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J. T. Hopwood, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, HOUSE OF LORDS


Barristers at Law. W. W. Knox, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, PRIVY COUNCIL

E. BULLOCK, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. THE LORD CHANCELLOR'S SJ. T. Hopwood, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn,


Barristers at Law. . , ,

W. W. Knox, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn,


at Law.



lc. W. Crouch, Esq., of the Middle Temple,

C.W. CROUCH, Esq., of the Middle Temple,

T. L. M. Browne, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn,

Barristers at


VICE-CHANCELLOR SIR RICHARDS W. W. Knox, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn,

Barristers at



E. LLOYD, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn,

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T. F. MORSE, Esq., of the Inner Temple, VICE-CHANCELLOR SIR JOHN


Barristers at Law. STUART'S COURT LA. Rumsey, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, VICE-CHANCELLOR Sır W. PAGE

} Joseph HOWARD, Esq, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. WOOD'S COURT COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH C. W. Lovesy, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. QUEEN'S BENCH BAIL COURT . George FRANCIS, Esq., of Gray's Inn, Barrister at Law. COURT OF COMMON PLEAS,




at Law. E. BULLOCK, Esq., of the Inner Temple, VOTERS ACT

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W. BRANDT, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. COURT FOR DIVORCE AND


and W.E. BROWNING, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

[J. G. Middleton, D.C.L., Doctors' Commons, COURT OF PROBATE


W. E. BROWNING, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. ADMIRALTY AND ECCLESIASTI: [J. G. Middleton, D.C.L., Doctors' Commons,


W.E.BBOWNING, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law. CROWN CASES RESERVED George Francis, Esq., of Gray's Inn, Barrister at Law.

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Bell v. Wilson (Vendor and purchaser

Mines and minerals-Freestone), 437

Adam's Trusts, te (Will-Gift over), Backhouse v. Hall (Guarantee-Change Bellew v. Bellew (Administration pen-


of partners), 562

dente lite), 588

Addinell's case. – Leeds Banking Co. Bahia, The (Bill of lading-Duty to Berdoe v. Dawson (Parent and child
(Contributory-Executors), 965 carry on or tranship), 90

Undue influence), 254
Adelphi Hotel Co., te (Contributory- (Witness-Costs), 1008

Bermondsey, Vestry of, v. Brown (Right

Allotment), 498

Bailey v. Birchall (Solicitor and client of way-Presumption from user-

Agra and Masterman's Bank (Limited) -Costs), 57

Parish-Parties), 1031
8. Hoffmann (Banker and customer - v. Edwards (Principal and surety Best v. Stonehewer (WillConstruc-
- Non-payment of cheques), 335 -Giving time), 134

tion-Descendants), 315
Agricultural Cattle Insurance Co., re.- Baker, App., Locke, Resp. (Registration Betts_v. De Vitre (Patent-Damages

Belhaven's case(Contributory-Com- in borough-Disqualification), 65 -Jurisdiction--Costs), 9
promise-Cancellation), 572

V. Lane (Interrogatories-Ten- V. De Vitre (Patent-Infringe-
Agricultural Cattle Insurance Co., re. dency to criminate), 117

ment-Costs), 217

-Stanhope's case (Contributory- Bank of Gibraltar and Malta (Limited), v. Neilson (Patent-Foreigner-

Lapse of time), 872

re (Winding up), 916

Transport), 679

Agriculturist Cattle Insurance Co., re. Banks v. Gibson (Partnership-Disso- Bevan, in Goods of (Administration to

- Spackman's case (Winding up- lution Right to use partnership a seaman), 982
Contributory-Compromise), 207 style), 680

Biddle v. Bond (Principal and agent-
Alexander z. North-eastern Railway Bannister v. Bigges (Injunction Jus tertii), 425

Co. (Libel - Inaccurate statement), Nuisance-Rifle range), 276 Bignold v. Cobbold (Practice-Seques-

Barber v. Whiteley (FencesAncient tration - Costs), 152
Allday t. Great Western Railway Co. inclosure-Copyhold), 822

Bilbee v. London, Brighton, and South-

(Railway carriers - Unreasonable Barker, App., Davis, Resp. (Right of coast Railway Co. (Negligence-Evi-

condition), 12

shooting-Evidence), 651

dence), 745

Alton v. Midland Railway Co. (Injury

v. M'Andrew (Charterparty Bills v. Smith (Fraudulent preference),
to servant- Railway-Common car- Voyage), 637


rier), 672

v. Piele (Trustee Relief Act- Binder, Clerk, v. Peacock, Clerk of the

Anderson o. Stamp (Writ of ne exeat), Costs), 436

Barnsley Burial Board (Districts in


v. Venables (Vendor and pur- parishes-Incumbent's fees), 428

Andrew o. Macklin (Composition deed chaser-Costs of infant heir), 480 Bird v. Great Eastern Railway Co.

