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THE existence of such a man as Martin Boos in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church, may surprise some of our readers, and may, perhaps, require a few words of explanation.

During the latter half of the eighteenth century, the principle of the Gallican Church, which regards the Pope as subordinate to general Councils, had penetrated the Roman Catholic portions of Germany. The order of the Jesuits was suppressed. The archbishops of Vienna and Salzburg set themselves to oppose some of the abuses of their church ; while the emperor of Austria, Joseph II. abolished, by secular ordinances, the use of Latin in public worship, diminished the number of altars and redueed their pomp, suppressed many processions, set limits to indulgences, closed the convents, and endeavoured to reform both elementary and higher education. At the same period Leopold, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, effected similar reforms in his States, by the assistance of the

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