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Rates for the Repair of the Highways, in respect of such Tenement or Tenements respectively, whether the same be occupied or unoccupied, from thenceforth till the Twenty-fifth Day of March following,

at a Sum not being less than One Half of the Amount at which 5 such Tenement or Tenements respectively would be liable to be

rated if occupied in case this Act had not passed.

V. And be it enacted, That the Rates to be assessed as afore- Remedies for said, together with the Costs and Charges of levying and recovering Rates

recovering of the same, may be levied on the Goods of and recovered from the 10 respective Owners of such Tenements às aforesaid, by Distress,

Action, Suit, or other Proceeding, in the same way as such Rates, if lawfully assessed on the Occupiers of such Tenements, might by Law be levied on the Goods of or recovered from such Occu

piers ; and, further, the Goods and Chattels of the Occupiers of such 15 Tenements shall be liable to be distrained and sold for Payment of

such of the said Rates as shall accrue due during their respective Occupations, in the same way as if such Rates were assessed on such Occupiers.

VI. And be it enacted, That every such Owner so rated as afore- Owners 20 said shall have the same Right of Appeal (subject to the same

possessed to

have the Conditions) against Rates, and the same Right to vote in Vestry, Privileges of as if he were an Occupier duly rated in respect of the same Occupiers. Tenement.

CLAUSE D. VII. And be it enacted, That such Owners paying such Rates Owners of 25 in respect of Tenements continuing to be held by Occupiers under Tenements

held for now existing Tenancies for a greater Term than from Year to Year

longer shall be entitled to add what they shall so pay to the Rent payable Periods than

from Year to in respect of such Tenements, and have the same Remedies for

Year entitled recovering the same as for Rent in arrear; and that Occupiers to add to 30 other than such as shall continue to hold under now existing Amount paid

Tenancies for a greater Term than from Year to Year may (whether for Rates. paying such Rates voluntarily or by Compulsion) deduct the respective Amount so to be answered by them as aforesaid, together with

all Costs and Charges they may have incurred on account thereof, 35 from the Rent payable in respect of such Tenements, and such

Amounts shall be deemed Debts due from such Owners to such
Occupiers, and be recoverable by Action.

CLAUSE B. VIII. And be it enacted, That the Word “Tenement” in this Act Interpretashall be construed to include any Land, House, Cottage, Apartment, tion Clause. 40 or corporeal Hereditament; the Word “ Owner” shall be construed to include any Person receiving or claiming the Rent of any such 272. A 2


Tenement for his own Use, or receiving the same for the Use of any
Corporation aggregate, or of any public Company, or of any Landlord
or Lessor who shall be a Minor, under Coverture, or insane, or for
the Use of any Person who shall not be usually resident within
Twenty Miles from the Parish in which such Tenement shall be 5
situated; the Word “ Person ” shall be construed to include any
Corporation or public Company as well as any. Individual; the Word
“ Parish” shall be construed to include any Parish, Township, Vill,
or Place maintaining its own Poor separately; the Word “Vestry”
shall be construed to include any Meeting of the Inhabitants of any 10
such Parish, Township, Vill, or Place, to be held after due Notice for
carrying into execution the Laws for the Relief of the Poor; and
wherever in this Act, in describing any Person, Matter, or Thing, the
Word importing the Singular Number or the Masculine Gender only
is used, the same shall be understood to include and be applied to 15
several Persons as well as one Person, and Females as well as Males,
and several Matters or Things as well as one Matter or Thing re-
spectively ; unless there be something in the Subject or Context
repugnant to such Construction.

Extension of Act.

IX. And be it enacted, That this Act shall extend only to Eng. 20 land and Wales, and shall not apply to any Place where Owners are made liable to be rated to the Relief of the Poor under the Provisions of any local Act.

Act may be

X. And be it enacted, That this Act may be amended or repealed amended,&c. by any Act to be passed in this present Session of Parliament


[blocks in formation]





An Act to facilitate the Recovery of Possession

of Small Tenements in Ireland, not being in any
County of a City, County of a Town, Borough,
or Market Town.


HEREAS it is but just and reasonable that where the Preamble.

Power to enforce the Payment of Rents by Arrest of the

Person is taken away greater Facility should be given for the Recovery of Possession of the Premises in respect of which such 5 Rents are payable : And whereas by an Act passed in the Session of

Parliament held in the Eleventh and Twelfth Years of the Reign of Her present Majesty, intituled “An Act to amend the Law of 11 & 12 Vict. “ Imprisonment for Debt in Ireland, and to improve the Remedies c. 28.

“ for the Recovery of Debts and of the Possession of Tenements 10 “ situate in Cities and Towns, in certain Cases,” the Power of

enforcing the Payment of any Sum not exceeding Ten Pounds, due for the Rent of Premises in any Part of Ireland, by Arrest of the Person, was taken away: And whereas by the same Act Provision

was made for the more easy Recovery of the Possession of Small 15 Tenements in Ireland, but such Provision is restricted to Small

Tenements situate in any County of a City, County of a Town, Borough, or Market Town in Ireland, held for any Term not exceed492.


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