-Release of joint debtor), 409 Barnes v. Grant (Church rate-Libel- (Railway company - Compensation

Anonymous 7. Parr (Interrogatories Amendment-Practice), 395

-Right of sporting), 782

before declaration), 388

Barrow v. Griffith (Charge of debts- Birkbeck Life Insurance Co., re, ex p.
Anthony 0. Cowper (Absconding de- Mortgage-Priority), 6

Barry's Representatives (Winding up
fendant-Pro confesso), 73

v. Newman (Charge of debts- -Contributory-Costs), 76
Argent 1. Argent (Administration- MortgagePriority), ib.

Blackett v. Bates (Specific performance

Widow), 864

Barrs v. Pewkes (Construction-Exe- -Award-Delay), 500

Asher and Wife v. Whitelock (Waste cutor-Gift or trust), 669

Blades v. Higgs (Fere nature-Game

land-Derisable interest), 925 Barselman v. Langlands (Deed of com- -Trespasser), 701

Attorney-General v. Gell" (Succession position-Ca. sa.), 45

Blakeley v. Abeles (Affidavit-Prac-

duty), 566

Bayley v. Williams (Undue influence- tice), 325

— v. Kingston-npon-Thames, Mayor, Threat of criminal prosecution), 236 | Bloxam Chichester (Practice
Aldermen, and Burgesses of (Nui- Baylis, in Goods of (Executor according Printed answer), 48
sance Injunction Quia timet), to tenor), 1028

Boaler v. Mayor (Merger of simple con-
Beadel v. Pitt (Lease-Specific per- tract in specialty), 565
-0. St. John's Hospital (Charity- formance), 152

Boldero v. East India Co. (Bengal Civil
Jurisdiction-Time), 629

Beardmore v. Gregory (Practice Service Fund-Refund), 493

Austin 8. Austin.-Re Austin (Infant- Amendment-Husband and wife- Bolitho v. Hillyar (Will— Vested inte-

Guardian-Mother-Religious edu- Misjoinder), 363

rest- Married woman), 556

cation), 101

Beeden v. Major (Stock-Purchase in Boosey v. Wood (Libel-Accord and

8. Austin. — Re Austin (Infant name of stranger-Trustee— Inten- satisfaction), 181

- Guardianship Custody - Reli- tion-Acts of person in loco parentis), Booth v. Taylor (Procedure in injunc-

gious education), 536


tion), 981

t. Bunyard" (Postdated cheque), Belding v. Read (Bill of sale-After- Borries v. Hutchinson (Sale-Non-de-
acquired property), 547

livery-Damages), 267


Bostock v. Floyer (Trustee-Loss by | Cary, App., Local Board of Health of Cooke v. Cooke (otherwise Elmsall)
fraud of solicitor), 962

the Borough of Kingston-upon-Hull, (Status of infantDeclaration of
v. Jardine (Broker-Lump con- Resps. (Levelling streets), 171

illegitimacy-Fraudulent settlement

tract), 586

Carryer v. Carryer and Watson (20 $ -Collusive suit), 533

Boulnois v. Mann (Composition deed- 21 Vict. c. 85, s. 28), 352

Cooper, ex p., re North London Railway
Unreasonableness), 1006

Cathorne's Estate, re (Will-Gift to a Co. (LesseeCompensation-Costs),

Bourne v. Fosbrooke (Trover-Goods- class), 9


Gift by wife), 202

Cator v. Board Works for Lewisham - , re (Married woman - Acknow-
Bovill v. Goodier (Patent-Particulars District (Pollution of stream-Da- ledgment Foreign state - Notary
of objections), 900

mage-Action-Compensation), 340 public), 114
Bowes v. Hope Mutual Life Insurance Central Railroad and Banking Co. of v. Wells (Construction—Receipt

& Honesty Guarantee Society (Wind- Georgia v. Mitchell (PleaJurisdic- sufficient discharge), 923
ing up-Judgment debt impeached), tion), 258

