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In the house of Representatives

MONDAY, May 1, 1939.

Mr. BULWINKLE. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent for the present consideration of House Resolution 160:

The Clerk read as follows:

House Resolution 160

Resolved, That on Tuesday, May 30, 1939, immediately after the approval of the Journal, the House shall stand at recess for the purpose of holding the memorial services as arranged by the Committee on Memorials, under the provisions of clause 40-A of rule XI. The order of exercises and proceedings of the service shall be printed in the Congressional Record, and all Members shall have leave to extend their remarks in the Congressional Record until 10 legislative days thereafter on the life, character, and public service of the deceased Members. At the conclusion of the proceedings the Speaker shall call the House to order, and then, as a further mark of respect to the memories of the deceased, he shall declare the House adjourned.

The resolution was agreed to.

in the House of Representatives

Seventy-sixth Congress

First Session

Memorial Service Program

Prelude, Sacred Selections (11:30 to 12) —

United States Marine Band Orchestra Presiding Officer.. The Speaker of the House of Representatives


The Chaplain, Dr. James Shera Montgomery

I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (Dudley Buck).

----_John Carter

Scripture Reading and Prayer.

The Chaplain

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Rogers)-----

The Temple Quartet

Roll of Deceased Members—

The Clerk of the House of Representatives Devotional Silence

Rest In Peace (Schubert)

The Temple Quartet


.. Hon. Thomas A. Jenkins Representative from the State of Ohio A Spirit Flower (Campbell Tipton).

John Carter


-----Hon. James P. McGranery Representative from the State of Pennsylvania The Strife Is O'er (Palestrina).

The Temple Quartet


-Winfred Kemp


-The Chaplain

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