonger.... Second'ışd.-Nicholson, London, mingham. 1858 Edwards R......

. First 3s. 13d.-Morgan, Liverpool. 1858 Brain G. grocer........ Second 7d.- Acraman, Bristol. 1857 Edwards T. china and glass 1858 Brooke W. S. woollen-mer

...Second 18. 0fd.-Stansfeld, Lonchant... . Second 1s. 1d.-Young, Leeds.

don. Brown C. boot, shoe, and

1858 Elley R. innkeeper and leather dealer..... ... Second 3d.-Whitmore, Birming- butcher......

First 28. 8 d.-Stansfeld, London. ham.

1858 Elliott J. grocer and tea1858 Brown J. M. apothecary ....First 18. 6.4d. —Whitmore, Bir


. First 68.-Hirtzel, Exeter. mingham.

1858 Ellis T. brickmaker. ....... Second 4d.- Acraman, Bristol. 1858 Brown W. builder, &c.... . Second 2s. 6d. (in addition to 10s. 1858 Elsworth J. naphtha-manupreviously declared) — Baker, facturer...

..First 18. 7d.-Carrick, Hull. Newcastle.

1855 Fairey W. provision-mer1858 Bullivant N. victualler...... First 4s. 54d.-Pott, Manchester. chant...

.Second 4 d.- Nicholson, London. 1858 Burrow T. farmer.... .First 3s. 8 d.-Kinnear, Birming- 1856 Feast R. Italian warehouseham.

. Third 1 d.-Whitmore, London. 1857 Butler E. tailor.... On new proofs, first 8zd.-Ed- 1846 Firmin F. F. clerk. . Second Zs. 33d.—Lee, London.

wards, London.

1856 Fisher R. builder... . First 2s. 2d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 1858 Butler S. & C. & C. E. wire

1858 Fitzmaurice G. L. boarding. drawers, &c....... ... Second 1s.6d.- Kinnear, Birming

house keeper... . First 18. 73d.-Pennell, London. ham.

1826 Fletcher M. merchant... Third 7d. - Pennell, London. Butler, Baker & Butler, wire

1858 Forster P. ship-builder..... First 88. 5d.-Baker, Newcastle. drawers, &c. ..... . First sep. of S. Butler 20s.-Kin. 1858 Furnishing Ironmongery and near, Birmingham.

Hardware Company (limit1858 Butteris V. bookseller, &c... First 2s. 3d.-Hirtzel, Exeter.


.First 28. 6d.-Edwards, London. 1858 Buxton J. grocer and draper First 38. 4d. – Harris, Notting- 1855 Gent G. tea-dealer.. ..... First 6%d.-Nicholson, London,


1858 Gibbs A. stained-glass painter First 13.6d.-- Pennell, London. 1856 Byers M. & T. ship-builders,

1858 Gillham J. boot and shoe &c... Second 18. 2}d. (in addition to


... Further 23d.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 28. 6d. previously declared)- 1856 Gilroy W. ironmonger and Baker, Newcastle.

paper-dealer.... .. First 1s. 4d.-Kinnear, Birming1856 Byers M. & T. ship-builders,

ham. &c. ....

Third 4s. 10 d. (in addition to 1839 Golborne & Dobbs......... Seventh 1s. 0fd.-Morgan, Liver-
8s. and 11-16ths of Id.

viously declared)- Baker, New- 1840 Golland W. C. linen-draper,


. Third 4d.-Pennell, London. 1857 Campin H. warehouseman.. Third and final 13d.-Lee, Lon- 1857 Gotch J. D. & T. H. bankers, don.

tanners, &c.....

First 8s. if creditors have not 1819 Carver & Peet, merchants.. Second 5d.-Pennell, London.

received 2s, 6d., or 5s.6d. if 1859 Chadwick W. dyer and dry-,

creditors have received 2s. 64; salter . First 4 d.-Young, Leeds.

second Is. 6d.-Graham, Low1857 Chafe W. T. ironfounder... First 8td.-Hirtzel, Exeter.

don. 1858 Cheetham J. general dealer. First iis. 7d.—Kinnear, Birming- 1858 Gray G. W. builder, &c..... First 25.--Harris, Nottingham.


1858 Greatorex H. hotel-keeper.. First 5s. 10d.—Turner, Liverpool. 1858 Chesterman E. builder..... Second 11d.-- Pennell, London. 1858 Gledhill W. plumber and 1858 Chitty H. J. linen-draper... Second 14d.-Whitmore, London. glazier

....First 28. 9d.-Young, Leeds. 1858 Churchouse T. grocer, &c...4d.— Miller, Bristol.

1856 Greening B. manufacturer of 1856 Clarke J. W. ironmonger... Second 4d.-Pennell, London.

wire fencing, &c......... . First 4.d.-Fraser, Manchester. 1858 Cockburn H. M. tobacconist. First 1s. 520.- Edwards, London. 1859 Gregory W. J. publican and 1845 Cole F. L. wine-merchant..,Second 88. 4d.-Whitmore, Lon


..28. 6d.-Miller, Bristol. don.

1854 Gribbell & Luscombe, grocers Further id.-Hirtzel, Exeter. 1857 Coleman S. tailor and draper Second 7d.-Carrick, Hull. 1857 Griffin J.....

... Second lizd. - Morgan, Liver1858 Collins F. jeweller.... ..Second 5d.- Pennell, London.

pool. 1858 Collins W. linen-draper..... Second 1s. 3d.-Pennell, London. 1857 Griffiths E. wine-merchant.. Second 23d.-Nicholson, London. 1858 Connor E. boot-warehouse

1846 Griffiths S. wholesale drugman, &c...... ..... First 28. 23d.-Edwards, London. gist

....Second 1s. 2d.-Kinnear, Birming 1858 Constantinidi M. merchant.. First 2s. Ogd.-Hernaman, Man

ham, chester.

1859 Gurney & Jacobs, tailors, &c. First 58.-Stansfeld, London. 1855 Cooke J. glass-manufacturer. First 5%d.-Lee, London.

1857 Hall C. East-India merchant First 100.-- Pennell, London. 1859 Copley J. cabinet-maker....7s.6d.—Miller, Bristol.

1857 Hamilton G. cotton-spinner. First 8d. and 5-16ths of Id.-Pott, 1855 Corney H. builder..... First 18. 31d.-Edwards, London.

Manchester. 1858 Coulson G. N. butcher...... First 38.-Carrick, Hull.

1854 Hammond R. builder...... Third 3 d.-Young, Leeds. 1859 Crellin P. sail-maker....... First 58. 6d.— Turner, Liverpool. 1858 Harris J. envelope manufac1859 Crow Thomas, painter, &c... First 58. 11d.- Baker, Newcastle.

.First 9d.-Lee, London,


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