Cordeux v. Trasler (Administration

Chadwick v. Turner (East Riding re. suit-Petition-Prior petens), 587
Bradley v. Oastler (Damages-Con- gistry-Concealed will), 333

Cornish v. Cleife (Covenant to repair-

tract - Market price), 22

Chambers, re (Taxation-Substituted After-erected buildings), 181

Brandon v. Brandon (Railway com- bill of costs), 230

Correspondent Newspaper Co. (Limited)

pany-Jurisdiction- Costs), 30

v. Crabbe (Parent and child v. Saunders (Copyright Registra-

Brigliton Club and Norfolk Hotel Co. Execution of deed - Undue inftu- tion before publication - Title of pe-

(Limited), re (Winding up-Dis- ence-Fraud upon marital rights), riodical), 540

puted account), 436


Coulthard, in Goods of (Testamentary

British and Foreign Cork Co. (Limited), Chandler v. Doulton (Excessive distress paper-Codicil), 184

re.-Leifchild's case (Winding up- - Damage), 286

Cousen v. Cousen (Cruelty), 656

Fully-paid shares), 941

Chapman's Trusts, re (Legacy duty- Coward, in Goods of (Will-Married

British and Foreign Gas Generating Ap- Appointment), 708

woman), 569

paratus Co. (Limited), re (Winding Chapman, P. O. v. Cottrell (Writ of Cowell v. Amman Aberdare Colliery Co.

up-Concurrent petitions - Costs), summons-Jurisdiction), 530

(Limited) (Costs-Reference), 687


Chavasse, ex p., re Grazebrook (Neutral Cowper v. Fletcher (Landlord and te-

Broadhurst v. Benham (Composition - Belligerent-Illegal contract), 400 nant-Lease by one joint tenant to

deedNon-assenting creditor), 20 Chester v. Metropolitan Railway Co. another-Distress-Estoppel), 780

Bromley, ex p., re Redfearn (Bank- (Practice-Costs), 214

Cox v. Bockett (Practice-Plaintiff's

ruptcy-Practice-Appeal), 611 Chesterfield, Midland; and Silkstone

abode), 88

Brown, App., Evans, Resp. (Turnpike Co. (Limited) v. Hawkins (Action- Croft v. Croft (WillExécution), 183

road-Repairs af, from parish rates Inter partes.-Bankruptcy), 468 Crowther v. Evans (Construction

Retrospective order of justices), Chetwynd v. Chetwynd (Custody of Surviving daughters), 902


children-Permanent alimony), 958 Cowles v. Potts (Slander - Privileged
v. Brown (Cruelty), 1027 Chinnock v. Ely, Marchioness of (Spe- communication-Malice), 949
v. Dewick (Construction-Gift cific performance), 32

Curriers Co. v. Corbett (Ancient lights

over), 922

v. Ely, Marchioness of (Ven- - Injunction), 719

- v. Thompson (Construction-Gift dor and purchaser - Specific per-

over), 922

formance), 329

Buckle, App., Wrightson, Resp. (Hack- City of Dublin Packet Co. v. Thompson


ney carriage license), 281

(Steam shipTonnage), 829
Bullen v. Sharp (Partnership-Gua- Clapham v. Atkinson (Composition deed D., falsely called P., v. F. (Nullity-
rantee-Advancement), 506
-Cessio bonorum), 217

Cohabitation-Residence), 307

Bulley, Residuary Trust Estate of, re, Clark v. Clark (Specific and residuary Dabbs v. Nugent (Building contract-

and re 10 & 11 Vict. c. 95 (Will- devise-Debts), 820

Architect's certificate), 943

Remoteness), 791

Clarke v. Clark (Injunction - Light and Dakers v. Lilburn (Will - Construction

Bulley's Estate, re (Will-Remote- air), 914

-Sums), 292

ness,) 847

v. Green (Husband aud wife, Darlington and Stockton Banking Co.,

Bullock v. Bullock (Trustees-Mainte- Reversionary interest), 851

ex p., re Riches (BankruptcyPart-

nance), 29

Clements v. Clifford (Dismissal of bill rership), 122

Bunbury, re (Practice-Settled Es- -Costs), ib.

