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The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.—1908.


THE FIRST SCHEDULE. The whole of the area of jurisdiction of the District Council of Mitcham except the portion thereof lying to the suuth of a line drawn due east and west at a distance of five miles in a direct line due south of the General Post Office, Adelaide, the western end of such line being on the Southern Railway line, and from that point lying to the east of the said railway line to its most southerly point in the said area of jurisdiction, and thence lying to the east of a line drawn due south to the boundary of the said area of jurisdiction.



Reference to Acts.


Extent of Repeal.

No. 5 of 1840 . An Act to regulate the Slaughtering and Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, prevent the Stealing of Cattle

7, 8, 15, and 16 No. 2 of 1844. An Ordinance to authorise the levying | The whole

of Fees on the Slaughtering of Cattle

in South Australia No. 419 of 1887 The District Councils Act, 1887 ...... | Sections 258 and 259 No. 863 of 1904 The District Councils Amendment Act, Sections 29 and 30

No. 497 of 1890 The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890 . | Sections 182 and 183,

section 184 as regards
the word “slaughter-
house" only, and sec-
tion 314 as regards
all the words from
and including “For
the regulation of
slaughter-houses” to
and including “there-
for, or for slaughter-

ing cattle"
No. 833 of 1903 The Municipal Corporations Amendment Subdivision xiii. of sec-
Act, 1903

tion 14, and section 15 No. 711 of 1898 The Health Act, 1898 ......

Sections 95, 96, 97, 98,

99, 100, 101, 102, and

Sec. 35.



“The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act, 1908.” The Metropolitan Abattoirs Board in consideration of the sum of pounds paid to the Board hereby binds itself to pay to the bearer for the time being of this debenture the sum of

pounds, and to the bearer or bearers for the time being of the coupons annexed hereto interest upon the said sum at the rate of

per centum per annum, such interest to be payable on the day of and the day of

in every year, and the principal to be paid on the

day of

in the year on such sooner day as shall be specified in notice given in pursuance of the abovementioned Act for the redemption of this debenture,



The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act.1908.

The general rates of the constituent Corporations and Councils declared or hereafter to be declared under the authority of “The Municipal Corporations Act, 1890," and " The District Councils Act, 1887," and any other revenues received or to be received by such Corporations and Councils (except such as are exempted in clause 37 of “ The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act, 1908,") and all the real and personal property of the Board, shall be a security to the bearer for the time being of this debenture until the said principal sum be satisfied, and to the bearer or bearers for the time being of the coupons annexed hereto until the interest upon the said principal as represented by such coupons by him or them held shall be satisfied.

This debenture is issued subject to the provisions of the last-mentioned Act, and in particular to the sections contained in Part III. of the Act.

Given under the seal of the Metropolitan Abattoirs Board this
day of
The seal of the Metropolitan Abattoirs)
Board was hereto fixed on the

date hereof in the presence of

Chairman. Countersigned

Secretary. NOTE.-Interest and principal payable at the office of the Board in Adelaide, or at such bank or other place as may be appointed by notice to be given in The South Australian Government Gazette.

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A.D. 1908.


No. 958.

An Act to regulate the Keeping, Conveying, and Sale of

Inflammable Oils.

[Assented to, December 2nd, 1908.] D E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia,

D with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as follows:



1. This Act may be cited as the “ Inflammable Oils Act, 1908.”

2. This Act shall commence on a day to be fixed by Proclamation.

Short title.

commence ON

oclama. Commencement of


Division of Act.

3. This Act is divided into parts as follows:

Part 1.—Preliminary and Interpretation.
Part 11.—Keeping of Inflammable Oil.
PART 111.— Marking of Packages.
Part 1v.—Conveyance of Inflammable Oil.
Part V.—Government Control and Inspection
Part VI.—Testing.
Part VII.—Legal Proceedings.
Part VIII.—General Provisions.

4. The

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Inflammable Oils Act.—1908.

