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JANUARY, 1833.

NO. 1.

THE VISITER. THE Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, sometime since, voted to publish a monthly periodical, under the direction of a Publishing Committee, to be called The SABBATH SCHOOL VISITER. The friends of Sabbath schools in Massachusetts, cannot be ignorant of the advantages arising from such a publication. For four years and a half, the Sabbath School Treasury has been published by the Massachusetts Sabbath School Union, the joint property of the Baptist and Evangelical Congregational friends of Sabbath schools. After moving on for several years harmoniously together, they harmoniously agreed to divide, that they might carry forward the great and noble enterprize of Sabbath schools in their appropriate spheres. Whether the Visiter shall be as valuable a periodical as the Treasury has been, and we trust will continue to be, under the direction of the Baptist denomination, time will show. Some, who probably take a lively interest in the character of our new periodical, have said, "we hope the Visiter will be of a high order,” “ of sterling worth.” We can assure our readers, the Visiter will be all this, if our friends, who are capable of making it so, will just lay themselves out a little, and forward us communications “ of a high order,” “ of sterling worth.”

Though the Visiter has an Editor, and is published under the supervision of a Publishing Committee, yet it will take its character principally, from our correspondents. We hope a large proportion of each number will be filled with original matter. As we make our monthly visits in behalf of the Sabbath school cause, we wish to say a word to parents and children, to superintendents, teachers, and scholars, to churches



and congregations; and if we say, now and then, a word to our brethren and fathers in the ministry, we trust it will be kindly received, and heeded according to its importance. We shall keep prominently before our readers, the duty of praying for Sabbath schools, and especially the duty of those connected with schools, as superintendents or teachers, of laboring and praying with special reference to the immediate conversion of Sabbath scholars. We shall also “occasionally introduce articles, pointing

out the duty of Christian parents to their baptized children, and the practical influence of a pious observance of the ordinance of infant baptism."

So far as our own labor is concerned, or our own influence can be made instrumental of stirring up others to contribute to its pages, or to its circulation, we shall spare no pains, to make the Visiter what it should be, an important auxiliary to the Sabbath school cause. Say not, we are visionary or beside ourself, because we consider Sabbath schools one of the mightiest engines ever put in operation, to bring children and youth, if not persons of all ages, back to God, and train them for heaven. Their weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God, to pulling down the strong holds. And all, but especially the church, are called upon to help forward this noble enterprize, this mighty moral engine, which is to move on with accelerated velocity, and with widening and more salutary influence, till every descendant of Adam is taught the Scriptures, and made wise through faith in Christ unto salvation.

For the Sabbath School Visiter.

THE NEW YEAR. We have just crossed the threshold of the new year. We are now, therefore, travellers in a region, never before trodden by our feet. We are mariners, entering a sea where none before us have ever trimmed a sail or plied an oar. And, as in an unknown ocean, the sailor proceeds with thoughtful care; as in an unexplored territory, the traveller looks around him, with anxiety and caution, so ought we. I invite my young friends to in

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