Darnley v. London, Chatham, and Dover
tates Act, 1856), 27

v. Welles (Covenant - Under- Railway Co. (Specific performance-

lease), 991

Time), 520

Cobb, Clerk, v. Peacock, Clerk of Barns- Davis v. Raphael (Composition deed),


ley Burial Board (Incumbent's fees 140

in districts of parish), 428

Daw v. Eley (Patent- Particulars of

Cochrane v. Willis (Agreement-Mis- objections), 923

Calvert v. Scinde Railway Co. (Costs take of fact), 870

Dawson, App., Surveyor of Highways

Taxation, Witness from India), Codrington v. Codrington and Ander- of Willoughby-cum-Sloothby, Resp.


son (New trial-Costs), 287

(Highway rate), 240

Cameron v. Charing-cross Railway Co. Colby v. Gadsden (Specific performance Day, App., Simpson, Resp. (Stage

(Obstruction of access to a street- - Waiver), 760

play- License), 487

Compensation for loss of trade), 282 Collier v. M'Bean (Estate tail-Shel- Clerk, v. Peacock, Clerk of the

Camille v. Donato (Practice-Motion ley's case), 592

Barnsley Burial Board (Parish di-

-Costs), 26

Collins v. Lamport (Mortgage of ship vided into districts Incumbent's

Campbell v. Attorney-General (Exami- - Contracts of mortgagor), 1

fees), 428

nation de bene esse), 922

Combe v. Hughes (Thellusson Act, Dean v. Handley (Will-Gift over),

v. Loader (Estoppel), 286

Absolute prior gift), 194


Caplin, re (Will--Power of appoint- v Hughes (Will dccumula- Debtor, å, ex p. (Bankruptcy-Evi-

ment-Next of kin), 383

tions), 380

dence), 69

Carn v. Lambert (Right of common Comber's Settlement, re (Power of De Comas, App., Prost and Köhler,
appurtenant), 163

appointment Residuary bequest), Resps. (Principal and agent-Fac-
Carr v. Montefiore (Marine insurance 968

tor), 417
-Payment into court), 265 Conley, App., Carpenter, Resp. (Turn- Defries v. Creed (Contempt-Receiver

v. Royal Exchange Insurance pike Act Tolls - Stage carriage), -Sheriff-Costs), 360
Corporation (Marine insurance 712

D'Huart v. Harkness (Power-Execu-
Payment into court), ib.

Consols Insurance Association, re.- tion by "will—Foreign will), 633

Carroll v. Graham (Demurrer-Fraud Benham's case (Winding up-Con- De Jivas, ex p. (Articled clerk-IN

of power), 1012

tributory - Transfer), 381

ness), 13

Diek r. Mander (Practice Security Featherstonhaugh v. Lee Moor Porce- | Garrett v. Banstead and Epsom Downs

for costs), 819

lain Clay Co. (Company-Ultra vi- Railway Co. (Injunction-Railway

Dilley r. Matthews (Will-Illegitimate res), 994

Contractor), 591

children), 425

Feaver v. Williams (Production of do- Garrod v. Simpson (Composition deed

Dobson's case. — Leeds Banking Co. cuments), 902

-Accord and satisfaction), 227
(Contributory-Erecutors), 965 Fessard v. Mugnier (Composition deed Gaskell’s Trusts, re (Will— Feme co-
Dodd 7. Holbrook (Unlawful arrest of -Contract made abroad and credi- vert-Absolute gift - Restraint on
wlicitor-Costs), 969

tor residing abroad-Tender of com- alienation), 780
Doggett v. Cattern (Betting-house Act), position- Pleading), 283

Gaved v. Martyn (Right of water-

Fielding v. Lee (Bankrupt, goods in Easement), 1017
Doswell r. Reece (Judgment - Docket disposition of), 323

General Rolling-stock Co. (Limited), re
-Puisne mortgagee), 764

Finney v. Forward (Interrogatories — (Winding-up order-Creditor), 231
Dover o. Buck (Trust-Purchase by Trover), 878

Gibson, ex p., re Pattrick (Bankruptcy

trustee), 580

Fisher, App., Howard, Resp. (Licensed -Colonial insolvency), 273

Dowling 0. Dowling (Construction- victualler-Sunday trading), 305

v. Holland (Vendor and vendee),

Gift to issue by implication-Gift of 0. Marsh (Use and occupation- 1022

interest _“ Share"), 1033

Auctioneer), 795

Gladstanes v. Corporation of the Royal

Duly v. Nalder (Sale of equity of re- Flatcher v. Boodle (Borough registra- Exchange Insurance (Marine insu-

demption), 921

tion-Disqualification), 67

rance-Policy - Appropriation), 108

Drew, re (Practice--Land Transfer Fletcher v. Rylands (Injury by water Glaholm v. Barker (Loss of life by col-