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4. The “ Kerosine Storage Act, 1873,” and the “Kerosine Storage Amendment Act, 1874,” are hereby repealed.

11 of 1873.
23 of 1874.


38 Vict., c. 17, s. 108.


5. In this Act, except where otherwise clearly indicated

“Boat” means any vessel propelled by oars only.
“ Carriage” includes any bicycle, vehicle, or conveyance of

whatsoever kind:
“ Depôt” means any pit, excavation, or enclosed place, whether

situate in a building or not, which is constructed in such manner or surrounded by walls of such character that inflammable oil stored therein cannot escape therefrom in the form of liquid, either under the action of fire or other

wise : " Gazette means the The South Australian Government Gazette: “ Government Analyst” means the person for the time being

holding the office of Government Analyst under appointment by the Governor, or the person so appointed to perform the duties of the Government Analyst for the time

being: “Inland water” means any canal, river, lake, or water which

is not tidal water: “Master” includes every person, except a pilot or Government

officer, in command or charge of a ship; and in reference to any boat belonging to a ship means the master of the ship, and in reference to any other boat includes every

person having command or charge of such boat: “ Minister" means the Minister of the Crown for the time being

administering this Act: “Package " includes every means by which goods may be cased,

covered, enclosed, contained, or packed : “Place” means any part of land or water, and includes any.

thing thereon: • Prescribed ” means prescribed by this Act or by regulations

under this Act: “ Protected work” means(a) A building in which any person dwells, or in which

persons are accustomed to assemble for purposes of public concourse, public religious worship, public entertainment or amusement, education, or discussion, public offices, stores (bonded or free, or bonded and free combined), and other warehouses; and

Inflammable Oils Act.—1908.

(6) A building in which persons are employed for the purpose Part 1.

of any trade or business, and which is not situate on
premises registered or stores licensed under Part II.

of this Act:
) A dock, wharf (as defined in this section), or timber yard,

and any part of a harbor, port, or river where it is

customary for ships to berth, moor, or lie; and,
(d) Subject to the provisions of section 15 of this Act a depôt

in which any inflammable oil is kept:
(e) Any other place which the Governor by Proclamation in

the Gazette declares to be a protected work:
“ Screen wall” means a wall of brick, stone, concrete, solid

earth, or other substance efficient for the purpose of
preventing the spread of fire from any one place to any
other place, and shall be deemed to intervene when
straight lines drawn from every part of a depôt to every

part of a protected work pass through such screen wall:
“ Ship ” includes every description of vessel used in navigation

not propelled by oars only: “This Act” includes any licence, certificate, order, rule, or

regulation granted or made in pursuance of this Act: “Tidal water" means any part of the sea or inlet thereof, or 38 Vict., c. 17, s. 108.

of a river or other water within the ebb and flow of the

tides at ordinary spring tides:
6 Town” means the City of Adelaide and any municipality

incorporated under “ The Municipal Corporations Act,

1890,” or any Act amending or substituted for the same: 6. Wharf” includes any quay, landing place, landing stage, 38 Vict., c. 17, s. 108.

jetty, pier, hulk, or other place at which goods are landed,
loaded, or unloaded.

6. “Inflammable oil” means any oil, liquid, or spirit derived Definition of

i "inflammable oil.” wholly or in part from any petroleum, shale, schist, coal, peat, bitumen, or any other similar substance; and which has a true flashing point of less than one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit; and any other liquid which the Governor, by Proclamation in the Gazette, declares to be an inflammable oil.

7. For the purposes of this Act inflammable oils are divided Classification of into “ petrol ” and “kerosine”; and

"inflammable oil.”

(a) “ Petrol” means any inflammable oil which has a true flashing

point of less than seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit; and (6) “ Kerosine" means any inflammable oil which has a true Proclamation under

crocs Commonwealth I not less than seventy-three degrees Customs Act, Com. Fahrenheit.

monuealth Gazette,

November 19th, 1904. 8. For

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