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IN THE PRESS. Crown 8vo. Price 2s. 6d.
The Trustee Act, 1888: An Act to amend the Law

relating to the Duties, Powers and Liabilities of Trustees, with
Explanatory Notes and anIndex. By A. R. RUDALL and
J. W. Greig, Barristers-at-Law.

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Fleming's Tables : Comprising Sinking Fund Tables,

Loan Repayment and Annuity Tables, and Compound Interest
Tables; to which is appended an Exemplification of Sinking
Fund and Capital Accounts. By J. FLEMING. Demy 8vo., cloth,

price 12s. 6d.
This work has been prepared to meet the want, long acknowledged by the Officers
of Local Authorities, of some form of Sinking Fund, Loan Repayment, and Com.
pound Interest Tables, which being entirely free from complications, may be used
hy persons unable, either from want of time or other cause, to make intricate and
laborious calculations for themselves. It is believed that the Tables given are more
simple and complete than any similar Tables hitherto published.


A Pocket Vocabulary of Medical Terms (with their

pronunciations). By HENRY PAYNE, M.D., M.R.C.S., L.S.A.
Resident Medical Officer of the District Infirmary, Ashton-under-

Lyne. Strongly bound in cloth, price 2s.
The object of this small vocabulary is to supply a want long felt by Registrars,
Relieving Oficers, Hospital Nurses, and others, who, not being members of the
Medical Profession, have still much to do with Medical men.

Hadden's Handbook of the Law relating to Dairies,

Cowsheds, and Milkshops, as comprised in the Contagious Diseases
(Animals) Acts, the Public Health Act, and the Order of the Privy
Council and Local Government Board. Price 1s. 3d.

Hadden's Handbook to the County Electors Act, 1888,

With full explanatory Notes, and all Acts of Parliament required
for reference. By The Editor of the “County Government Review."
8vo., price 28. hd.


The County Government Review Calendar, Size,

30in. X 20in. Unmounted, 3d. ; Mounted Linen, ls. 6d.;

Mounted on Linen, with Rollers, and Varnished, 2s. 6d.
This consists of a large Calendar in bold type for the current year, to which is
added a small Calendar for the year following, with dates of the Public Holidays,
&c., for each year. It also includes Lists of Dates of Proceedings in connection with
Elections of Guardians ; Municipal Elections ; Local Board Elections ; the Registration
Act, 1885, and the County Electors Act, 1888, all the Dates being carefully corrected
with regard to Sundays and Public Holidays.

HADDEN, BEST & Co., Local Government Publishers,


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