Act), 1030

sinking into ancient mines), 714 lision--Extent of liability), 434

Dummer, te (Public company-Invest- Flower v. London, Brighton, and South Glenny v. Smith (Injunction-Trade-
ment- Building), 615

Coast Railway Co. (Power to pur- marks), 964
Durham, Earl of, v. Legard (Specific chase land- Affidavit), 40€

Goold, in Goods of (Administration

performance-Compensation), 706 Forbes v. Preston (Amendment of bill bond-Excessive penalty-Cancella-

Drer r. Dyer (Timber-Defeasible es- - Motion to dismiss), 198

tion), 288

tate), 721

Ford v. Tynte (Charge on life estate), v. Great Western Deep Coal Co.


(Limited) (Mine Forest of Dean


Fordham v. Fordham (Disentailing deed Act), 865

-Money), 28

Goucher v. Clayton (Patent-Judgment

East of England Banking Co., re, ex p. Porrer v. Nash (Specific performance), -Estoppel), 107
Bugg (Shares in name of trustee or 789

v. Clayton (Patent Infringe.
nominee), 616

Forrest o. Forrest (Advancement-Gift ment- License), 462
Eeclesiastical Commissioners of England, -Evidence), 317

Graham, ex p. (Practice-Order dis-
EL P. (Practice - Payment out of Forster o. Forster and Berridge (Appli- pensing with concurrence of husband

court-Costs), 461

cation of damages), 512

in deeds), 468

Edwards, er p., re Pytherch (Bank- Forsyth, re (Mortgagee's costs - Es- v. Wickham (Administration suit
ruptcy-Debt incurred before certi- toppel), 213

-Costs of another suit), 168
ficate), 896

-re (Practice-Solicitor-Taxa Grant v. Grant (Husband and wife-
and Mann v. Hatton (Church rate tion), 615

Gifts by husband to wife), 787

-Practice), 471

Fowler 0. English and Scottish Marine Gratwick, re (Power of appointment),

Edmonds v. Lewer (Testamentary pa-

Insurance Co. (Limited) (Ship-Em- 919
PET Improper custody Rehear- bargo-Total loss), 411

Great Western Deep Coal Co. (Limited)

ing), 911

Fox's Will, re (Will— Time for ascer- v. Goold (Mine-Forest of Dean Act),

Eglinton, Lord, Trustees of, v. Commis- taining class), 735

sioners of Inland Revenue (Stamp- Francome v. Francome (Practice-In- Great Western Railway Co., Apps., Bai-
Scotch livery of seisin), 676

junction - Affidavits sworn before lie, Resp. (Weights and measures),

Eicholtz e. Bannister (Sale of goods- bill filed), 123


Warranty), 15

Fray v. Drew (Administratrix-Insol- Green v. Attenborough (Bill of sale-

Eld r. Perry and Ward (Appeal-Fa- vent debtor-Redemption), 130 Registration), 141

culty), 228

v. Drew (Practice-Rehearing- v. Gascoyne (Will-Accumulation

Elwes v. Barnard (Deceased trustee- Caveat), 612

-Thellusson Act), 145

Bill against surviving trusteesLia- Freeman v. Gainsford (County fran- Greenfield v. Edwards (Mortgagor and
bility of trustee, though not charged), chise-Equitable interest), 116 mortgagee-Injunction), 55

0. Tottenham and Hampstead v. Edwards (Fraud-Solicitor-

Ellis e. Ellis and Smith (Condonation) Junction Railway Co. (Right of way Recitals-Surety), 419


--Injunction), 107

Greetham v. Colton (Charge of debts-

English, re (Lands Clauses Consolida- -- v. Tottenham and Hampstead Rail- Power of sale), 848

tion Act-Costs-Adverse litigation), way Co. (Practice-Injunction-18- Gregory's Settlement, re ( WillLatent

sue), 254

ambiguity), 634

Evans, re (Attachment), 182

Frewer v. Local Board of Health of Grindley v. Booth (Injunction under
t. Jones (Fraud of creditors), 784 Hastings (Purchase of land), 670 Common-law Procedure Act, 1854—
c. Williams (Judgment-Priority Frith v. Cartland (Trust money-Ear- Costs), 745

-Reregistration), 256

mark-Bankruptcy), 238

Guaglieni, App., Matthews, Resp.

