Brittische bibliothek, 2. köide

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Carl Wilhelm Mueller (of Leipzig)
Bay J. Wendler, 1757

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Page 413 - In these lone walls (their days eternal bound) These moss-grown domes with spiry turrets crown'd, Where awful arches make a noon-day night, And the dim windows shed a solemn light ; Thy eyes diffus'da reconciling ray, And gleams of glory brighten'd all the day. But now no face divine contentment wears, 'Tis all blank sadness, or continual tears. See how the force of others...
Page 322 - ... a poussé la vie et la vigueur de l'esprit jusqu'à l'âge de quatre-vingt-deux ans. Et dans la douleur que m'apporte Ce triste et malheureux trépas, Je dirois en pleurant que toute muse est morte , Si la vôtre ne vivoit pas.
Page 411 - I go, ye Nymphs ! thofe rocks and feas to prove ; How much I fear, but ah, how much I love ! I go, ye Nymphs, where furious love infpires ; Let female fears fubmit to female fires. To rocks and feas I fly from Phaon's hate, 205 And hope from feas and rocks a milder fate.
Page 101 - Fables. With instructive Morals and Reflections, abstracted from all party considerations, adapted to all capacities , and design'd to promote religion , morality and universal benevolence. Containing two hundred and forty Fables, with a Cut engrav'd on copper to each Fable. And the Life of Aesop prefixed , by Mr.
Page 142 - Second thoughts concerning the sufferings and death of Christ, as a propitiatory sacrifice for the sins of the world, and a satisfaction to divine justice.
Page 570 - Travels or Obfervations relating to feveral Parts of Barbary and the Levant illuflrated with Cuts.
Page 511 - Travels , or obfervations relating to feveral parts of Barbary and the Levant , flluflra...
Page 569 - OBSERVATIONS on Venereal Complaints, and on the Methods recommended for their Cure.
Page 617 - The hiftory of the Royal Society of London for improving of natural knowledge from its firft rife. In which the moft confiderable of...

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