Everett o. London Assurance (Fire po- Fry and Greata, Apps., Treasure, Resp. (Place of public entertainment-

licy-Explosion at a distance, and (Church rate Co-churchcarden),

License), 636

damage to premises insured—Da- 205

Gurrin v. Kopera (Bankruptcy Act,

mage by fire"), 546

Fusilier, The (Salvage-Lives of pas- 1861, sect. 192), 491

sengers), 289

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Hayley v. Taylor (Nuisance-Ware- Holford, ex p., re Holford (Bankruptcy | Jeves v. Shadwell (Succession duty-

house), 979

- Appeal- Evidence), 69

Domicil), 937

Hall v. Johnson (Negligence-Fellow- Holgate v. Jennings (Will-Substitu- John v. Lloyd (Practice-Reprint of

servant-Mine), 180

tionary gift), 5

bill), 898

— v. Waterhouse (Married woman, Holywell, Rector of, ex p. (Costs of re- Johnson, in Goods of (Lost will-Li-

Separate use), 361

investment Purchase not

mited administration), 184

Halliday, ex p., re Hall (Bankruptcy- pleted), 579

v. Barrett (Deed of composition),

Proof-Breach of contract), 817 Hood v. Oglander (Specific performance 1023
Hampson, in Goods of (Administration -Precatory trust), 498

Johnstone v. Hamilton (Devise and be-
during absence of executor), 911 Hooper's Trust, re (Marriage settle- quest to executor:'Secret trust-
Hanmer v. Chance (Manor Copy- ment-After-acquired property), 479 Leaseholds- Right of the Crown-

holder-Custom to dig sand), 397 Hosken v. Sincock (Mortgagor- Re. Practice), 777

Harding v. Harding and Lance; the demption-Tender-Costs), 477 Jones, App., Gough, Resp. (Church

Queen's Proctor intervening (Inter- Hossack, App., Gray, Resp. (Pilots), rate -- Surplus fees - New parish),

vention of Queen's proctor), 814



Hardwick v. Wright (Practice-Affi- Houblon, in Goods of (Will-Codicil in Goods of (Codicil Execu-

davit of documents), 297

referring to a previous will— Falsa tion), 118

Harrison v. Taylor (Trąde-mark-In- descriptio), 549

v. Lock (Imperfect gift-Trust),

junction), 408

Hughes 0. Palmer (Composition deed), 913

Harrop v. Wilson (Dower-Apportion- 876

v. Mersey Docks and Harbour
ment-Reinvestment), 102

Hughes v. Spittle (Practice Cross- Board (Poor rate), 746
Harter, App., Salford, Overseers of the examination), 151

v. Morris (Debtor and creditor-
Township of, Resps. (Poor rate- Hull v.Falconer (Administration-Cre- Trust deed— Release), 481
Disused mill-Rateability of ), 1036 ditor), ib.

v. Williams (Testamentary suit

Hartley v. Mare (Deed of inspectorship Hunt v. Harris (Owner - Lessee for - IntervenerPleading-Practice),

- Process without leave), 625

years-Sub-lessee), 485


Hastilow v. Stobie (Testamentary suit v. Manière (Bailee of spurious Jopp v. Wood (Anglo-Indian domicil),

- Pleading - Contents of will not goodsInjunction-Damages), 28 53
known and approved by deceased-

v. Manière (Bailee of spurious 0. Wood (DomicilIndia), 212

Demurrer), 1039

goods Jurisdiction - Injunction), v. Wood (Settlement -Vesting-

Hastings Union, Guardians of, Apps., 73

Infant), 833

St. James, Clerkenwell, Guardians of, Hurle's Settled Estate, re (Building

Resps. (Settlement-Renting a tene- leases-Consent), 78


ment), 977

Hurlstone v. Ashton (Will General

Havelock's Trusts, re (Supplemental

gift), 725

Keddle, ex p. (Articled clerk-Incom-

order), 906

Hurst v. Great Western Railway Co. plete service), 503

Hay, in Goods of (Administration-In- (Passenger Unreasonable delay), Kemp v. Halliday (Marine insuranee
fant child-Guardian), 936

Constructive total loss), 852
Hayden v. Kirkpatrick" (Mortgage— Hutchinson v. Swift (Practice-Cham- Kempson, ex p., re Barker (Bank-
Merger-Priority), 836
bers-Appeal), 274

ruptcy-Broker's contract), 165
Haytor Granite Co., ex p. (Winding up Hutton v. Scarborough Cliff Hotel Co. v. Boyle (Bought and sold notes),

-Claim on a contingency''), 899 (Preferential dividend on unallotted 832
Heard v. Holman (Ship-Collision- sharesUltra vires), 551

Kennard, re (Practice-Land Transfer

Damage— Meaning of ), 544

— v. Scarborough Cliff Hotel Co. (In- Act), 27

Heelis, App., Blain, Resp. (County fran- crease of capitalReserved shares), Kennedy v. Edwards (Practice-Mo-

chise-Rent-charge-Possession), 18 849

tion to dismiss), 153

Hepburn v. Lesdan (Injunction-Juris-

Kenyon, App., Hart, Resp. (Game-

diction-Nuisance), 254


Trespass in pursuit of ), 602

v. Lordan (Nuisance-Jurisdic-

Kershaw v. Ogden (Statute of Frauds
tionInjunction), 132

Ibbotson v. Peat (Tort committed in -Acceptance), 642
Helen, The (Wages-Breach of block- self-defence), 394

Kettering Union, Board of Guardians of,

ade), 1025

Industrial and Provident Societies, Act, Apps., Northampton General Lunatic

Hempstead v. Phønix Gas-light and 1862, and Companies Act, 1862, re, Asylum, Committee and Directors of,

Coal Co. — Hempstead v. Same. — and re Sheffield and Hallamshire An- Resp. (Pauper lunatic), 999

(Consolidation of actions), 626

cient Order of Foresters Co-operative Keyes v. Elkins (Composition deed), 111

Henniker v. Chafy (Costs of trustees' and Industrial Society (Limited), ex Kimberley, ex p., re Kimberley (Bank-
appearance), 919

p. Fountain (Unlimited company rupt -- Renewed protection - Inter-

Hepburn v. Lordan, 636

afterwards becoming limited— Con. mediate arrest), 571

Hernulewicz v. Jay (Deed of inspector- tributory), 553

King re.-Gilbert u. Lee (E.cecutor-
ship-Unreasonable conditions), 581 Insole, Trusts of the Will of, re (Mort- Costs), 899
Heywood v. Heywood (Descent-Mar- gage reversion-Judicial separation), , ex p., re King (Bankruptcy-
riage settlement), 633

Trust deed— Trustee), 4
Hillv. Hill (WillSpecific legacies),806 Inventors' Association (Limited), re v. Walker (Marine insurance-

v. South Staffordshire Railway Co. (Voluntary winding up-Creditor), AbandonmentNotice), 43
(Accounts Jurisdiction - Assent),


Kirkwood v. Thompson (Mortgage

Ireland v. Trembath (Will-- Devise for Power of sale), 385
Hindley v. Emery (Injunction - Da- class), 479

Kisch v. Venezuela Railway Co. (Pro.
mages--Cairns' Act), 874

Irwin v. Sir George Grey (Error-Jury spectus Fraud Misrepresenta-

Hindustan, China, and Japan, Bank of process), 860

tion), 646

(Limited), re, ex p. Los (Rectifying Isle of Wight Ferry Co., re (Judgment Kitson v. Drury (Criminal suit-Un-

register), 661

-Execution creditor-Sale), 279 consecrated building-Costs), 272

Martin's case (Rectification of Ivimey v. Stocker (Easement-Water- Knight v. Knight (Cruelty), 568

register), 635

course -- Prescription-Title of tin- v. Knight (Mortgage by husband

Hitchin v. Hughes (Practice-Taking bounders), 775

and wife-Divorce), 617
bill pro confesso-Computation of

Knowling, ex p. (County police-Dis-

time-Cons. Ord. XXII, rule i,


trict), 443

XXXVII, rule 13), 902

Hobbs v. Heming (Marine insurance- Jeffryes v. Evans (Reservation of right


Contraband goods-Estoppel), 223 of sporting), 584

Hoggv. Skeen (Bill of exchange- Jellicoe v. Gardiner, Bart. (Will Lake v. Peisley (Depositions taken in

Partnership-Fraud), 244

Shifting clause), 249

another court), 1012



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